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  1. Well, maybe I was wrong, maybe I wasn't, don't know how accurate that chart is :S only I can say is that from my southamerican point of view USA people are the least cheaters in my experience. I've always encountered chinese (china number one! remember that one?), russian and oh god... the amount of brazilian hackers is obscene.
  2. Well, of course a few people will disagree. But it won't make the truth disappear, that at least 80% of all hackers worldwide in APB and in any other game come from those countries. And everyone knows it.
  3. yep, this is a similar case as a friend of mine has. Only worse, yep I'm talking about that account stolen by a GM, he found out that even his character was deleted. You should send a ticket, but what I want to know if there is any way LO can know if these claims are legit, I mean they must have some proof on their side that something happened. A possibility to rollback the account perhaps. I hope they do, otherwise well... money and time has been lost because of some douches.
  4. this was already discussed in another thread. We all agree the countries with extreme cancerous gaming communities (Asia, Russia, Brazil) should have their own server in every game. But it won't be possible right now with APB unless there's people (and money to raise new servers) to populate the rest of the servers where all these people would disappear from.
  5. you get a pass cause it makes sense with the name but silver crow meh 6/10
  6. 8/10, minus one cause its a known classic, minus another one cause queen has done better
  7. Remember that many have cheated because everyone was cheating, and they wanted to stay competitive. It was hacker wars. It pretty much is right now the worst. I'd say its a good move from LO to unban everyone. But if I were them I'd be taking notes on the names of those that are taking advantage of the situation right now and are ragehacking. Once BE kicks in I'd have them banned. Those cannot come from Fairfight ban mistakes.
  8. They can always add it back in, and make it an option to turn it off or on.
  9. Well I guess then it would be simpler but still the devs would have to do all that work even if its less work because they're just UV mapping and shading. But with that amount of work, over time, maybe just a couple of guys can pull it off relatively fast
  10. I've done my fair share of modelling and texturing. I can tell you that this won't happen, at least until way later, because it is not a matter of unlocking skins, it is a matter of creating the skins. Each weapon is a different model and needs a unique texture. Old devs were lazy enough and wanted to chuck out lootboxes and new weapons every patch so they just made the weapon models and gave them one or two textures/skins and that was it. So if you want all the skins for all the weapons, the modellers have to actually create them from scratch, not unlock them.
  11. Most games have this problem. Because the developers don't want to invest money in separating cultures, they don't care, or they are afraid of the unexistent backlash. Intelligent players know that a good distribution of server regions is the next: -North America -South America -Europe -Russia -Asia -Brazil Why separate russia, asia and brazil from the rest of the world? Because 90% of hackers and toxic players come from there. They are the worst communities games have. Remember the PUBG asian cheaters everywhere? That's a good example. Russian hackers are obviously worlwide common knowledge. Brazilian hackers and toxicity is most commonly known only to south american people, they also don't speak spanish like the rest of south america creating further gap just like russia and asia. So, if the playerbase ever comes to a number where devs can actually split the servers like this and have all those servers quite decently populated, we will be happy. But if there are not enough players then...we are screwed. I believe everyone would agree with me here.
  12. yeah, everyone knows there is no anticheat right now so they're ragehacking like crazy. We can't get a single mission where there isn't a guy at least aimbotting. And if you go to the fightclub....oh boy, that's the hacker wars. I hope those that are hacking right now taking advantage of the situation are detected and later banned.
  13. I have seen an Epic Goat video where he hacks his way and uses an admin command to literally switch his camera to another player. He could literally see what the player saw. I guess admins can do that during missions if they think someone is hacking. You can see where the guy is aiming at and his movements.
  14. If I were Little Orbit and the game was already translated to other languages I would seek to add those back in. I have seen there is a subtitle feature so this would make things simpler by just translating text in the game. Now, mind that the community has become really toxic over the years (because of lack of moderation, support and rampant hacking and trolling) so be sure to not feed the trolls and ignore toxicity so we can have nice discussions here. On a side note, telling people to learn the language is not ok, but I can vouch that english is the easiest language out there. I can also vouch that english speaking people are in general really really super bad at learning spanish properly so the joke's on you guys.
  15. I don't believe it. I bet she's gone along with all the gamersfirst staff. If I were Little Orbit I wouldn't want them to be around deciding anything about the game, they burned everything they touched. Even if it is true I don't think she actually does anything, she must be there because legal reasons only.
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