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  1. its not even worth it to argue with people like this tbh, they'll just claim that they don't have issues so there are no issues
  2. so it's balanced now? :^) also inb4 nazi tards
  3. i don't think there's really any way to know that until we get public access to the engine upgrade testing, there's no better testing than 100 fully customized players actively playing
  4. given the, uh, quality differences between the sweaters in the contest image i can only assume several different people designed them maybe the orbit staff had their own ugly sweater contest already
  5. you probably are tbh, a quick google search shows that this sweater concept is not exactly uncommon its just a bad pun dont make it weird
  6. Solamente


    the server merge will have no effect on advanced launcher we've already been told that the advanced launcher will be officially allowed by little orbit until the engine upgrade, at which point most of the advanced launcher settings will be available in the ingame options so i guess i'll be just fine, thanks for asking
  7. Solamente


    your "research" seems to conveniently overlook that most (alleged) cheaters use advanced launcher because most of the population uses advanced launcher i'm also hesitant to believe anyone who thinks apb - the game with thousands upon thousands of reviews citing poor performance from rtw day 1, up to and including the 3 separate dev teams themselves acknowledging the poor performance over the years - "runs fine"
  8. Solamente


    Congratulations! You've won dumbest post of the week! Please pick up your reward: one (1) extra pair of chromosomes, at your earliest convenience.
  9. are you even jewish or are you just getting offended for other people like a busybody
  10. max graphics don't mean much when the game can't run properly anyway
  11. iirc its ten thousand constructive practice hours is considered as mastery for almost any activity
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