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  1. You think people go outside??? Forums are their outside
  2. You think people go outside? The forums are their outside lmao
  3. Wait there is a meta in apb???? You mean people will always find the next broken thing and it wont be the guns fault??? Dude I thought guns made people good
  4. ^^ if you believe other than this, idk what to say
  5. it's okay if they ever nerf the ntec, the top players will move on and then the community will cry that they're dying too fast cause of a gun(not because they're bad ofc that could never happen)
  6. I feel it should be removed because as someone stated before if you work hard to dominate in a mission that you put all this effort into why have some random bot ruin your streak that you worked hard for? If you need someone to go n5/p5 just to try and win you need to work as hard as the guy dominating you and maybe you can win. But having a system that punishes you for going off and playing well is stupid.
  7. I doubt that (I spent $2910) and I would like more jt per mission guess that makes me a teenager and lazy
  8. Stop don't say that you'll hurt people's feelings and what they think
  9. Nerfing the hvr when it's something some players love to do and are good at, for people who cry and can't adapt
  10. i miss the old HVR..... Tbh I feel if are good enough to land shots and use a sniper cqc why bottle neck players who use it cqc, for players that cry and can't adapt or just out shot you up close
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