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  1. Because it can do a number on your tracking, especially so when dealing with someone who wobbles or changes direction quickly.
  2. I unfortunately don't remember the video. However, as you described it, the carbine missing shots could easily just be his inaccuracy or the RNG of the carbine, causing him to miss. It's not really good evidence However, there's no good way to prove that shoulderswitching has the effect you describe. But, I'm still extremely confident that after 6000 hours and not seeing a significant difference to shots hitting me or missing whether or not I'm shoulderswitching, that I can conclude that it serves no benefit other than to change the position of your camera.
  3. Can you prove this? You do realise all of that could boil down to mediocre netcode. Take the old source engine, for example. The hitbox would be almost a player width behind where the character is when they're strafing or moving in any direction. Back to APB. What desync are you on about? I've never seen any "desync" regarding a player switching shoulders. And yes, I'm not a new player and what you're talking about is ridiculous. I'm not going to say that it doesn't happen, since this is APB afteral, but I, in 7 years of playing APB:Reloaded, have never seen shoulder switching causing desync. If it was that big of a problem I would've seen it by now.
  4. So, here's something. I believe shoulderswitching is serverside. There's more delay to it when you have higher ping. That being said, the hitbox of a player is cylindrical, thus no real difference happens when you shoulder switch. Weapon rate of fire is dictated by the server. So, even if it seems faster when you do it, the server is outputting the same rate of fire as normal. The rest is purely placebo. There is 0 benefit to spamming shoulder switch. As far as I can tell it doesn't affect bloom or accuracy gain/loss whatsoever, it doesn't cancel recoil and it doesnt make you harder to hit. My question, therefore, is simple. Why do you want there to be a firing delay everytime you switch shoulder?
  5. Richgang drive by caught on cam best theme NA
  6. But that takes away from the role the sniper is meant to play. If you make it more effective close up, then you're just making it more versatile. This, in my opinion would be a bad change. Ideally, when you take a sniper, you're fulfilling the role of long range support. Your weakness is when people close the distance on you. That weakness, with the HVR however, doesn't really exist due to various reasons. If you made certain snipers have a faster RoF and thus more versatile, you take away from the team play aspect, since you can handle more fights by yourself. I hope they consider making snipers a little slower, if anything (not RoF or equip speed, but you have to be stationary for longer to get the gun gain accuracy and thus land a shot), to ensure that you play that role and realise where your weaknesses are, so you can coordinate with your team more effectively without losing your potency. Of course, other weapons will need to be adjusted as well to compensate, but you get the idea.
  7. I don't know what you're on about. It's absolutely fine. You just need to learn how to counter it.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. Wasn't sure if BE was still in observation mode or not. Glad to see the progress though!
  9. Here are my picks: Trinity rising AnneArkey WingedArc MonteJr Indianola(maybe, he's a really chill guy when you get to know him) Also, to those select few who are terrified that I'm secretly applying for GM, I'm not. I don't have the time for it at all.
  10. Whisper has 50m effective range and slightly better accuracy whilst crouched. Technical advantage? Yes. In practice? No. You don't really see people abusing the 50m effective range whilst crouched as it's too inconsistent. CSG is better at poking, but also available in the joker store. Thumper is about on par with the JG, though underused. .45 is as good as the fbw. FBW is more consistent at hipfire than the .45 and has a better kill/mag ratio. The .45 is a glass cannon. Powerful, but vulnerable. Fang is a direct upgrade to the normal rfp, I hope this gets looked at. Nano is about as good as the nfa and pdw. They got buffed in the last weapons balance pass and they're pretty potent and underrated. Give them a go and see for yourself. Yukon is broken. That's a technical fault. Dmr AV is better at AP and definitely better than the normal variant. Maybe more recoil or control difficulty with the AV needs to be implemented to balance them out? Also, no need to call people pathetic if their opinion differs from you. That's pretty bad manners.
  11. So, a lot of valid points have been made on this thread for and against car spawners. I'd agree they need another change, though. This whole argument of "just empty a couple of mags and grenades", or "switch to X to get rid of them", is all well and good if you're not fighting teams who know how to get back to an objective quickly and play the game smart. With good positioning, you simply don't have time to take out the car spawners before someone spawns on it. Furthermore, you are having to use quite a bit of resources just for the vehicle, when they could be crucial in the next fight. Sinking multiple grenades into a vehicle restricts your options if you don't have the ammo box mod or consumable. Yes, multiple people shooting the car will get the job done, but that's not an option, playing solo. Also, if you're out of nades already, it takes quite some time to blow up the vehicle AND you're revealing where you are at the same time. Maybe limiting how close the car spawner can be to an objective would help, or increasing the range of enemy presence blocking the spawner would work, too.
  12. I can explain the reasoning for the ruleset in my stream. I'd like to have a discussion about this for those who are in disagreement. Again, if you take a look at the current meta, cars are abused to no end, alongside low yield spam and ntec/hvr stacking. The idea of the ruleset is to promote more teamwork and critical thinking, making sure you choose the right teammate for each role.
  13. Highly recommended. They do fantastic work and I couldn't be happier with the result I got. I use it practically everywhere now.
  14. OSCAR has a great matchup against it at almost any range within its effective range due to being more mobile. You'd be surprised how effective it is at fending off 30m ntecs. Obeya CR762 has a solid matchup against it as well, just not closer then I'd say 25m ISSR-B can take an n-tec on pretty favourably due to less time peeking to get more damage down range. It'll suffer like the obeya does closer than 25m, but again, the midrange fight is where people want alternatives. Practically any good CQC weapon gives the n-tec a hard time. Again like others have said, the defining role for the n-tec is its versatility. It can fight ANYTHING up to roughly 65m away and gives you something for most fights. It can be pushed to do really well in the right hands, but those same hands with the weapons described above will have favourable matchups against it. Play accordingly.
  15. If you know what you're doing, the n-tec is rather potent. Yes, it IS better than every other AR, but not necessarily by a massive amount. Furthermore, the n-tec has plenty of slight weaknesses that can be exploited to get you the upper hand. I'll list examples if people want them
  16. I'm not dying from an illness this time so I would like to reserve one Dev for EU, please. The employment offer into Kempington Inc. still available. Salary negotiable.
  17. I'd like to reserve one Dev please. I will also offer him/her employment at kempington inc.
  18. I wasn't paying attention to which one I was using so I just went to the one that I use everywhere else mostly. I think the one I had on the old forums was iodyne's rendition of kempington, which I still absolutely adore.
  19. So, I hope people realise that they have had literally 4 business days to work through what I can only guess as over 2000+ support tickets. It'll take them time to actually sift through the required info per ticket and provide the most valid response and action. Let's say optimistically that it takes them 5 minutes to do one ticket. Extrapolate that over a day. Times that number by 4. That's a highly optimistic amount of tickets they have done since now. Since I have no idea how many people are in the support team, you can see this is not a quick task. Also, in fear of being accused of backseat moderating, can people chill on the forums? We've finally got a greatly communicative team that go that little bit further to stay in touch and keep you up to date. Don't squander that relationship by being immature on the forums.
  20. All of these are spectacular portraits, including the ones you did for my characters. Glad to see you're back and taking commissions again. Best of luck to you!
  21. A distinct lack of love to the gun manufacturer responsible for the most aesthetically pleasing gun in the game, the Colby commander. I am disappoint.
  22. I think the problem is thst the spawn system cannot take into account the geometry of the map at all, it just finds what spawn points are closest to the objective and puts them up as available, as well as some less preferred ones. From what I recall, the spawn point it defaults to uses the same algorithm as the old system, except now you can choose if you want it or another one. It needs to be reworked to accommodate more options or "smarter" ones at least. I'm pretty sure it's not possible for it to take into account the geometry of the surroundings and possible routes to the objective from the spawn point, but maybe something else to improve its selection it gives you? I think one spawn point option should be the nearest car spawner location to the objective that's a minimum of 200m away.
  23. I agree. It would be nice to see a more expansive in-game economy.
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