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  1. So i been making this small videos about reporting bugs(that haven't got fixed of course since the 3 years i been having them) and i was just going to ask you guys... what you working on other than the new (actually horribly bugged to death engine) engine? Will you fix those minor bugs with it, or should i expect to force relog on my apb each time it happens... you do know that not only it takes amazingly long on a SSD to load up, but it also hijacks your desktop before it starts loading up... which no other game i experienced ever done this. Just gonna leave this here, hope you already know about this bug, cuz i knew about it for too long and i'm sick of it for too long too. Note: i am unable to pick the secondary faction from the district, plus i'm unable to use the escape button anymore either... so go figure. Very old bug, that before a few years ago i had no problem with(both my pc and my laptop), but something made it happen, not sure what, cuz i couldn't find a report on it when i checked.
  2. Oook... i give up, you won, lol... you won even before i started this stupid clone of a thread. The point here is that the troll has been served, so thank you all and good night/day. Truth is, i know quite well that whatever i make up on this forums never stands a chance... its just the hate... that needs feeding... i'm kinda sorry tho... The owner does the laws as he pleases regardless... and the current laws are because of low population. And with that, the thread should be closed and forgotten. And perhaps a perma-mute(forums and ingame) for me would be awesome, thank you! Hate forums anyway... but there seems to be no way to get yourself ended in here atm. Also always remember to use /abandonmission ingame whenever you see me in your round, i just love when that happens, proves that i'm very efficient scaring(annoying) ppl ingame, as i am outgame. Thank you.
  3. Good thing not all of us want full powa yet most of you will fight for it... Believe it or not atm give it some time, and you will understand why the hardest part, is actually playing dumb... So not gonna happen on my behalf... Edited by Lixil: Fixed capitalization.
  5. i need you to go fuck yourself, does that count as a request? My friend just took his point of view, so go figure realtime decissions... you know???? not surwe what you mean by that, but i will try my best i guess :))).... Did i mention that reality don';t play around with gestofilia? Unbless priviledged by eurape garbage laws? But do teach me sensei, i learn allot from you all every fucking dsay, and all my conclusion its the same AT fucking BEST let's see if you will ever guess that big word called WHT. :))) THE MOST PRIMATE SHIT AROUMD, YET THE MOST TRANDY GO FIGURE
  6. You are absolutelly normal, ignorant fucking supportive of a anrachy concept, if there as only one time i ever failed about your kind, but that was never an issue, so we always got along, cuz we never had a fucking enemy in our basic concept, so gl mr smartass, as you are just that. Srry for my bad grammar, but im not intrested to learn french. (never was). oh... lol didn't you know???,,, the population is so low, that they stopped remioving trolls too... too bad for you assholes i guess :))) I mean can u imagine them removing the last supportive roups from this game just cuz you are butthurt? Go figure... cuz i was so often butthutrt, that i simply used my intelect, and gave up that questline for trolls. but recently picked it up, as they simply don't care about ppl tyhat use brain, and only care about ppl that use their credit card. Bad improvement, but who am i to say so. Anyway, please teach me, i might be wrong, and miss allot of things, but you ot superior information, so do teach me, or give me a break. ... itsa nightmare to close this up... hope you managed to figure it out and finally ban me. im sick of myself too :)))
  7. trust me, i got warned, and banned for a while, then today i managed to express myself afgain, so go fuck yourself, cuz you don't know your shit. and i just burned my fucking chicken... every fuckin thing here, its a warning or ban risk, wtf is the poiunt of free spech i have no idea, as every time you try it, becomes a political bullshoot. I will NEVER and i mean EVER support a anti fucking free speech game... not that i ever did it, problerm is, in order to make a point,you need to make a mess out of it :)))
  8. you mean, hopefully permanently. lmao, they like to ban me, cuz i told them that im a troill, and they couldn't ban me from posting here, so now wt6f are they doing, not sure myself. Still waiting for my perma ban more than 11 years. And please mr staff, BAN ME ALREADY!!! i need to give up this game and move on... sadly its addictive for somekind of mind, but that's rare, cuz most ppl are cucks, and they have no concept of moral standards... but yeah, teach me sensei, lmao, hopefully one godamn day :/. As if i care :))) Come with the heavy ban Removed Inappropriate language ~@mayii.
  9. i got banned from expressing my oppinion so you need to go fuck yourself with yours, let's see how banned are you gonna get :))) Special agewnt fropm some patootie.
  10. LoL its perfectly ok to be you thinking it so, problem is they latyely started banning us from out personal opinions, so i'm just gonna say it like it is... youn need to like whatever you don't cuz otherwise this game is going to tell you otherwise) according to their standard. Truth is... it was never ok, they just stalling thius game to its end, as it seems. so gl supporting it. and the damaged language i believe should speak for itself.
  11. Srry ppl, but the most long lasting successful games around, have learned to cope with issues, unlike the some that decided to just milk the cow, and then eventually drop dead. Its how this game feels lately more or less... previous owners milked it till orbit bought it, but somehow i have this "paranoid" feeling that orbit will follow, and eventually drop it dead,... or it might just be my paranoid mind, that's always too paranoid for a standard. You see... most of us felt for it, but somehow i never really cared, although we all knew it was over... but fuck that, you just find out one day that they just gave up, and let the game die, and all your hard time investments just havea unexpected end, that will feel like absolute shit for some time... lol at least in my case i took it as normal, and accepted this game fate, but LO is a big HIT! And i still have my doubts, cuz being real means being paranoid and not take anything for granted. Its experience... teaches you more than words. I had too much fail companies on my experience i guess... i really hope LO will do miracles lol, cuz i can't see shit for this game future... srry, but that's the truth in my opinion.
  12. Today i would like to talk about the obvious shit going on, that some of us feel guilty about it whenever we DARE! To talk about it somehow...Disguised by formal excuses like "rules")... I would like to talk about the garbage being allowed in the bronze section(where i play, and will always play regardless of your hate and my threath level). in other words, WHY THE HELL ARE GOLDS EVEN ALLOWED TO STAY ON THIS SECTION.... when its been clear for years that they do that intentionally to troll newbies and silvers.... jeezus i can't imagine any game allowing trolls to take over, fucking degenerate ignorance. Go figure. And to think that i need autohotkey for a different game(that doesn't have it as blacklisted) but apb fucking kicks me from itself regardless (i multibox... basically i play more games at the same time lol, its called multi tasking), even if i'm not using it for this game... it makes my apb experience drop even more than it used to be... i mean wtf have we gained so far... lol hackers are as they always used to be, we got a new gun that its overpriced in ah, and we also got no lag fixes, as my friend said from his first impression, that this game its garbage cuz of its extreme lag issues... not sure what we have actually gained since LO... but whatever... i'm a devoted moron. My experience was always the same before LO and after LO... so that's why i can't see much of that so called IMPROVEMENT!!! In my experience, all we got its simple bullshoot feeding the sheeple that actually believe in everything that's being typed in here. I can't believe this game actually blocks legal script programs, and totally allows illegal ones...(tested them myself) to freely enjoy themselves...probably the most common issue about all the games in this world, but still... you are fucking up my legal and illegal perception of normal and illlegal experience over the excuse about trying to cover hacking scripts... oh and by the way, i still use my LEGAL mouse/keyboard script program(that i bought as a package)... which means i still automatically use my semi weps, regardless of your shitty restrictions as fully automatic....(which i still wonder how legal they really are) you said that everything as such is potential bannable among your previous pl. Please ban me, i couldn't care less... you ppl sound like you have no idea wtf are you leading at this point. I'm not even trying to be a smartass(srry) but sometimes things need to be spoken out(which is your job, not mine.). I love this game, but not enough to compromise my dignity. So gl with that folks, and have a good healthy new year
  13. That's why i love being a troll... there is no dignity left in humanity.
  14. I can feel you bro, i can only imagine allot in here feeling good over their packed addiction that do the thinking for them.
  15. Thank you for your regard mr.. but you do understand that most suggestions never work even on official threads, let alone on the unofficial ones. Thank you, for the suggestion none the less, i forgot about it of course, and i don't believe any noob would remember something they never lin the first place, (knowing we are going down and fast) my point here is for them to have a decent introduction at least, cuz if you are or i will gonna talk about the rest... its as we all know its an absolute disaster... for any newbie that will ever join this game lol. I support apb but hate them at the same time... gee... i wonder what makes me at this point.... TROLL used not to be, but always will be!!! "Thank you ladies and gentleman, have a marvelous christmas, and happy holydays. . I really wish you all the best, i hate nobody for real May you all have a better new year all of you ppl,, allot of good health and positive thinking, i appreaciate all the haters here for their intellectual qualities, most of you in here are good ppl, regardless of what most of us seen you for, most of you know better of the world we live in, and i sometimes took good considerations of it, and i of course thank you for that". Which is not the lasst of my wishes ,!, Still waiting for christmas and end of the year
  16. Ok so far i managed to reach 3 bug reports-1, that's been on for a very long time as it seems... which was recently discovered(not really, most likely been there for decades discovered endlessly by some ppl)... but my point is... they never fix things based on reports, so what's the point to report anymore, they barely ban ppl for reporting(cuz of low pop), imagine the bugs priority, which is never of any relevance sadly... So i will just leave this here. Explanation: as you can see i am playing a mission, but there is no objective on the screent what so ever, tried to turn off all the map filters and turn them back on, nothing... so that's a mission with no objective. Perhaps they will make a copy, or not give a rat's patootie as usual. But they know way too well about their old bugs by now. (they did hire old staff after all, that can confirm anything that's been going on before them buying the company.) Also... i would like to speak about my friend that wanted to play APB, but his average 300 euro laptop couldn't handle it(cuz amd processor and gpu). So he quit apb after i introduced it to him, cuz he said there is way too much lag, and yes... he has an AMD laptop processor plus radeon GPU lol. Intell is a just a ripofff of the modern tech, but the most sponsored and expensive lie ever, that we all support an love. I have 2700k 0c 4.5Ghz from 2011, and it works just as good as any modern crap now days at the same price as it was back then, with a slight improvement in performance, which is ridiculous for the price they constantly put on every bullshoot model on the market. We all know their leakage recently old reported by the media, even if it was an almost 20 years issue, it recently came out... yet nobody cares and keep buying their products even knowing that their systems might be compromosed due to potential hacking. EDIT: its available on the map but not the visual contact as usual, still a bug tho.
  17. I just recently been introduced to ATAC, because i was looking for something different to buy(i'm used to SMG's/Volcano/EXshotguns.), so don't assume things that you can't possibly know. I tend to test things for days before i buy them, and if testing isn't available... i never buy, no matter what or where, unless a pack with a very good deal!
  18. Yeah well its not about what "vnight" uses, but what most of you abUSE. And your GREAT idea, equals exactly my first post, unless you are not familiar with this word called hypocrite. You need to understand that in order to conceive something you need to actually explain your opposition. Cuz sarcasm can be found everywhere in this internet world, the hard part its actually explaining anything beyond sarcasm that could potentially make any sense for the cause.
  19. if being older than since this game launched means to you dementia, then you are a very good competitor You are a very persistent poster through years(almost a decade now) but you seem quite the relaxed ignorant, which might insinuate that you have no idea what you post sometimes, yet you do for the sake of it. I also bet you don't get many haters in your posts, which is what proves that you are a modern troll :))) Spare me the emoji crap, i always hated this garbage, yet here i am suffering from it. Blame the forums for the emoji, i never checked the code for it, it just pumped to my typical writes as sarcasm expression, which are usually smiles lol.
  20. I know... i know, most ppl uses n-tec and if anyone dares to speak against it, will be boycotted, but let me dare (as i'm a troll certified) to speak about it. Do you ppl feel good playing with op weapons? Well i sure do as well, problem is... shotguns got fixed and volcanos aren't any better(unless skilled), yet when using an n-tec, which on my experience its actually better than any sniper or mid range, i mean i have a bunch of snipers, and they all fail against n-tec close range, mid range, even max range sometimes... as user always get to cover. Care to explain other than to criticize as usual?(oh and spare me the git gud solution, i'm older than your grandma here? You n-tec main wielding selfish bastards!! Then again better not explain anything, as you are obviously a very tight community of ppl that wields it and if dare LO to EVER nerf it, it will mean the end of this game. Which actually explains everything. I used n-tec, and all i could find out was that i was better in every way than usual, so basically... if you want to use a close/middle/far range wep, n-tec has it all(slight worst close range of course!) From all my tests about it i found out that ATAC its actually the closest deal to it, but still not an actual meta to abuse it enough. I will never use n-crap, even if i will be forced by law. But hey!! Let's all enjoy Kumbaya by playing n-tec! Who ever dared to suggest that n-tec was ever nerfed, its an addicted to op game play none the less... bring on the dislikes, i SO love it!(if only this site didn't restrict dislikes as a reputation, but sadly... i'm forced to play a low score on the positive side, when i'm seeking the opposite in general But thank you all for the feedback, and hope in the future this garbage wep, gets a nerf, cuz as many other things in this game, its pure ridiculous. Also i want to say that this game doesn't need to embrace the veterans so much, it needs to embrace mostly the newcomers, it will never prevail through only pleasing the veteran point of view, because veterans tend to have this natural autism about being right(same goes to me) so i'm just saying. Develop a new tactic for newcomers to enjoy, and perhaps this game might have a chance in the future. Because i remember the first time i got here, it was hard as hell, yet that was the reason why i stick to it, but most ppl will always prefer to be served... sadly, this is the generation we live in, and not many will fetch the old times tactic anymore. Oh... and yeah, i intentionally made this post as a text of wall
  21. I never had such freeze, but since the update for the Halloween event, this happened for the first time in my apb experience, As for details i don't think there are any available, i was just doing any normal mission on waterfront, then out of the blue half of my system froze, not being able tro bring up task manager cuz of apb window, so i was forced to do a hard reset on my pc. While it is true that i was streaming, i never experienced such behavior from the game streaming or not. And also with every update you guys make, FPS and loading times go down drastically(using 144 mhz monitor) i can tell in my decade experience. Also i would like to mention that on my laptop, i'm unable to upgrade apb since event started, nor use the repair option for it, whenever i start it, it just freezes completely showing as it would attempt to upgrade, but the bar stays still and nothing happens, so basically i'm forced to copy the upgraded apb from pc to laptop in order to make it work... but i wonder how are those ppl that only has laptop and no pc do it at this point.
  22. Never really understood this garbage events of any nature, its a bunch of cockroaches running around trying to score the same divine goal every year, for the same garbage items... go figure. Every game has it, and every game has the same repetitive nonsense to offer... Its just pathetic in my opinion. The last event i managed to get was the demon wings, which was quite the relaxing thing to do(because its not competition), but competition events, are simply putting salt with lemon juice to the old wound, considering the amount of cheaters we had to deal with all this years. And no, cheaters are still at large, and they will get your prize most likely even this year, as per modern tradition :))) So if a hall of fame will ever be created about this game, it will be all about hackers and the most dirty legally tolerated bastards in this community. But hey, i'm always around to save the day, you know? :)))) Srry the downvotes aren't working tho, i wish to see my quality evaluation(through experience)... which will never be possible sadly, i will have to evaluate quality based on your xcuses and all kind of typical nonsense, that in the late decade, its quite popular and quite promoted indeed Soon logic will be an absolute taboo. But don';t let me break your bubble, enjoy it while it lasts. Truth is, hard working class don't do games, "so its obvious why everybody hates my guts" GL tho in your kids future. I will never bring a kid to this world, not just cuz i'm mentally broken, but mostly cuz civilization its losing big time nowdays, and there is no turnback, considering what it took in our history to reach this point. Also as a final statement i would like to ask you, if you noticed that lately, its all about what the bunch thinks, and not the individual, regardless if its about sense or logic at all, it doesn't matter as long as the "BUNCH" thinks so! Go figure smartasses, so far i seen so many intelligent ppl in here, but they tend to simply adjust to the "community standards" eventually, which were basically rigged long before it ever existed lol. But don't worry, i'm the insane one, so its all ok with your mind sets, just plow through it, and things should solve on themselves. Till the day you will understand the meaning of HISTORICAL WAR AND TEACHINGS!!! aND WHICH BY THEN YOU WILL BE DEAD 50 YEARS BEFORE. Let the current world teach you the difference about fantasy and reality, something you will never understand, but your kids will.
  23. "been there done that" its all i can metaphorically say to you all from years of testing! So basically its all about new engine, but from what i seen from the last "fake DEMOs", its pretty much the same quality, till the unreal 4 lol, which will most likely be happening in 2020. And by then, so many bad things will happen... (wonder what will actually be my demise in the end after all this time... lol) One more year i guess... then its really game over for me. You all hate my guts anyway, so its alright, but i don't hate my guts, i ike this game. So its good for you but bad for me Hey, sometimes i'm useful, cuz i got major expeirence and ability to use my limited weps, but lately i see lots of noobs joining allot, that simply make every round useless. Relying only on newbies with newbies, = more or less certain death. But for some reason ,we mostly end up with perfect goldies as enemies(and rarelly allies), cant really make that the so called d big picture now, can we??? Cuz you see... a big picture has as much defect as advantages, but here, the big picture always had a considerable broken side in my experience, very rare when that isn't the case apparently. in other words... let yourself suffer, for the "greater good"
  24. Visual have always been deceiving, i mean its nothing new, yet i have this feeling many will contest it as if it was never any relevant issue, well i got to my point where besides that you get the 144 good fps and no lag etc, you still get the fucking deceiving visuals and obstacolatings to perform, regardless of fps, i recently got raped so many times by partecipating in a mess of a round, with neutral, friendly and enemy at the same spot, and i had to take a big guess which is which. At a certain point, you just go playing close range, and all you see is somekind of blurrish smart color that simply confuses the hell out of you, and you just die.
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