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  1. the temptress is good but not really any more useful than a carbine iirc cap40 nfcp2 will be rewarded from the new contacts as well
  2. not by much, and especially not if test b changes go through
  3. given that you apparently couldnt tell the difference between bloom recovery in test a and test b perhaps things are different for you but a tenth of a second is indeed distinguishable in apb - for a concrete example using an hvr with (1.63s) and without (1.75s) cj3 is noticeable, at least to me this is a hundredth of a second not a tenth, so im not really sure why this is relevant - if anything this would support my point that .04s (four hundredths of a second, or less than half of a tenth) is a very small difference yes, as i posted above i think tenths of seconds definitely count in apb im also not sure why you feel the need to disregard 1v1 encounters, as they happen incredibly frequently regardless of how many people are on a mission this is true of basically every gun, being caught unaware out in the open is pretty much a guaranteed death i also don't believe the ntec is somehow an automatic win if the first shot connects, obviously based solely on personal experience outplaying ntecs and getting outplayed with an ntec
  4. that's not min ttk nor is it particularly unbalanced, seeing as the obeya has a stock ttk of .84s
  5. this doesn't happen the obir bolt timer is about .45s (same as the rof), for comparison the hvr has a 1.75s bolt timer by default i think its a dumb idea as well, but at least get your facts straight
  6. what range are you talking about? 50m? thats ntec turf 60m? thats probably 50/50 anything above that is a solid obeya win ursus isnt similar to the obeya at all really, and it isnt getting nerfed anyway as far as i can tell
  7. its like 3am pst i think you should chillax until at least like 7 or 8am
  8. is this where we give feedback as well? test a -decreased magazine size -decreased reserve ammo this change (32/128 -> 28/112) is basically nothing, i'm not even sure why it deserved its own test district tbh i don't hate the idea but i think if its going to be pushed forward mag size should go even lower, probably to 24 at minimum test b -increased bloom recovery time i don't think this is true tbh, while test b definitely feels like too much (i think it should be reduced by about 40-50% if kept) the idea of forcing slightly slower tapfiring has some merit both tests -decreased jumping accuracy -decreased range ntec jumping is a meme, the nerf is fine but idk why anyone bothered spending time to "fix" this nonissue decreased range is a mistake imo, especially on a gun thats meant to be the longer ranged half of f2p ARs - the ntec is now forced to take up even more of the star's niche proposed changes -decreased magazine size (24) -decreased reserve ammo (120) -decreased jump accuracy -increased bloom per shot -increased max bloom since the ntec is clearly on the chopping block my intent here is to allow it much of its current ranged functionality while nerfing its full auto/cqc capability, widening the niche for the star (and some other ARs) and getting rid of some of the ntec's hated versatility i don't have any concrete numbers because i'm not good at math and kind of lazy dontbetoxicdontbetoxicdontbetoxicdontbetoxicdontbetoxic
  9. gotta say i agree, the continued trend away from the simple and consistent gunplay is definitely a big negative for apb if you take a step back or if you're a new player coming in objectively all the different little pieces that no longer quite fit together are really obvious
  10. seems more like it should be a legendary modeled off the strife tbh, except the long pump time is a double barrel reload instead edit: hexerin again what is happening to me
  11. i can't wait for everyone to start crying about the obeya after all the big owners start using that instead
  12. well yeah people might leave but with the proposed changes theoretically it wouldnt matter if people left because teams would always be even(ish) regardless of faction imbalance
  13. i like this system, but perhaps it should be modified to also require playing in the correct threat district? the cap could be split in half, so for example a gold player could earn 100jt from missions in the silver district but 100jt extra from missions in a gold district - i think this would at least limit dethreaters from fully abusing the system there should probably be testing of the initial system first but i'd also like to see limited rewards for losing, something like 0-5jt for losing and 0-10jt (or even 5-10jt) for winning, the point here being to encourage players to play as well as possible and also rewarding players for doing so i think the "easiest" way to fix that would be to remove factions in fc and just have each match distribute an equal number of players to each team teams could be randomized each match for additional stomp protection
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