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    There are no "offers" or "proposals" because there's no need to do anything. You're the only one with a problem. You think that problem is cheaters but it's actually just the fact that you're a bad loser.
  2. That would just make them worse frags.
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    Or maybe you believe that anyone with a decent aim and game sense is a cheater.
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    Honestly I can't even remember the last time I saw a cheater in APB but whatever floats your poo man. I think LO is doing really well in that regard.
  5. Might as well switch to a font in which we could differentiate between "i" and "L" then.
  6. Trust me I don't enjoy killing lost silvers either. I'm all for threat district lock like in the good old days. Not sure why was it ever removed in the first place. On the other hand if we all just started going to gold district instead of spamming for 10 minutes to join a full silver one, there wouldn't be a problem.
  7. Does engine upgrade include updating HUD btw. This shit is the main reason APB feels choppy even on decent fps, plus it takes like 30fps on its own for good measure. I just played some fight club and it's insane how much more playable game gets once you turn off the HUD. Excluding the fact that I don't know who to shoot at anymore of course.
  8. You don't ask good players so they can make the game "pro only". You ask them because they understand the game better than anyone else and know how to make balance choices that will benefit everyone.
  9. I agree with that, a lot of things can be fixed without the need for new engine (and I know that because those fixes would be mainly just changing values or removing things). And upgrading the engine alone isn't gonna do anything good if those things are not changed after anyway. Adding a new mode instead of making the basic one better (missions are horribly unbalanced etc.) isn't gonna help. I know you're trying to gain population by adding BR but I don't think it's gonna work if the base game is in the state it is. Do you know why Apex did so many things right? Because they asked Shroud and other good players for help. No good player in APB thought that BR is what we needed right now.
  10. There are many solutions. Dedicated spawn areas (something similar to Apex) are probably the best choice. It's better than people spawning randomly behind you without any warning for sure.
  11. - I literally spawned in between enemy team once, like 2 meters next to them. Doesn't seem right. - The barriers of the zone or whatever you wanna call it are hard to see.
  12. Uh maybe. Still I'm mentioning it because it was annoying for me and I play at 1080p, didn't feel like launching the game again just to the the screenshot.
  13. Lol this is 1080p, it's a screen from Kemp's stream.
  14. Ok who thought it was a good idea to put big lines of text in the center of the screen? This is a shooter I need to see my enemies.
  15. Obviously no one is expecting them to stay awake 24h a day. There's this thing called day and night shifts. That's how normal companies that provide 24 hour serivces operate.
  16. You can't just say "it's a small company" as a defence to any complaint about them. It's irrelevant to the player. There're plenty of games that don't have this "problem" that people will go play instead. "I bought this nice tv, sometimes it doesn't work but that's ok, the store said it was made by one person so I understand" Yeah, no one says that, you return the tv and get one that works properly.
  17. It's a 24/7 online service. Someone should be awake, that's the point.
  18. It doesn't give any details actually. It was 17 hours ago, there should be some update on the situation. Bottom line is it's sunday afternoon, I can't play their game and I don't know when will I be able to. This is not how you get people to come back. I will probably just go back to Apex and forget about this game for another 6 months.
  19. I wanted to play a bit and check what's new after a long break but I can't even log in. There's no official statement on why it's down and when will it be up again. Looks like nothing has changed...
  20. Say what? You should increase the accuracy of all the weapons if you want any competetive scene in this game, not make it worse. And do you have any plans on fixing the crosshair?
  21. Decent video. The FPS lag triggers me tho and you didn't really mention how to get grenades.
  22. There are some small and simple fixes they need to do that I hope they don't overlook. Like for example the default zoom when you make a new character. It's zoomed all they way in, no good player really plays like this. It just gives of a bad first impression.
  23. Really ? say, whisper, chat group, chat team .... continue? Yeah cool, but how is that connected to anything I said?
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