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  1. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2022/1/29/apb-2022-roadmap 2018: "We have to upgrade the engine to implement some of the features that will fix the game" 2022: "Actually, we just gonna implement them into the old version lol" What am I missing? If you could do that, why didn't you do it from the start? Also, what about the port to UE4. Is it still happening? Was it ever? @MattScott These are actual quotes from the official blog. "...we are committed to upgrading APB Reloaded to the Unreal 4 engine." "...our 2nd team is working on Unreal 4. This will not be a short project, but it has lots of milestones along the way." This "2nd team" has been apparently working on UE4 for over 3 years now, anything to show?
  2. And what percentage of golds stopped playing because they literally have no district to play on? At least this way everybody gets to play. It doesn't though. In the last few months almost every time I tried to play there was either no silver districts at all or only one silver Waterfront. It's already hard enough to convince people to come back to this game, telling them there's only WF to play on doesn't help.
  3. I was gonna say something but then I realized that LO cares even less than I do about this game anymore. Good luck with coming up with fixes to all the problems APB is currently having. LO is totally reading this and is gonna listen. Have faith. Lmao.
  4. Why the fck would a maintenance of a borderline dead game take 10 hours lmao.
  5. These are good changes. Too bad I won't get to appreciate them because the game is littered with russian cheaters since you decided that a proper anticheat is not needed.
  6. Fps lags, network lags. And not just small hiccups, it's literally unplayable. On live I'm getting fairly stable 100+ fps. In beta? Anywhere from 20 to 140. And the drops don't even make sense, I'm in the area with no one around me and it just drops to 50fps, i look a little to the right and it's suddenly 120. Sometimes I was even getting 20fps on the spawn selection screen. It would be bad even for a first closed beta, but this is the 4th open beta, how is it still working like absolute patootie? On top of all that. The game looks horrible even on ultra settings. Why is the contrast so high? It's like someone maxed it out and has no idea how to undo it. I was expecting some issues but I thought it will at least be playable. It's not. Edit: Admittedly there seemed to be less graphical issues when I played on 16:9 resolution. Doesn't change the fact that it's an overall laggy experience.
  7. Decent patch. Too bad the game is dead because people don't feel like spamming "Join District" for 10 minutes before they get to play (definitely not any of the potential new players).
  8. It's 6PM and the only silver Financial has 6 people on it. It is very bad. It's been normal to not be able to play in the morning for quite some time now, but 6PM? It's pretty much peak hour and the game's empty. If I can't play now, when do I play?
  9. Who cares anymore, the game's dead. Today I've came back after about a month not playing. There wasn't even one full district for me to play on. On a saturday afternoon... Not to mention that in the 3 missions that I played, two of them were against blatant cheaters because the "new" anticheat is shit and having a GM in game who would actually deal with them in real time would be too much work I guess.
  10. Nice one but there's a lot more stuff (easy) to fix, you might want to pick up the pace instead of doing one small fix once a month.
  11. Lmao, I didn't say I was spam joining for 2 hours. Imagine trying to sound smart but being so closed minded you can't even understand the problem to begin with.
  12. Can't wait to waste 2 hours of my time and not even get to play again.
  13. That's not even 10% of people who are trying to play.
  14. I'm not even disappointed. At this point I've gotten used to watching you fail at everything. Edit: You can downvote me but sadly it doesn't change the facts.
  15. I guess realizing that putting shitton of explosions in small area will cause crazy lag requires too much brain power... And after that smart nfas stage they give you scout, cuz its so fun to shoot people with scout at 20fps... It's like LO havent learned anything from Gun Games on Financial and Waterfront.
  16. Uke

    calling backup

    iirc you can always call backup if you're outnumbered, were you actually team leader or are you basing this off some low rank silver on your team not calling backup.
  17. It's fairly reliable if you actually hit both shots and there's no downside other than not having a normal secondary.
  18. Well you can't "really land" your shot if base accuracy of the gun is bad, that's the problem, all you can do is spray and pray. Yes oca will hit fine at 10m when you both stand in the middle of the street with no cover. But that's not how most fights look in this game. More often than not people will be behind a cover only showing you a small part of their hitbox. Making it full rng whenever you hit them or not. And how exactly would more accurate guns hurt you? Why are people so reluctant to that idea? You realise that it would balance the game and make it less stale, right? It's in the nature of a TPS that defenders have it easier (corner camping). Having accurate guns wouldn't exactly fix that completely but it would help.
  19. I can think of a number of reasons as to why having pinpoint accurate guns would be good for the game. You don't need headshots to benefit from it. Can you give me any actual reasons against? What is "unique nature of the game" even supposed to mean? Unique doesn't always equal good. Also rifles aren't even that accurate as well.
  20. I don't think you can argue with facts. Playing APB often feels like playing an MMORPG, maybe my gun will hit, maybe not. Having random things affect wherever you hit somebody or not, is not why people play fps games. Half the people in this thread doesn't even seem understand the difference between gun accuracy and bloom and yet they're trying to dictate how guns should be balanced? Ugh. I was wondering why so many people are against having accurate weapons in game but I guess you guys don't even understand what OP meant.
  21. Are we playing the same game? Most guns in APB are inaccurate even on the first shot. That's the problem. You're confusing bloom with base accuracy of the weapon. What's the point for OCA, FBW or really almost any cqc/mid range gun having the (bad) accuracy that they do? There already is a damage drop off system in the game, the gun doesn't need to be inaccurate to not be a laser up to 100m. You could just tweak the actual range of the gun to keep it in it's place.
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