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  1. I don't think toxicity is a problem. If people want to be dicks, let them be. That's just life, some people are nice, some are not. As long as they're not griefing or cheating there's no real harm. If people can't handle some mean comments maybe they shouldn't play an 18+ game about killing each other in which even NPCs and pedestrians swear. Blizzard has been trying for a long time with Overwatch like you said and I still see people trash talking in almost every game, even on GM level. Forcing people to be nice isn't really gonna work, they're just gonna find a different way to be toxic. I recommend to stop getting offended about what some random immature people said on the internet. It really shouldn't be that hard, unless you think they're right, in which case maybe it's not really that toxic after all? Also Twitch has nothing to be proud of. Banning people because they said a word? Like, what? Soon we won't be able to talk at all, we will just be spamming smiley faces and hope the other side doesn't get offended because the smiley has a different skin colour then them.
  2. Can I delete mp3s in APB folder so I don't hear music in cars or will that trigger Battleye?
  3. Just because someone was banned doesn't mean they cheated, Little Orbit said that themselves. The best thing to do is clearly to give everyone fresh start and assume they werent cheating unless you have new ''evidence'' (and that comes from someone who absolutely despises any form of cheating). This is not gonna work if community doesn't have faith in developers. Don't try to be Captain Justice name shaming or griefieng someone who you think is cheating, you're only making things worse. Keep quiet, send report and let them handle it. (This isn't direclty meant for you Kino)
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