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  1. Fr someone could go 80-3 with almost every badge and someone would say "doesnt prove anything or why wouldnt he change his game settings huhhh"
  2. A small nerf should be good tbh, I feel like all I have to do is hold lmb and bam free kill
  3. It is just me or does the N-tec's bloom seem a bit more than it use to?
  4. February

    Post update performance

    same here I have a decent pc with a i7 8700k and 1070ti and get some weird lag spikes
  5. Half the people here saying "gitgud" are actually bad lmaoooo im done
  6. If only they could've thought of this
  7. February

    Semis,Macro, Auto hotkey,Configs

    I picked up a carbine and did amazing with it first time so yes they can, it depends on how much shooter experience you have
  8. https://apbsignatures.redqueen-gaming.de/ <----
  9. February

    SBSR coroner and IRS

    What flex, it does sound weird
  10. I would say first offense maybe a week then, a perm ban if they did it again. And I doubt it seems to be a lot of it going on now days
  11. funny someone said they got accused of cheating, yet I drop 25+ kills and never once seen that person on top LOOOL
  12. February

    Did the hamster die?

    haha great event
  13. I'm waiting for all the pros to bash you, saying "git gud"