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  1. Problem 1: You can resupply in Joker Machines, cars with resupply mod, and ammoboxes, but also in Car Spawners (wtf??) Also you can change weapons in them, they work just like joker machines. Fix this or add Joker machines next to all of them if thats the intention. Problem 2: You can spam explosives if you stand next to any of these Solution 1: Stop car spawners from giving ammo. Make explosives resupply super slow. Solution 2: Stop car spawners from giving ammo. Make explosives never resupply on anything but Joker machines and personal ammobox. (I think the devs took this route, or perhaps its just a bug, because the consumable ammo boxes did resupply explosives some time ago, but now they don't. Resupplying explosives did take more ammo than regular guns from those boxes. Solution 3: Stop car spawners from giving ammo. Make grenades have a timer instead. Solution 4: Stop car spawners from giving ammo. Make grenades have one use per death, only resupplying after you respawn. Make it count. Solution 5: Stop car spawners from giving ammo. Make explosives have a hidden timer until you can resupply again, stopping the spam. The timing could be 30 second, 1 minute, i don't know which could be more balanced.
  2. Well, as I said once and again, all the ones saying they lag are strangely suspicious, like some guy I read recently on the steam discussions that said the same thing and had a VAC ban ....
  3. I think I can read broken english. Translation: "Good idea but then they must ban the cheaters. And I don't see why would they want people who are cheating and are SPCT at the same time, that says it all. People cheating for weeks with high rank accounts and streaming it on twitch. Ban the cheating fks or my break from the game will be longer" She/He is saying that some SPCT and twitch streamers are hacking and nobody bans them. I can't really deny the logic since lots of people were denouncing this at some point. Maybe some were hackers, maybe they no longer hack, i don't know, but they shouldn't be anything important if they were, let alone if they still are cheating. I guess the ones denouncing this just left the game for dead and went away like Eviltara here. With every day that passes I also feel like doing the same after seeing all that.
  4. A military Shemagh (right now the only way to do this is to use scarfs and bandit masks with some tattoos which looks not very good up close)
  5. It could also be the closet hackers themselves saying that BE is worse than EAC and that it causes lag, so they end up convincing everyone of that and go back to EAC, when in reality it is only that their cheats won't work with BE or probably will take some annoying time of programming a new one. I will only say that I bare witness to fewer players online these days after BE was installed, although the really blatant cheaters have already come back but they are few compared.
  6. wasn't it 10%? thats 26ish hackers. Remember also that most of them are online most of the time because they are kind of addicted to the game, at least I see the ones I know every single time I log in 26 between the 2 districts that have people means like 12 hackers on each district, which is a lot actually. With those numbers you can get a cheater on every mission all day. No wonder why people complain.
  7. This could be very very bad. I have sometimes gotten trolls in missions that ask for leadership and the idiot team gives it to them only for them to kick everyone out of the party. Of course first the guy trolls around shooting at us or gets in the way of the line of fire on purpose until someone gets an accidental demerit so he can kick. Happened to me once this year, but being able to kick without demerit would mean that this problem can be made bigger and easier to accomplish.
  8. My suspicions that enforcers have way more hackers have been answered with a big "your suspicions were right" Why is it? Do cheaters feel like its best to use enforcers because of non lethal weps? or is it because they want to feel like a supercop right there for justice and law, and "be the hero"?
  9. Well a way to make it backwards compatible would be to automatically delete all armas weapons people purchased and refund the amount of joker tickets those weapons currently are sold at. People would have to buy again the weapons with the new system and thats it. I dont know if doing this while weapons have modifications would also delete the modification, in which case there should be a way to make all weapons on all players be unequipped of all mods first somehow.
  10. I'm sorry to say that explosive weapons, specially OPGL, is the only thing we have to counter the cheaters. Not many of them can shoot through walls, so spamming grenades around corners is a must nowadays.
  11. MMmm I see, I haven't seen that response from Matt, thanks for clearing it out. Forgive me if I contributed to the toxicity of this community but you must understand, I'm still quite paranoid because of all the stuff that G1 did (and did not do), I experienced it first hand you know.
  12. Back with G1 we had "no naming and shaming". aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now it's back in the form of "bans are not broadcasted". Telling the players who was banned makes a difference that is letting the playerbase know that action is being taken, which is something this community needs right now imho. Not broadcasting it keeps the players in the obscure and the doubt if anything is being done. But looking at it from a business standpoint that kind of move (not broadcasting) means one thing: Something to hide. Either everyone is being banned, or almost nobody is. If I had to take the logical option, it would be that almost nobody is being banned right now, because there are more players than before, not less (if everyone is being banned we should see less people ingame, even with the mass unbans, plus peolpe would be whining on the forums), and so there is no broadcasts to show, but LO wants to keep their promise and thats why they say something is being done while hiding the broadcasts, trying to keep hope alive while they organize (or thats what i think). So now we have another two options: If nobody is being banned that means either it is because nobody is hacking, or just because nobody is being banned (because nothing is being done). Lots of people agree there are still hackers running rampant and I do get them 30-40% of the missions too myself. So if many agree that there are still hackers out there then the logical option would be that nobody is being banned right now. Or at least not those hackers. This leads me to believe that if there are that many hackers, and none of them are being banned, it may be because: BE and FF are slow. Or banning them would mean the death of the game because they are so many that make up for most of the APB playerbase. Lets hope its because BE is slow...
  13. and suddenly, lots of gold players stop being gold and others stop playing because they can't cheat, lol hilarious. But there will always be that random closet cheater out there... and we are gonna omsaw it to death until he quits.
  14. Sadly, I must say back in 2012 was when me and my friends stopped playing due to the enormous amounts of hackers, including various admins that hacked. Yes, back then the rent a hack actually existed, there was a webpage and everything, I don't know if it still does. And it reeked of actually being an official hack made by the devs, One of my friends got his acc stolen by one actually. And in the list of suspicious admins that had a hand in that, it was that one in the link you provided. I don't care what people think about what I just said. But believe me when I say... that the guy that wrote that was not actually trolling...
  15. Say whatever about the OP, but I think he's got a good point about bans not being broadcasted. For example, in Rainbow Six, bans are broadcasted on the top right corner of the screen. Once we were against a suspicious guy that reacted very quickly. In less than a couple of minutes he left the match and his ban was broadcasted by battleye. I agree that not broadcasting bans creates a loophole where nobody knows if Battleye is working or not and who is it banning. Later, the same hackers will create new accounts with similar names --if they are banned-- (aka Adriannna, Adrianna, Adriana) but because nobody knows the guys were banned we will not know that anything is being done by battleye. Making the bans public knowledge will also stop the closet hackers from saying "i was wrongly banned" since everyone will see he was detected by battleye. And will be able to be dealt with if they come whining.
  16. This is a quote from a guy on the Planetside reddit. I can confirm Battleye works like this since I have played R6 while suddenly in just a few days Battleye banned hundreds of people. First it must gather data, and then it will start banning. Of course it will be a ban wave at first, but then everyone who tries to cheat after that is going to be instabanned.
  17. The amount of hackers has forced my hand (actually was going to do it anyways) into developing my skills towards only explosive weaponry (and sucking at everything else). If it shoots bullets then that is not my tactic.
  18. Wow this is a big problem. Indeed, if they are closing threads that do no harm imagine those that do. For example my own thread about LTL being unbalanced was a mistake of mine, I created a monster and its big and has flaming and hate inside going all over the thread. It should be closed and killed, but nothing happened so there is little to no moderation, and then this thread saying people from before are already here... please, just don't... they're waiting right there like vultures My vote is on that EVERYONE from the previous Gamersfirst to be completely out of the picture. Or they are going to mess it up again.
  19. I have seen many times people complain about LTL. And it depends, LTL is only truly OP if you don't miss a shot (ahem hackers. who, lets be real, use it to troll) and arrest all the team in less than 3 secs. But aside from that, I think the main problem here is that criminals don't have something like that. You say they can ram raid? yeah, good luck with cops camping you. What we need is a fun way to make a similar high risk high reward fighting tactic. I'd say melee but many have argued that it created more problems even. So we are back to square one. But now the solution has been done. Arrest bonus bug was fixed. So I guess it's not that viable now. I think it has been leveled a bit to the "ram raid camping" problem.
  20. Don't. Encouraging trade is encouraging chinese money bots and black market sell of items for real money outside the game.
  21. I always felt the time it takes to stun with LTL is less than what it takes to kill. I always felt the seiyo espacio was way weaker than pioneer. Pioneer can stand more hits and push the espacio like its a little taxi. That's why I wrote this thread but I see I have created a monster. BTW, I feel the game needs some balancing and fixing from all over the places. Especially fixing. I just got into a mission and while riding with car surfer my teammate rammed some NPC taxi which flew over our car and killed me. The kill mysteriously appeared like one of the opfor had ran me over with his car and counted as a kill for that guy... then we were all like... what the hell? Yeah, the game is broken.
  22. There are things that must be fixed, that were never a good idea to begin with. Creating a big gap between Enforcers and Criminals, being beneficial only to enforcers. Like this game was planned to help enforcers from the start. So far I have two aspects of the game that seem very unbalanced to me: 1- The non lethal weapons. Some are one shot stuns, others just stun faster than normal guns kill. Sometimes they even bug and end up killing you anyways. Overall no criminal is happy that these exist, mainly because we have nothing similar. IMHO it was a bad idea to add these, and now a fix will be difficult to find. 2- The cars. Some of the top tier police cars and vans have way more HP, weight and push than their criminal counterparts. That is about it. Of course the criminals can get these cars as well but not the same way. It's either with joker points or events like referral. And in most cases they can't be customized. Does someone else agree on these points?
  23. I'm silver but more like in a limbo, I win, get gold and then lose and get silver. It was always the problem that all the closet hackers were gold and eventually were put against us until we lose and get dethreated again. And I talk about years ago. We came back to play with LO but of course it was way worse these few days when all hackers were raging before Battleye. But we managed to reach gold one time even with all those aimbots and speedhacks. Haven't played since, so I guess we might get gold for good next time.... if Battleye does its job. Anyways I don't really understand this thread. But all I can say is hackers hate me. I many times get whispers of hatred from them. I do play dirty. And explosive.
  24. My take on this was to raise some awareness that not all countries can pay the prices on ARMAS. I believe many companies should be aware that if they lower prices in those countries they'll get more buyers and more income than just generalizing a price internationally. Just like Blizzard did. Because not many are gonna pay 1300 or 3400 of whatever coin for cosmetic stuff or guns in a game, hence they'll lose customers in countries where dollars are not 1:1 I believe LO should run some statistics and see if this strategy could be beneficial for them. Because Blizzard did such a thing for their games but they have lots of customers. APB doesn't even compare in the amount of players so it's something that should be investigated first.
  25. hahahaha! You thought THAT is expensive? Let me introduce to you the great **** country of Argentina! 1usd = 26ars lets do the math guys! 3999G1C = 50 usd 50 x 26 = 1300 now, I don't know about taxes but you get the idea! yay 1300$ for just one gun, sweet
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