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  1. Biiiiiiig post "HVR Damage is not the problem" - SPCT member "Nerf Ntec, its too strong because I suck at the game" - Silver community
  2. Does SPCT give opinions or suggestions to weapon/game balance "internally"?
  3. Damn, I voted no because I didnt read for what the chat filter was. +1 for yes!
  4. Many will be disappointed. But only because they have ridiculous expectations.
  5. Like Autumn Assault? lol Still triggered they gave everyone the skin
  6. Even if the EU will "fail", I bet my left egg that player numbers will be equal or even higher than they are right now. Everyone who plays at the moment is just addicted, they wont stop playing, and no way they will with a better engine.
  7. How about ... gitgud scrub? God damn bad players
  8. Guess why we got premium until 22 December
  9. What threat and rank are you? I dont like it at all to go up against these scrubs. Its just not fun to stomp them. No satisfaction. I noticed that I touch myself a lot more in my little cave since this change because I dont get what I want anymore. Please help me.:(
  10. Is a video actually enough to ban a player only because he is good at the game? You cant see anything in the video. That would be next level bullshoot. Snapping doesnt mean shit, knowing where the enemies will come from is knowledge and hitting people popping out of a corner immediately is reaction/skill. I hope you answer such emails with a "Ty" and delete them afterwards.
  11. Interesting. How can you see they use an aimbot? Aside you are a silver player ..
  12. True, but they should get it out on OTW asap so the good players can test the important stuff
  13. This is the Engine Upgrade! They want to surprise us!
  14. The year is not over yet.. December will change everything!
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