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  1. I'd rather they shut it down now and focus entirely on working on the engine upgrade. There's no way that APB is making them any cash currently, may as well focus entirely on the engine upgrade and not even bother maintaining the old version. A properly scaled relaunch with the engine upgrade and new content would probably do much better than the drip-feed that is the engine upgrade presently.
  2. Same. Maybe they should fix the ear-screeches or loud tones over 5 seconds. :^)
  3. Kind of sad, right? You hope you're wrong, but then you see this mess and all you can think is, "Well... that sucks" Hopefully they can right their sinking ship but from everything I've heard, this beta was rough af... I didn't even bother to sign on because the last one was such a disaster. Hoping they can get it fixed and ready quick.
  4. Wonder at what point they just shut down the live service aspect of this game and prepare for a re-launch under the "engine upgrade" - Wonder if it's even worth doing. Don't think much can save it now. Who knows
  5. Can't speak for everyone, but I am waiting for the Engine Upgrade that has taken 8 years (going on 2 now under LO). No reason to play this mess of a game until that comes. Anti-cheat or not.
  6. Definitely do a support ticket. Your account is likely locked in an instance that isn't "up" and therefore likely cannot be released. This happened about 3 years back when G1 still owned the game, and they had to go in and manually purge peoples accounts from the hold.
  7. According to Matt, this story is largely on the provider.
  8. Dunno, can't tell if he's being racist or referring to golds as "yellows"
  9. I really feel for you, it really seems that you've landed with the worst provider in Europe. You've seemingly got the most incapable provider in all of Europe. In any situation that impacts customers, if I "misunderstood" and took your services down, I would be fired. Perhaps because of the higher stakes, but their track record is pathetic. In the past two months they've: Failed to provide hardware on time Failed to file necessary paperwork for hardware to clear customs Failed to install the proper software/operating systems Failed to schedule a proper downtime and took your services down a day early. I'm sure you're re-evaluating your business with them, but it's such a bad look for APB when the European provider is so wildly incompetent.
  10. Computer specs? Disk Space? Literally anything we can use to help you aside from you asking for help?
  11. It's funny, because someone on the other thread explicitly mentioned this was probably going to happen. What a visionary.
  12. Another quality thread. Perhaps because Project Winter is from this year (and running an updated version of Vivox). Perhaps because Matt has said MULTIPLE times that our version of vivox is hacked together and has several issues and is very low priority for them. Edit: The worst part is that he LITERALLY posted in your thread about this exact same issue, and yet you still posted yet another thread about it?
  13. It means they're hogging the soap bar in the shower. They need to stop so we all can drop it more often. Smh.
  14. Works great on Firefox. They may need to rebuild the theme for Chrome users, or if they're using a DDoS solution - they've probably got some form of auto minify on which is borking it for chrome.
  15. Wait, folks would actually ask for a refund on a box that is essentially a gamble to receive a legendary? Wah
  16. Makes you wonder, considering the past 3 weeks have been plagued with issues very similar to these.
  17. If they would just add a visible indicator to the servers tab, perhaps people would be enticed to play it. I've popped in a few times and found zero people. Nobody wants to wait that long if no one is going to enter it.
  18. TL;DR - Engine upgrade still in progress. Major work has been largely completed. They were migrating the last few libraries + code merges to UE 3.5. They're hoping to have a version on the OTW soon. New content is being worked on to be paired with the engine upgrade. yeet dab on 'em
  19. That is in fact the correct song, but it would appear the APB team (maybe farfletched?) remixed this track. Decided to look in the APBGame files and check the DefaultMusicLibrary - it doesn't appear to be placed there as it isn't a file that you can play on the radio ingame (as far as I am aware). Not sure how you'd find the remix OP, unfortunately. Edit: Did find the other track that plays in there frequently, but that is one they added to the music player.
  20. Picked up the .45 AP recently. I really like it. Takes a lot to get used to (IMO) but thats because I've always been super click happy. Mentally telling yourself to slow down but speed up enough to hit that cyclic rate is satisfying. RFP is reportedly getting a bit of a nerf with the EU. So use it while you can I would suppose. Haven't had a chance to use a thunder. Not sure if it'd be my taste anyway.
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