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New Clothing Content Survey

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Hello everyone,


As you know, we've taken up a lot of tasks to improve APB this year, and some of them also involve bringing in some fresh content. While some things are already being worked on, we also thought it would be a good idea to give the APB Community a chance to put their ideas out there for consideration.


If you have any suggestions or ideas about what particular clothing/accessory item or an item theme you would like to see implemented, feel free to leave them here.


We will go through your suggestions, assess them, and who knows? Maybe that item/theme you've suggested will find its way into the game!


Kind regards,



NOTE: Feel free to leave a reaction to other users' suggestions if you agree with them and would like to second the idea.


Edit from Flight: Keep your ideas related to clothes and clothes accessories for this thread 🙂

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Also give us tails. Don't need to be animated. Huge moneymaker y'all are sleeping on.

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-Executive Sunglasses for Men
-Backward Caps so you can look like a douche (Male Reverse Snapback doesn't count)
-MAC 10 Secondary
-Sawn off Shotgun Secondary
-New Combat Helmets
-New Mask types (PAYDAY style masks for example)
-Joker RFP Model converted to a FBW Reskin
-More Chest rigs
-Shotgunner bandolier fix since it looks broken on Armored Vests
-More backpack options (La Rocha's custom Rifle for example)
-With the above accessory request, be able to carry your equipped weapon on your back and swap through it. (Primary Weapon Holster)




On 7/12/2023 at 8:00 PM, Kiida said:


Also give us tails. Don't need to be animated. Huge moneymaker y'all are sleeping on.

I remember Matt explicitly stating that G1 ruined the artistic vision when they added cat ears. 

I'd like to keep the damage to the original aesthetic minimal. 

But if LO needs money, can't blame em...

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Ok so im a simple player: The only things I want right now is neckties for female avatars and the ambulance as a personal vehicle

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I'd love more items that have a focus on customization, more plain blank canvas type clothing items.  A morph suit being the ultimate example of a blank canvas item.  More masks, like a version of the plain hockey mask but without eye holes.  A smoother sphere head type mask than the snowman head too.


Would also love more than anything a Matte Paint checkbox beside the metallic paint option in the vehicle editor.  That would do wonders for those of us that like rusty cars


Kits for the lower tier cars would be great.


New Fresno kit too maybe?


Armored Van and Ambulance as player owned vehicles.


Make Han Cellante purchasable again.


Male hoodie (hood down)

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1 minute ago, Badegast said:

Bodykits for NORMAL cars
Fix Patriot T-25 Hitbox
Balance the normal street cars to make them viable options
Fix Cisco

+1 for these.


To add to this, more 4x4 variants of cars. There's already a 'rally varzuga' in the game but it's not customisable.


Also add unusual effects for hats like in TF2 🙂

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Regarding clothing pretty sure there was already a thread for this a while back.
But I'd like to see personally:
Devil Tail (to go along with the wings and horns)
Cat Tail (go along with cat ears)
Backwards baseball cap (that can be equiped with the headphones in-game
Actual dolphin shorts so that way players don't have to create a pair themselves using the boyshorts
A rifle sling (An Ntec or something the player can wear on their back and/or make this a feature later where unequipped weapons are slinged onto the player's back)
an equipable tattoo sleeve (matt mentioned this a while ago but it would also be nice to just be able to do the whole body as well)
Cropped shirts
Some baggy pants for women
And "other flavors" of undergarments besides whats in game right now.

Some more kits for cars would be nice. I'd like a widebody hatchback to be available (besides the mikro)

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I would like to see a cosmetic like a cat's tail 💜-------- Updated with more ideas










New Cat Ears





Other Stuff


New Hair









New Clothes































Cat Paws





Gauged Ears







Circular Glasses



Maybe new Glow clothes too








Just an idea for glow





New Hats 













New Back Packs 












Body Pijamas







Plague Doctor Mask -- Maybe for Halloween 







Minor update to add more ideas 7/16/2023













RoseTheGoat suggested more articles for the Furry Community, taking that into account, I've added new ideas for masks. 


Cat Mask





Dog or Wolf mask





Deer - Herby - Goat






Thanks to the people who voted for my ideas 😊




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Updated with more ideas
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make a special district where crims and enforcers can play together

allow clothing to overlap with a toggle, if not clothing at least masks and all headwear

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New clothes

1) Plate carrier

2) Flak vest (Pasgt vest)

3) Kevlar helmet cover and SWDG goggles (Pasgt-H cover)

4) Tactical helmet

5) Gen 3 Combat shirt

6) Military shirt ACU

7) A.L.I.C.E. system (Suspenders, pistol belt, stanag pouch case, field first aid, water canteen 1qt, )

8 ) Old military style field jacket (M65)

9) Police/Military style shirt

10) Service uniform

11) Military/Combat boots/Jungle boots panama sole

12) Riot helmet/ PASGT-H Glass

13) Old ww2 style helmet (US M1 Helmet)

14) Eastern Bloc style helmet 

15) 8 point cap (usmc cap)

16) LAPD style hat (non 8 point hat) 

17) Campaign hat

18) Gen 3 style tactical pants

19) Police/military style belts 

20) Scientist lab coat

21) Double-breasted suit 80s 90s 

22) Hawaii/Aloha/50s shirt

23) Coat/Detective/Military trench

24) Soviet overcoat

25) Karate suit 

26) Hev style armor

27) Ushanka

28) Firefighter hat

29) Builder/Safety hat 

30) Modern ACH Mich 200 helmet

31) Karakul hat/ Papaq hat (Papakha)

32) Medical mask

33) Aerodrome cap (peaky styled hat)

34) M17A1 Gas mask 

35) 80s style glasses

36) 2000s style sunglasses

37) Mr Smith sunglasses

38) Oakley tactical sunglasses

39) Fuzzy puzz glasses 





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31 minutes ago, RandomAPBplayer said:

Ok so im a simple player: The only things I want right now is neckties for female avatars and the ambulance as a personal vehicle

oh im  a dum dum I forgot another clothing item id like, The uniform shirt for females aswell

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Christmas Classics Bundle


Christmas holly skin

Christmas snowflake skin

Santa's sleigh skin (was a reward from a previous event but was added permanently to the weapon skins list)

Candy cane skin

Santa's hat

Santa's jacket

Santa's backpack

Elf ears

Elf hat & ears

Reindeer antlers

Snowman head + nose + eyes

Xmas symbols


Ability to wear pieces of clothing gear typically requiring a holster without the holster, it doesn't always look perfect but it can work for some outfits depending on what you're trying to do

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There has been a list long ago with a lot of good stuff in there also the user imv also created some ideas for the clothing stuff.

tbh i would like what concept artist would come up with as a theme rather than what players suggest what the next theme is.

why not work on a theme that can revolv around the new characters coming out.

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I would love to see more western themed guns like a lever action in the rifle role, single action army as pistol role and have them reload each round like the showstopper/shotguns. Stuff like that I'd love to see also clothing that matches said style also would be a sweet armas bundle/pack I'd buy instantly!

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Just a quick reminder to stay on topic - I've gone ahead and hidden a few replies.
Even though a number of them are arguably quite funny, they're not what we're looking for at this time 😉


.. Also considering adding a counter of how many times 'tails' is suggested.

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If I'm not wrong they're specifically only asking about new clothing items in this thread, not other types of features or content so I'll stick to clothing talk here.


You should first focus on allowing items to be worn alongside others where there is little to no real conflict such as some shirts with hoodies, some masks and many others. Some players managed to mod the game to allow for that before it got patched and tons and tons of amazing item combinations were revealed to be possible with 0 clipping but were just simply disallowed from being worn together for no apparent reason. Definitely start with that first, it will already broaden design potential a lot.


In terms of new items, there is a forum thread from 2018 which contains an extensive list of clothing items the community wants. APB is an old game from a different era and as such most of the clothing pieces in it are rather outdated in relation to current fashion trends. The items and themes we would want to see in APB in the long term are far too many to simply list in a single post but I'll start with a theme I've wanted to see in APB for many years and that's Techwear clothing with more visible belts and straps. Some quick examples [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]. This is one of the many fashion trends that would actually fit perfectly with APB's urban cops vs robbers aesthetic if the game would release today instead of back when it did.


In terms of singular items some I can think at the top of my head are a mouth mask (similar to the surgical masks we wore during COVID) and a neck gaiter. Difference to the desert scarf and ski mask is that this type is tight around the face so it can be worn under hoods and any other clothing item but also covers the entirety of the neck without covering the forehead and hiding hair. Perhaps have two versions of it, one covering only the neck and one covering the neck + lower part of the face + nose like in the image.

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a dream would be to have more basic, highly customizable (the exact opposite of stuff like the street rx outfit pack, all of the juggernaut gear etc) clothing. forget about adding prexisting buckles, hemlines, folds, uncustomizable material (im looking at you, weird leather stripe on the snood) or at least give us an option to toggle them off.

some examples off the top of my head which the community has been trying to recreate endlessly with the existing clothing in the game

a variety of cropped shirts

high waisted bottoms

socks for female characters!!!

idk some new shoe perhaps?

thanks im waiting to see all of this in the game next wednesday🙂

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The part in the opening post about "item themes" got me kinda intrigued. Hopefully I understand it correctly as I say I'd love to see more "canvas items". What I mean by that isn't clothes literally made out of that specific fabric, but clothes with as few imperfections or preset texturing as possible.


To illustrate what I mean: if you were to create an outfit that looks like the plugsuit worn by D.va from Overwatch, you'd have to go with a long-sleeved shirt and leggings, but the latter will have that weird glossy look to them, making it obvious you're wearing two entirely different clothing items. The turtleneck has a similar issue, where it very obviously has this wooly texture to it. I think the jeans also have this problem.


So yeah, in terms of clothing I'd just love to see more things that let the players go wild with the symbol designer. A variant for leggings without the gloss would be a good start by itself. The clothes wouldn't have to be skintight, but it would certainly help with designing outfits that, with the right symbol work done to them, look like clothes that aren't even in the game. (Maybe we could even have an alternate Body Paint option for tattoos that also removes the glossy effect of light reflecting off of the character's skin?)


Speaking of which, it'd be neat to have item combo restrictions removed or at least scaled back, so that we can mix and match more clothes together. I'm sure at least some clothing articles could be combined for cool results without their meshes clipping.


As for more specific/individual things I'd like to see (assuming we're talking about cosmetic items and things that don't impact gameplay directly):

  • Uniform Shirt, but for female characters.
  • Similarly, an actual Hood Down counterpart for male characters, since the current Hoodie (Hood Down) looks completely different from the normal hoodie.
  • Also similarly, a pullover hoodie for female characters, without the zipper in the middle.
  • Just in general, having the majority of items have counterparts for both genders in the game. Optimally we could be going the path of Saints Row 2 and ditch gender restrictions on clothing altogether, but I'm not sure how feasible it would even be with APB's customization architecture, so I'm just mentioning it as a dream scenario, not an actual goal I expect to be met.
  • Leotard/bodysuit. There is an old listing for a Bodysuit Tank somewhere on APBDB, and it's been said multiple times that it was never a finished item, but it'd be neat to see something like it one day.
  • Medical facemasks. Like the ones we've seen the most during the peak of the pandemic.
  • Long-sleeved Shirt for female characters that looks like the male variant of that item: kinda like a baggy pullover sweater.
  • Pantyhose/tights, to help reduce clutter in the wardrobe and let people have one item that serves the purpose of two. (Also, having the stocking tops on display is trashy.)
  • Standalone sleeves, in loose and skintight variants, so you can place tattoos on individual outfits instead of your character.
  • More eyeglasses. Just in general, both the sun protection and eyesight correction types.
  • Flip-flops or sandals, for beach/summertime outfits.
  • A bucket hat. Or a sun hat. Really, just any big and silly hats, ones that put the Wizard/Witch Hat to shame. Deep inside your soul you know you want it.
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Another quick reminder/clarification. At this time we are only looking for ideas related to clothes and accessories.

Cars are cool, but let the accoutrements flow!

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'Full Sized 2-Door Pick-up Truck. ie V-8 rear wheel drive like ford F-150 or GMC.

'Western Holster/Belt.

'Walther PPK.

'Revolver with standard 4 1/2 inch Barrel.

'Sound kits for Fresno and others. 

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would love to see more tactical gear in the game such as ops core helmets and NVGs. camelbak tactical. especially backpacks

i remember back when the racing packs came out you could wear the harnesses with the webbing vest on male characters but later that got changed so you couldnt wear them together, so it would be cool to see that reverted

more types of balaclavas, like one that covers the nose

plate carriers too

more hairstyles and hair colors
being able to toggle wearing one kneepad/elbowpad instead of two, there are a lot of outfits i always wanted to make that would look better with just one kneepad/elbowpad




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This game's future content should focus on the longevity of the EXISTING player base. Customization is a great part of the game (where the game really stands out from others) as well as just adding more progression/balancing with the last contacts while the harder/technical process changes are being developed. 


PROGRESSION-The last contacts giving us the 2 locked equipment mod slots and whatever else they were supposed to give/raise the level cap. 


COSMETIC- Please PLEASE new hairstyles! New hairs/some new clothes that are actually up to 2023 fashion or trend standards.  Lots of new female and male clothing updated styles could be added. For example styles like techwhere etc.  Even something as simple as some varients to shirts/pants would be nice. For example being different types of crop tops, off the shoulder etc. I think some more smaller updates improving or adding progression/cosmetics should really be prioritized for the longevity of the remaining player base instead of having to wait years/months for an actual game changing update to matchmaking or core mechanics or HUGE fixes that take so long.

I think the game has enough weapons ATM. Some more car kits would be nice but there are honestly already a lot to choose from.


BALANCING-Some weapon balancing. Please review HIGH DAMAGE/HIGH RANGE weapons such as Obir, Oscar, Ntec-7.  Lots of players getting bummed out by losing to these weapons, as they help even lower level players achieve easy kills with them. In addition, killed due to gun difference. I/E Oscar outpreforming weapons like the carbine and Troublemaker outpreforming stock SMGs like OCA/PMG fairly easily. Not to mention the Ntec-7 literally just being a (better version) of the Ntec-5 just doesn't seem right to me(5 shots to kill, tap firing seeming to be more accurate).  I don't think these weapons need to be nerfed into the ground. But they should be on par with their other weapon roles with a slight strength I guess?  For instance, the OBir is a rifle but it's practically a sniper. Suggestion would be to make the burst bloom to the point where it's only effective around that 60m range where most rifles are supposed to strive. Or the Troublemaker being a Marksman reliant SMG to still keep the strengths of jump marksmaning but not out ttk'ing other stock mobile SMGs. 


QUALITY OF LIFE- obv a lot of things, but for right now make the yellow mods either cheaper, give us a SLIDER to purchase stacks like the buying ammo feature, OR JUST make them on a cooldown like other active mods.  Having to go to social, then having to spend 200k for stacks of yellow mods is absolutely ridiculous. BIG changes to the core of the game or matchmaking will NOT help the player base right now. It is too small, I think the only thing that would stop people from complaining is bringing back threat segregation to stop lower level players fighting golds. But even then this will be cutting the player base into 2  halves. Something the players need to realize right now is there's no way to fix the matchmaking without LONG WAIT TIMEs. Everyone needs to realize the effects of a LOW population game that we still choose to play. The community has already been pretty good about making their own arranged discords and going into lower populated Financial or Waterfront servers and setting up their own "ranked" matches.  If LO wants to help out with the matchmaking at all would be to make specific servers for these higher level of players to play arranged with maybe a spectator mode for others to watch. However that would obv take a lot of work from LO to do something like that and I think other content should be handled right now. 


In conclusion, a lot of people have come back to try 64BIT/ EAC updates.  Ultimately left fast because the game is the exact same as they played it years ago.  I think the game needs some smaller (IMO) more vital updates, instead of taking years watching the ALREADY EXISTING dwindling playerbase to ultimately quit due to bigger projects that just don't seem to ever really come. Please take care of the existing player base instead of spending so much time on some crazy huge update that might not bring anyone back anyways. I believe if you slowly keep the people that are already playing it, playing it LOL and trying to make changes to bring people that might have left the game before coming back, THEN maybe you can focus on ways to bring NEW people in.

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Something that I'd like to see is fixing the "monoboob" and "flat crotch" that some dresses/jackets/tops have on female characters so that they flow better with character customization.


In particular:

Slit Sleeve Minidress.

Turtleneck Minidress.

Pentagram Minidress. (This one has both)

Nylon Flight Jacket.

Studded Leather Jacket. (It's not bad but it could be a bit better)

Chest Rig webbing.

Combat Harness webbing.

Tactical Vest webbing.


I can understand a lot of the thicker armor pieces completely compressing a character's chest, but the mentioned webbings do not look like they'd be restrictive enough to flatten characters down as much as they do.


Outside of that I'd like to see just a general detail pass on pretty much all of the clothing/item models to try and make them all look a bit better. They're really starting to show their age, especially on things like the machine gunner chest rig and death boots, although death boots are fairly new. The star buckle belt, as another example, has shotgun shells that frankly look pretty terrible. Though granted I can also understand that doing something like this could rapidly jack up the amount of polygons and other stuff that has to be loaded into a district and could, in theory, slow the game to a crawl like with what happened on the initial release of Final Fantasy 14. But I do think that things could be made a bit better looking overall.


As for doing new things, I'd love to be able to wear the machine gunner chest rig and shotgunner chest rig without having to have armor on. Beyond that I'd also like to see more leather/skintight clothing and more gothic things in general.

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