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  1. this is technically the best answer, I can't find it cheating when I'm using my LGS Mouse macro I bought it so I can use it at it's fullness and such as thing, if devs actually start banning players for using mouse/keyboard macros idk, then companies should stop selling gaming mouses/keyboards
  2. I didn't downvoted anyone, other people did. I find it dumb to be effected the same as macro keys/keyboards, they build up to work on that way imo
  3. that's exactly what I'm using tho. But I want an answer from the mods to be 100% sure
  4. as I said before I can't see the advantage on that except if you're using smg's and shotguns will work only while AR's,Rifles etc. will not work that way since with AR you're going medium range and have to ADS in in order to hit someone.
  5. I know how apb works, I'm playing it since 2011 and still yet I can't see the advantage of the custom crosshair, so what if there is a crosshair in the middle of the screen while you sprinting? That's not advantage at all
  6. what the actually fk, point while sprinting? I know where is the center of my screen bro
  7. because I don't like the default one simply like that, in the most games I play there are different crosshairs you can pick and use like CS:GO there are million of custom crosshairs you can use
  8. as the title says, Custom crosshairs are bannable? I can't see the point of advantage or something that will go against ToS
  9. gdfgdfgfdgfd


    idk if anyone got today update on their client for something like russian pack, but after that my client constantly bugsplat when I'm getting ing, sometimes is taking more time to bugsplat such as after 10-15-20 minutes or so. Anyone know's why?
  10. first of you don't know me and why do I want my account back. my time is limited and my patience run off..My ticket is way 2 early from all of those 3k
  11. because I can't access to it 'cuz hotmail blocked my email(didn't responded to the security questions) and I can't change my password since each time I'm trying to login to my main account saying "RESET PASSWORD" and they sending mail to my blocked email EDIT: I already send them proof that the account is mine
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