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  1. You seriously didn't notice the radar? Where are your eyes looking
  2. The servers have only been turned back online a few hours ago so i wouldn't be surprised if you ran into a few connection issues.
  3. Good job @MattScott, we knew you'd get there soon enough!
  4. What GFX card are you running? Looks amazing
  5. What did i miss? Nice things? Macros? lmao, just practice mate you'll get there on day. git gud EZclap
  6. Watson_

    Daily log in bonus

    This idea is sweet. Lots of F2P games have Log-in rewards and i think it'll work really well in APB. You usually get small rewards then they can get bigger over a certain amount of days but not all do this. Still good idea, +1
  7. For any Drum n Bass heads, get skanky I'm also really into slowthai at the moment aswell, can you spot what film this is based off? Here's another one of his songs. He doesn't focus on one genre which is what i like about him. Very unique.
  8. Exactly, best to leave the professionals too it! Less distractions, faster up time. You’re doing an excellent job at keeping us up to date anyway. Ignore the narrow minded people, the majority of us understand how difficult networking is.
  9. But you're talking about planned work compared to an unplanned network issue. You have to find the route course of the issue first then work around the bugs. Stop being so arrogant, LO have been working on this issue through the weekend. More than you've probably done sitting in ya backside all day moaning like a 5 year old.
  10. They have notified us, the consumers of the issue. Things happen unexpectedly and somethings take a turn for the worst when networking. You say it like they're a plumber or something lmfao. I think you're living in utopia mate, gimme some of that good stuff you're smoking.
  11. So i think what i got from that is a brain seizure and everything has to fit around your schedule or SMOrc
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