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  1. Finally bought some weapons, but they feel like absolute garbage to use against the stereotype n-tech and shotguns fantasy land. Please fix your game already. Your update didn't improve anything other than ruin it for most of us... Except those 1% that are so very pleased of course. Go figure what you guys need... just cuz i get most negatives doesn't mean the actual statistics about it, most ppl are raged about this shotgun changes, but don't post on forums. And the n-tec still being the same garbage plus bonus now... weren't you supposed to fix this game instead of breaking it? I mean make up your minds already, cuz you pushed this shotgun nightmare on us long enough. You are letting it just happen for probably a long time (cuz now you need to take more time to test crap before release... meanwhile we eat so much shotgun shells that most of us will just quit.) Also when are you ppl going to consider newcomers? I mean they are your future income, are you just gonna please them 1% till you will realize that its not all about those 1%? I hope i'm not that toxic anymore... i'm aware of my rep, and im sorry.
  2. kek... is thios all the insult i get after feeling like shitfor a whole week? Im sorry for being such an pleasant fellow, i will try to make more sense in the future tho... Thank you for your logic.
  3. By now i have been sneezing my idiocracy so much that anything that i say its absolutely ridiculous What i really mean by this new thread, is that its the first time i really hope for the new balance to have a good influence... I'm really sorry for being such an useless garbage, i know my place, but i will always support this game no matter what, cuz i love IT just as much as you do. This thread is absolutely useless and meaningless, I deeply apologize for the inconvenience, and i will try to support this game as much as i can in the future,, the only game i ever seen a point about in my miserable life....
  4. This is very annoying... but i think most of us are with you guys...
  5. I mean after so many years of dealing with cheaters, the most trandy new legal "cheat" introducing the old N-Tech! Got one??!! At this point where absolutely most of the rounds there is one or two N-Tech users(even in the pathetic bronze servers), you could just say that this weapon really needs a solution, cuz the more threads you get with it, the more ppl will realize that it really is the only weapon to get used with in this game! So far i never really bothered with it, as it was a random call, but since the forums keep spamming threads about it, more ppl are aware that its the best weapon ingame, that just needs average mastering. Every godamn round has more than one member wearing it, fuck the hard to aim bullshoot, cuz that's pure nonsense for a 5 bullets kill weapon, its the fastest killing weapon ingame, i recently realized that myself, after all the deaths i keep getting from this annoying weapon, and to think i even tried all the card weapons, which are absolute garbage compared, and i mean ALL of them! So don't mind me using the volcano, i will surely enjoy using it for a very long time indeed, even if for just them dailies... i kinda thought to myself that i should drop it, cuz its op,... lmao, fuck that!! The only op is you assholes abusing every exploit you can get your filthy hands on, so excuse me for using 'legal exploits' myself, you hypocrites tend to exploit the shit out of anything you can get your filthy hands on anyway. As for my final statement here, this game is by far pay2win, as the weapons you buy are more or less the worst weapons i ever tried and played with, will never donate again, unless for new car looks.
  6. Although its ridiculous, i kinda recently decided (after a decade of being raped by macro users) to use mouse macros, since i bought an expensive mouse from Logitech, and i must say, the autoshoot isn't of any use for most weapons,. At this point i ask myself, wtf is the point of banning usefull hackeing shootgun macro users, when they mostly test it and then realize its completely usefull, snipers are mostly crap. but shootguns, are heaven. I know the risks, but i barelly ever use it, as i use mostly automatic weapons, still... if i ever get banned, it will be well deserved, couldn't care less by now.
  7. nvm, i fail as a player so i beg of you to tell me what a loser i am ( is that better mr under me?
  8. its what i did, and it didn't seem such a waste of money, cuz i mostly got what i wanted, its just about secondary wep, which is extremely complicated, cuz oca is the best deal for everything. And i was looking for something skinnable, which oca isn't. I'm well aware of that, and all the advantage the Nunavut has, is the range compared to the yukon, cuz the oca, has it all that matters, medium range and good damage etc, but it doesn't have the fucking skin, i ended up compromising my skill for looks, can you believe that? Well you better, cuz looks costs more than anywhere, so if u want to play oca, but you own priviledge credit card or whatever, you better be ready to spend lots, and for nothing, cuz by 2021 you might get something worth your investment. By making a new one of course.
  9. Ok so i finally started throwing money all overe the place, after so much time, its the second time i decide to simply pig myself in, but i was wondering, how comes a payed weapon performs so bad. I mean its not so bad, but compared to oca nano and yukon, is pure crap, as i tested both. Ended up going back after wasting money, to Oca Nano. For the record, at least i got one right, which is the Raptor 45 Hawk lol.
  10. Thank you all for the reply, i deeply appreciate it, and hope you have an awesome gameplay Over and out!
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