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  1. That's absolutley idiotic. That would make you oneshot by a ton of weapons... Then nobody would use green mods at all. What a dumb idea. As well as a 10% damage increase on green mods doing the same. That would basically kill all the balance in the game...
  2. Kevlar is a newbie mod by design. No advanced player would sacrefice speed over health. Meanwhile for newbies with bad positioning it can solve at least a tiny gap of the huge skill gap to get at least one or two kills. It's not designed to be competetive. Also any changes that would make it viable for good players will automatically make it overpowered compared to Clothing Agent, which has a huge negative stat if you haven't observed that.
  3. from the Engine update status Thread by @MattScott . Asylum always was the worst performing district of all when players are loaded in (propably because of so many players at one place). Does anyone share that experience? I feel like Financial is the best performing district after all. This would be quite concerning if with the engine update those districts suddenly perform worse then asylum. I was hoping for them to have at least 20% more performance then asylum, otherwise they will be much worse than live...
  4. You didn't understand the core porblem: Developing features for the current engine is tedious and bound to produce endless problems. Chaning over to the new engine will first of all allow major content patches.
  5. Was in for 5 minutes and got kicked... What I saw of it was insanely fluid af while it lasted also I expected to have some more fps on my system...
  6. currently only ~150 people got in... Just run it for 24 hours. Will get late here in the EU.
  7. Seems like amount of total server population is locked at 100...
  8. Has this to do with beeing stuck in "contacting world servers"?
  9. Stuck at "Connecting to World Server" Edit: And now the login server is kind off down/overloaded. Hope you add 2 hours on top of the 3 because this will take a while until everyone is in...
  10. Facing the same issue. It should have started 2 minutes ago...
  11. Who even cares about 1024x768 resolution? That must be 0.1%. Just release it.
  12. Why not use BattleEye and EAC like Fortnite and other really well protected games do? So it starts randomly with one of both. Making potential cheating extremly hard.
  13. What's the use of it? You can't balance a game on some people active in some forum...
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