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  1. Ah yes, the RTW version that 100m was spent on and was considered by 90 percent of the people who played (and then subsequently left) to be an outstanding failure.
  2. Nope, post literally says it will roll out when the Armas Marketplace turns into the Amorous Marketplace
  3. Games largely unplayable. DDoS is always in effect and the servers struggle. Couple that with low population (these go hand in hand) and no new contacts/gear/etc, it's not really hard to see why no ones playing.
  4. Won't be when the servers are on day 483 of being DDoS'd and the unplayable latency :^)
  5. Feels like its been months at this point. Hard to play the game when rubber-banding is so bad you transcend reality and shift through multiple universes. I've seen roughly 14,000,605 futures, and only one in which Matt Scott saves APB.
  6. You deserve nothing, but I love you for spreading awareness. I was here first tho.
  7. This was the trend from the beginning. Look at the graphs when G1 owned this game. It went from 6000 peak to 1000 peak on a good day. Don't kid yourself.
  8. Perhaps the funniest thing is that the player-base are experts at identifying problems, but terrible at solving them.
  9. I see you speak for the bitches. But no really. I've been scouting the forums, came back to play a bit when LO took over to just fill a craving, and went back to watching. There's nothing for me to do, I'm at 3000+ hours. Until that engine upgrade hits and we get some new things to do (I may try the new halloween mode) there's no reason to play. I'm willing to bet the 500 people that came back and left feel the same way. What's annoying to me is how everyone is blaming LO, when G1 was trending downwards, consistently, for the past 3 years. They hadn't communicated and lied about their progress on any engine upgrade. The content had completely shorted to zero after they released everything in the vault. Folks around here don't seem to realize this is a 9 year old game with a revival effort undergoing. It's basically at the level of a relaunch.
  10. I have achieved the perfect metal gear. Weapons Grade Autism.
  11. Ok, but I feel as if you're assuming it's a flip of a switch for them to do these things, when in reality it isn't. There's a cost for everything - and if it includes diverting resources from an engine upgrade, it's a no from me dawg.
  12. I'm sure optimization will come when the engine isn't so old that its practically unusable. There's a lot of tech debt in Unreal 3.0, a lot...
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