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  1. Why do I have to answer this? 4:3 being better "because pros use it" is a meme. These people grew up with 4:3 monitors when they were playing shooters years ago (before 16:9 was readily available at an affordable price). Eventually, these individuals upgraded their monitors but wanted to keep the same experience, so they stuck with familiar resolutions and the same aspect ratio (stretched). They are used to this and it's what they're comfortable playing with. There is no discerning benefit for playing at this aspect ratio over 16:9, or at a lower resolution. If recoil is that hard to manage for you, then I can't help you there (supposedly there's less recoil on a lower resolution with 4:3 stretched, but I'm not sure). Honestly, if this is supported or not is not really relevant. The only time it would be is if people are still using 4:3 monitors. I'm fairly certain UE 3.5 supports 4:3 (no clue about the engine update though). To put simply, this was a pointless thread and didn't really need to be brought up. Yeah it looks weird on streams and doesn't show the game in good light, but people do the same stuff on CS:GO etc and have popular streams so who really cares?
  2. Honestly, JG feels better than it used to, CSG is a bit overshadowed now as a result of its changes, but still usable. NFAS...well.. let's not go there for now. If anything, the showstopper is a moderate entry. It has the power, but it does fall short of being a top pick for a secondary. However, this community is extremely reluctant to any change, so it could be a hidden gem. I've had some good success with it and have caught many off-guard with its high damage output and slight fear factor it has when it lands everything. Shotguns are mostly looking to be in a good spot. There's a few tweaks left to be done to a few, but they're now an alternate pick for CQC, as opposed to "everybody runs an OCA". Sure, OCA is still king for short range but I feel CQC has more options now.
  3. Updated the main post. SEASON 2 BEGINS NEXT SATURDAY. GET YOUR ENTRIES IN ON NEXT FRIDAY, 22ND FEBRUARY. CHECK THE MAIN POST FOR MORE INFO! Sorry for the delays. Let's get the theme scene going again.
  4. Sadly, you'll still get some Luke starwalkers (holds rmb and lmb and w key in the middle of the street with a star shooting at an enemy 100m away), but nice to see a non-troll post from you that actually makes sense. Cheers.
  5. Not sure what happened, but let's not jump to conclusions. I expect there will be a statement soon, perhaps. No anti-cheat is 100% fool proof, so maybe some legitimate players got caught in the net. We don't know for sure, however. If possible, I'd ask if people chill for a bit and wait for an official post about it.
  6. Since when? If you're talking in like the last month then no. There have been no tweaks made the n-tec for quite some time now.
  7. I like when these threads show up. It's a good indicator of how comfortable people are playing against meta weapons, but when suddenly another weapon is used effectively by someone that they're not used to, it's a problem and needs to be "fixed". Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you're wrong about the NFAS. I just think people have been too comfortable with the OCA dominating those ranges. Realistically, the NFAS gets completely shafted outside of 10m. I'd honestly say just try to play safer and space the NFAS out properly. Yes, that won't always be the case, given the scenario at hand, but if you've got corners, the JG will have an easy time against the NFAS. I find the CSG and JG are great instant damage ambushers, whereas the NFAS is a corridor sweeper. (I'm surprised no-ones talking about how the DOW "Thumper" is basically the same thing as the NFAS, but with a 13m 3 shot kill range with practically the same TTK...).
  8. It's the theme scene dude. Only positive responses.
  9. Arwoss, Esgobar, vintmint, prayers, swindle, lowpass, zevious, bombin, apps, LIF, bOOFu, pscrooge, lowpass, vacancy, duhund.. And of course..
  10. Whoever it is has an impeccable taste in headwear,
  11. Well, you're not wrong. I'm terrible when it comes to that sort of stuff and it's incredibly frustrating to be in a position where you have to attempt to carry your team. However, the way I approach it is not acceptable. It's been going on for too long and I need to get better at not doing this. It's not fair on those I call out and completely undeserved. Apologies. Some day, I'm hoping the matchmaking system will drastically improve so the chances of this go down substantially. I feel bad when I get low rank silvers who are completely inexperienced and basically can't play the mission at all, due to taking too long to get to the objective, or simply outclassed in every gameplay aspect of this game (shooting, positioning, reaction, etc). It's not a fun experience for them and definitely not for the more experienced that get grouped with them for a mission. Sadly, experience is not something matchmaking takes into account, because it's practically impossible. How do you tell a system how well someone knows the shortest routes to an objective or what the optimal positioning is, given the weapon load-out and possible methods of approach on an attacking team? Due to how long the threat system has been in disaray, there are playing punch above their weight when it comes to their threat level, so they're treated as "just as good" as other golds who are far more versed in the plethora of weapons in the game, as well as optimal loadouts, methods of approach, gunplay, etc. They know the game inside and out and then have more Timmy over here who just achieved gold, going up against powerhouses who will shoot him down from angles he didn't know existed. I don't mean to steer away from the main claim you've made. You're completely right about me and I'm sorry again for that. I'll do what I can to better myself as a human being and not lash out like I do when frustrated.
  12. I somehow have a feeling I'm not one of the good 5. Nonetheless, we'll do what we can to help test the new stuff to ensure it's as bug free as possible! Of course, I'll try to keep an eye out for feedback from you ladies and gentlemen so we can test it ourselves and attempt to re-create the issues you may encounter.
  13. What makes you think they're ignoring it? Because they're not responding? I know it's similar to what Reloaded Productions used to do, but given the already abundant evidence suggesting that the team does respond rather quickly to complaints and even own up to their mistakes, I doubt they're ignoring this issue. Like literally any other multiplayer PvP game out there, a small % of it will be cheaters. Combating cheats is an on-going battle with no visible end. It's not a one fix and your done solution. I'm pretty confident that they're working on implementing a better configuration for BE as well as whatever they plan to do with the remainder of fairfight to improve behavioral detection and combat these individuals quicker. On the subject of a trigger bot, that's... where it gets harder. They would have to remove the crosshair changing colour the moment a player is aimed at. It sounds simple enough, but I think it wouldn't be so straightforward, I'm not sure.
  14. I'd say revert the range of the CSG back to 20m but keep the refire time the same. Gives it a good 13m 2 shot range with a pretty lengthy 3 shot range.
  15. Becoming a bit of an urban prophet are we? Nonetheless, the above are all valid points that need to be addressed. But if I may ask, which would you categorise as the most important? Which would you like to see tackled first? For me, itd be the missions.
  16. Bruce (right) and Caine (left).
  17. Lots of interesting thoughts here. I want to respond, but don't have the time. I'll respond when I get home.
  18. Actually, why not. The rampant recoil on it makes it undesirable. Even if you manage it, it's not that rewarding. I think at this stage, keep it at the low recoil it has at the start and make that throughout the mag.
  19. Good man. A comprehensive report of what's going on that explains the difficulties, current status and a hopeful estimate, along with a solid game plan for this. Thanks so much.
  20. My translation machine just exploded. I'm having difficulty deciphering this as well. Sounds like a complaint about dethreaters and smurfs. As well as the extreme skill range within the same threat.
  21. No it was not. That was from the blog post. I'm not at liberty to talk about anything that was discussed in London.
  22. He said he would like to get the engine upgrade in a playable state for testing on OTW by the end of the year, not fully release it. I'd wait for more news regarding this, however.
  23. Nice changes! Glad to see a little leeway given for some of the rewards and nice quick fix on the primitives.
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