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  1. Weird flex but okay As someone stated before its about what you like, Oca/pmg with you wanna run and gun cqc and maybe get some kills 35-40 meters away. Ntec(adeen) with ir3 and hs3 for med to long range. Hvr or dmr any kind, I would say 0 or 3 slot for long to very long range. Find a sensitivity that you like and master it. it doesn't matter if you have been playing 3 weeks or 9 years you can always improve and or surpass someone with more time
  2. You upset some wannabe golds be careful
  3. Fr someone could go 80-3 with almost every badge and someone would say "doesnt prove anything or why wouldnt he change his game settings huhhh"
  4. A small nerf should be good tbh, I feel like all I have to do is hold lmb and bam free kill
  5. It is just me or does the N-tec's bloom seem a bit more than it use to?
  6. same here I have a decent pc with a i7 8700k and 1070ti and get some weird lag spikes
  7. Half the people here saying "gitgud" are actually bad lmaoooo im done
  8. I picked up a carbine and did amazing with it first time so yes they can, it depends on how much shooter experience you have
  9. https://apbsignatures.redqueen-gaming.de/ <----
  10. I would say first offense maybe a week then, a perm ban if they did it again. And I doubt it seems to be a lot of it going on now days
  11. funny someone said they got accused of cheating, yet I drop 25+ kills and never once seen that person on top LOOOL
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