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  1. havent you been told by like 7 different people that the .45 works well with just about every primary? with the osmaw/volcano you'll likely end up using the ,45 as your primary weapon most of the time, so if you're used to using it as a finisher it will take some adjustment the opgl has the most utility of the group (assuming you can master the skills required to use it effectively) and synergizes well with the .45, as constant weapon swapping/qs is basically required imo explosives are the most fun weapons to use in apb but they all have a pretty hard performance cap, since anyone with half a brain can outplay them pretty easily
  2. or maybe it would count as griefing, and we all know orbit is going hard on that either way i look forward to your forum thread
  3. the (apparently not) immediately obvious issue is being able to spam explosives at any cqc fight without having to worry about tk's but the threat of friendly fire is also very useful when facing multiple enemies, assuming you understand how to position correctly it helps you control how many people are shooting you at once
  4. you can't just remove team killing, because that would mean removing friendly fire and friendly fire is an important balancing mechanic
  5. laughs in growl i'd like to see current vehicles balanced first, and then new kits for current vehicles, and then new vehicles third tbh, but if a new vehicle is added i'd like to see another muscle car with similar stats to the vegas - a '67 gto, a '69 mustang, a '70 chevelle, or even a '72 nova or a '68 el camino my reasoning is there's at least 2 versions of every other vehicle type (except fresno), might as well even out the categories
  6. south west end is simon tran’s old location and north east end is britney bloodrose’s old location
  7. are they getting their own unique spots or are the new contacts just replacing pagan bloodrose and simon tran?
  8. lore wise every faction are the bad guys couldn't have said it better myself
  9. this is a perfect situation for a midtown meme
  10. man the spcm was garbage tbh do we even need a new tutorial tbh? it definitely needs a more active portion but otherwise it’s fine that plus incoming matchmaking/threat/phasing changes will (hopefully) do wonders for new players
  11. all the edgy new players pick crim because bad guys are cool and then by the time they hit max rank and reroll they know how to play so enforcers are def better
  12. no legitimate gold is facing cheaters so far beyond their skill level and so often that they are losing gold, nice try tho
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