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  1. Regrdless. the purpose it the shit they deleted from old forum about this reference, so if ure offended by it, be my guest, i couldn't care less.
  2. Oh man... i seen more legendaries being the same but with extra in JT store version, so taking it as a general concept, you would think that they are actually worst than the harder to obtain currency..., i mean theoretically legendaries are worst because you can obtain them with common currency, jt on the other hand you need to go to those crap places that i personally terminated after realized its only for cheaters in most cases. So basically you have to struggle half a year to obtain it into normal missions, what cheaters obtain in a few weeks with asylum and bailan. Logic at least suggest that the harder to obtain currency for us normal ppl, should result in better weapons than what we obtain from the old "legendary" system which we all know its history. And as you can see those places are usually deserted by now, because its mostly frequented by exploiters and cheaters, that nobody needs to deal with. Truth is the community of this game is a total mess, and there is absolutely no denial about it, you would gladly approve with your style indirectly, knowing LO will never do anything about it. Long live the cheaters! Just saying. And if LO actually meant punishing cheaters they would prolly went to asylum or bailan, and ban half of this place community at least lmao, but don't worry, there is no danger of losing more ppl, in order to halve their investors, this game will stay small till they finish that so called major GPU upgrade, then they will start banning more seriously, and prolly gonna succumb to their own ignorance in the first place, realizing that most of the community is made of cheaters anyway lol after that, gl with promoting APB whatever. My personal opinion, i hope im wrong of course :P.
  3. So today i just got trolled by LO for thinking that those are mechanically identical, wasted 3500 JT, NOICE!!! Still i believe it is unfair to make such typical fairy tale description on both, and lead us to think they are identical by default, the only difference being that one has skin. yet they are entirely different, one has a straight shoot and a longer range, while the other (more expensive!!!) has the worst mechanic i can describe about itself. WtF is wrong with the producers of this game, old and new, they just let broken shit stay broken... why the fuck would u put a shittier more expensive mechanic on a same weapon??? It doesn't make sense! Its purpose its only to piss off noobs, cuz i never by far imagined those were different in any way so i never bothered trying before buying. Why would u even keep the mechanic of that old trash that cost 3500 jocker tickets... its beyond me. This game is literally made for cheaters and exploiters mostly, anyone that don't enjoy or want to do that, its literally going to enjoy its worst surprises as a legit APB experience in the front seat. At least let them all have the option for a skin, its so annoying having an certain type of outfit, and not being able to buy or to change your favorite weapon skin... sometimes looks are more important than quality. The more limits i find about things, the more annoying this game becomes. So for the record... thank you APB for another disappointment after my birthday bad surprise, and to think i been gathering jocker tickets for more than half a year... its ok, trolls deserve to be trolled EDIT: They probably use that marketing strategy of most popular corporations, where u put overpriced tags on products that don't even worth half of its price, but where so many would buy it regardless... yeah nice tactic indeed... for idiots that fall for it like myself. You learn new things every day of your existence, but this supposed to be old by now lol... i'm worried.
  4. BURP! Yeah whatever. Its ridiculous to think that this place has any competent yellows anyway, you are only good at killing silvers in bronze, and that's it! But im glad that im not the only troll around, you do a good job with your sarcastic passive aggressive replies. :))) Thanx.
  5. How the fuck do you identify how to complete a certain achievement when all weapon descriptions are just fairy tale descriptions that are useless!!! I seen though it of course after way too long, but for noobs that have no concept of it, wtf do they do about it?! Wait a decade to take a guess about it?! I mean they have made this game such a bad UI friendly that its ridiculous when it comes to achievements. Give us a decent chance to identify the weapons we need to complete that godamn achievement with, in order to obtain that godamn item, that only yellows tend to obtain, basically yellows... the only specimens that enjoy this game. And in case you yellows gonna say that its in store, keep in mind that most ppl don't go to store as a first thing, and they will stay confused about it not knowing where the fuck to actually get the basic info about the weapon category... i always been puzzled by it, and i even been to store the first times i began playing, its a clusterfuck, it will never work like that.
  6. Good point... considering how long they take on fixing this crap, they might as well just started from scrap. Sounds like they will take almost a decade to complete their patched up project, less than it actually needs to make a game.
  7. Been whining for over and over about SOoOo MUCH!!! BURP! So when are you planning to take actions against actual cheaters?! Or are trolls more relevant to annoy than cheaters?! There is this new phenomena about insta teleporting after completing an objective... haven't experienced it before, but i believe its a new unchecked trend that i wanted to make sure its out there, since nobody posts anything in here anymore, other than nonsense. I'm guessing that's a ghost cheater tactic, as i seen it before in other games, moderate cheating, where ppl ignore it as it seems some kind of bug. Not to mention that bonus turbo 2 wheelie going on for a while, its sure impressive. Anyway, as irritated as you are by this post, you can all migrate back to silver and stay there, nobody needs you in bronze, that's fer sure... and perhaps never reply on forums again? Trust me, nobody will EVER miss you yellows. By the way, you sure that you have added an option to remove quotes? Cuz i quoted nothing and it got stuck there without any way to remove it, besides the fact that you can't remove a topic, you should add options to remove everything that an user posts or edits or whatever, i can't understand why do ppl have to depend on some backwards forum options. feels like those old emulator servers forum limitations, where you can only do whatever you were configured to ... its like evolution is going backwards or staying still. But if im a noob i apologize, you don't seem to make them most basic things very user friendly in here. Also wtf is that "Remember me" on the code security verification, if it never remembers shit?! Yeah i know, long term issues with no solution in sight... cuz of the 2024 actual apb engine bullshoot evolution plan. Also long term depression that i deal with for more than a decade, just shoving that in there, trolling helps somehow in the corrupted road to perdition. SO excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me princess!
  8. Lmao, u ppl have no concept of correcting others, other than critical terms, so cancer is the only way out basically... what a fucking disgrace, i was expecting better by this smartass community... Better get ready... :((((((((((((((( OMG i'm gonna die, can u believe it???????????????????!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Do something about it.... lie to me pretty or something ;))) i liked when there was this girl telling me that i won't die and then she said that she wants 1000 euros, she broke her own heart... im devastated in my pants. When i came back online my screen was frozen... i can't believe the treachery... i'm devastated. My game have died cuz of its irrational bullshoot... so i understand. Then again i don't do women, they are all fuzzy bunnies from hell, so i'm good. Wonder wtf was all that jibberish after all.
  9. Exactly. I'm about to cancel a TC cuz of it, simply a waste of money by now. Even if i have cancer i rather take my chances with it, than dumping ountless amount of money for endless amount of formalities, that never get to a good end anyway. Don;'t worry i will make sure to say my last words here if that';s the case, but regardless, my words will be trolled here no mattrer what. By the way... i keep getting this no target missions allot every time i come back, wtf do this company actually fix about this game... its fucking annoying. I have the game on a SSD and it takes forever to restart it... Restarting this game = quitting it literally. Going afk is still a better option tho, too bad for the Inappropriate language removed. - Azukii enjoying it tho, but what can i say other than what's going on, how can i go to the target if there is no target anywhere. But hey blame me, cuz that's how's normal.
  10. i was about till body pain was higher than my psyhical pain. Doctors in my country flee the inflation since 2010 Imagine what's left of the decent ones. You re better off solving symptoms on cheap doctors, which are usually garbage. Cancer? Good luck. Corona? Welcome to morgue MR. statistic lmao. Merged. Either way, in glad most of you smartasses still hold the sense of humor, u seem to do well so far guys, and im glad! "like a give a shit" Literally :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) For fuk sake i hope there is a god to just put u in your place, for fuk sake, so much injustice so far that's just putrid ridiculous.
  11. Time will shape you all the "right way" prolly the next life, which is inexistence lol, so nvm. Unless ure religious, which will have all the effect while alive;, and if u combine it, u might get them 72 virgins or were they 79? lmao. i will go to hell cuz i forgot the virgins god was supposed to provide each of us after we die, cuz we were such a good bunch or something lmao....
  12. Yeah well.. hard to make a dirrect approach at this point, so i'm just gonna let title take care of itself... i must say guys... life is sure fake impression eventually, don't let urselves too much into it, cuz it might become ur worst enemy one day... still i'm curious if u guys are mostly ok, and safe considering all the insanity going on...
  13. I had a dream a few years ago, i dreamed that apb had boats and helicopters over water...
  14. I tried so badly to reduce loading time the whole decade, and all i got was an update that will "FIX" it for me every time, so fuck modding the game files, it sucks as it is, but it sucks even more when u get used so much through years that every time they reset it, it feels like some new shit even if it smells the same. Its like this game isn't about to "improve your experience" with each update, but to fuck u up every time.
  15. First of all, there is no point to participate in any event since forever by now, because the card cheaters are top on each and every one of it more or less.
  16. Most likely because sharing ANY info with you trolls was a bad idea from the start, and previous owners know why. Let's hope next release will get a good guess for its quality DDOS time investors.
  17. Do you think engine will get released any time soon without too many bugs to even bother? Or perhaps we will enjoy more lockdowns and freemiums till 2023?.
  18. So what im supposed to learn from this topic basically? You gonna make this game better or improve the social compound in order to develop future standards? Cuz basically you made the same shit that's been made since forever by everybody else so far for a topic... difference being trolls making it higher than usual topics. I mean i been making repeated crap myself, but give some actual basics for a change, at least i tried... oh nvm. I believe that in order to gain ppopulation you need to be new and hope you are going to be popul;ar by the time u launch, this game will never be hype, and hype is the new standards, if ure not hype, ure dead from the start,. Lol i think that in order to make a hit, LO will need to make it all new, it doesn;t mater that its a good formula, it needs to be absolute new...
  19. Well for one thing if i wouldn't reply it would mean treachery at its pure nature.... so yeah... ure right... which today its still treachery sadly... and by far reasonable. And that's all on their behalf, on my behalf i wish you a happy new year, at least better than this one. They might say that who spends their end year in apb is a loser, but i can't see it with all the shit going on.
  20. Let me add some to it, i wish you all exactly what you have applied this year to us all for the next year, cuz i can;t imagine anything better for the next one, as things don't just end with a symbolic shoot. I love this community for one reason only, and that's because its composed of trolls only, never seen any reasonable soul in here... which is the point. Thank you for existing and making my existence a fun place to be in. Couldn't do it without you. Have a lovely 2021. .... i almost shed a tear... can't believe it... u guys make me so happy...
  21. there is ONLY one world in which we can all agree on, and this will never be it. There is no amount of love you can offer something or someone that can be pleasing enough, experience can teach you so much that you have no idea, being a fucking nob can only tell you how fucking stupid you are, and if you want to make something out of it for the next years, or settle with it. So don't blame me for not being sacrcastic enough about it. primal instinct what will u make of it... but most important, who the fuck are u if u have no point of experience refference through time, just a idiot that got a fucking grip of a smartphone doesn't make u anything, well that's future reference actually, but true enough sadly... Love your kids, but not like that.
  22. Its not bout gpu, its about not fixing their oldest shit................................ not to mention actually breaking the ones they already have compatible broken through years of "improving" server bullshoot. They basically update shit and never test it, let it be as it is, then we enjoy the results ALWAYS, as for the reality of it, they might as well just not give a fuck, and still enjoy the priviledges of the mass income from the Inappropriate language removed. - Azukii. Also the hackers, which can only be "{russians", in this case. Who the hell would waste their intellectual on such a game lol... by far away of any basic concept, yet fucking broken beyond repair as it seems ultimately. Its and implosion in order to make sense, and you know none of you ever figured out that implosion concept anyway, so quit playing smartasses. Go back to matrix and get educated :))) I mean go ask leon de caprio. Come now mods, i haven't broke the rules on this one, plox don't bewitch me... i been very troubled lately, as religion was all about against me, as usual. Plox let me enjoy hopefully my last year of existence THANK you NOT(borat said its ok). (please note i never said the J word. Truth is today i had for a moment the impression i was banned, the feeling was overwhelming, so basically i am and will forever be a troll... but it felt like the ultimate reason to end my existence... because i love this game so much that i have no idea i never did never will... point is, i really love it... beside trolling, i fucking love this game and i never EVER loved a game this much in my entire existence, but it has become compromised because of the tricks corporations are obviously using in order to abuse their addicts, cuz this game its all about addiction, otherwise i would had moved on long time ago. Reality check is what i like to call it what you like to call experience... difference is that reality check is actually real time joy, while anything else is just thtr so called basic education that many enjoy as a fiction trand.... like i did... where you learn that its required, but not actually true... at best you become a popular troll of a today trend NOT, which is quite unusual(USUAL) among the apb community, but still a balancing tissue so to call it, as in the end was an old expired trend that nobody ever keept asa memorable thing.
  23. Sure, but it said that this game was not compatible with Mongolia land or something like that, so... you know i was not able to attempt the optimal solution you are implying.... please appeal to scientist level qualified solution.
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