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  1. I'm gonna give you time to think about it a little longer.
  2. It's like I'm talking with people who don't even play the game and have to spell out everything. If players utilize cover and only parts of their hitboxes are visible, much better accuracy of an Ntec gives you the advantage. Just because it's cqc doesn't mean mobility is the only thing that matters.
  3. What you're saying would make sense if ntec wasnt 10 times as accurate as smgs which makes it not only as good but even better than smgs in certain cqc situations.
  4. Other ARs should've nerfed ttk instead. It makes no sense for N-tec to kill as fast as PMG. Longer range, longer ttk. It's a simple balancing rule.
  5. It's in better state than your news reading ability.
  6. But G1 found such a perfect way to pointlessly spam your mailbox.
  7. Remove test districts and let people request test variant of a weapon that gets sent to their mail. How are you supposed to properly test something in an empty district.
  8. You're making yourself look bad by being an idiot. Phasing will help but it obviously won't completely fix anything. People will always find a way to be dicks. Venting on LO won't fix anything, just report people like that and carry on.
  9. Yes I was and no one was playing them because it was done poorly.
  10. Sometime in October I would guess. It's the same on Citadel, if I want to play in the morning there's usually only a bronze district, even fight club is empty. No idea why this game needs threat districts or even matchmaking btw, it's far from being competetive anyway.
  11. That's exactly the opposite of what should be done.
  12. These ntec changes won't do anything. What ntec needs is a slower ttk, simple as that.
  13. Why? Other than the fact that it's the best car in the game by a large margin? I don't know man.
  14. 6 hours? If it bothered you that much you could've added them to your ignore list. Seems like you just want a reason to complain about something. You expect devs to sit in each district and monitor chat just in case someone is mean to you? LO has more important things to spend money on right now.
  15. Uke


    Okay guys let's stop feeding this obvious troll now.
  16. They most definitely are. People complain about low yields but frags are no better. They both have way too big damage radius. I don't mind dying to a good conc but every other explosive in the game is just annoying. There's a reason nobody uses bricks and 8balls, even if they're objectively good "weapons", they're useless compared to nades.
  17. Uke


    You don't seem to value anyone's opinion. Talking to you is a waste of time.
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