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  1. I've seen a handful of high kill scores recently. I'd normally give them the benefit of the doubt, but it appears I'm not the only one seeing an uptick of 20+ kills per match.
  2. Snip. If I could filter out everything I don't understand, I would. For me it would be convenient to have the understandable bits picked out in the busy district channels. It does however, frustrate me greatly that I do not understand the mass of Cyrillic and don't have a way to translate or ignore it.
  3. I wouldn't mind them closing Nekrova and merging the characters with Citadel provided we could choose to filter Cyrillic only/No-Cyrillic, Cyrillic and other in the chat.
  4. First post. Welcome to the forums. Now please put your suggestion in the suggestion section.
  5. Didn't even know this was on, where, when or how it worked. Did I miss the memo?
  6. Okay.... Now, are LO going to put the anti-cheat on overdrive? Events like this are a magnet for aim-bots, wall hacks and similar trash.
  7. My main enforcer is currently a R255 at bronze threat. I don't want to be bronze, but I keep getting hammered every time I venture into a mission district.
  8. I'd certainly like to see those too.
  9. This has been asked before, I know. Still, I'd love to see a customisable Ambulance for the players.
  10. I'm pretty sure the Iron Cross is acceptable and I've seen MC stuff without the swastika or the SS flash. That said, I'm British. Pic below of the vest done well.
  11. We live in that curious state that swings from hope to resignation.
  12. Now we know... and knowing is half the battle. The rest is a most dreadful amount of murder.
  13. I can't remember when, but IIRC, Matt Scott has said that he doesn't agree with public ban stats as it shows a failure somewhere along the line.
  14. Halloween... Sheriff's Secret Police - Welcome to Night Vale. Preparation for the upcoming event -
  15. I see an upsurge in positive feels. This is good.
  16. Even scruffy mutts deserve some love. Wherever we end up, I'm sure it'll be an interesting trip.
  17. Well... looks like we get to test the new mode on PC - https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2018/10/10/getting-back-to-the-fun
  18. Some good work has been done here. Long may that continue.
  19. Seriously 1337lad, I've said this before and I'll say it again a thousand times over the coming years; Do NOT trust random people on the internet. Do NOT trust random people on the internet. Do NOT trust random people on the internet!
  20. I'm all for new content, especially via contacts.
  21. The uniform shirt without the shiny plastic effect would be nice? Heck, I'd fully endorse any new clothing.
  22. STAR 556 mostly these days. Shotguns are for special occasions and daily joker tickets.
  23. You don't like the way things are? LEAVE.
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