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  1. outside of mission activities are affected, as are individual kills but thats it afaik i could be wrong - its been ages since i finished a mission at n5/p5, i either get killed by a random or faction kill some other random
  2. do regional districts spin up according to connecting players' locations? i.e. are both servers LA because there's more west coast/asian/aussie players connected?
  3. iirc when the Score system was introduced, end of mission rewards were changed to no longer be effected by notoriety level
  4. the shredder isnt even as accurate as the thunder (albeit very close), there's definitely room for improvement
  5. i'd rather it just be made more accurate so that ir3 can be used more effectively
  6. i thought not having muzzle flash was a silencer mod effect?
  7. op uses his own inability to play apb as a basis for determining cheaters and ends up hackusating basically everyone with 3 brain cells that can click rhythmically, and refuses to even consider otherwise despite older and better (and newer and worse i’d bet lmao) players telling him the truth and then he wonders why people say get good
  8. about half the guns you mention in your post haven’t been touched
  9. hb2 allows you to full auto from 0-65m the gun does bloom, so this is a very valid mod choice cj3 doesn't really affect ranged ability at all unless you can't control your own tap firing
  10. with hb2 or cj3 nssw you stand a pretty fair chance at out ttking an ntec if they tap fire
  11. he gives everyone a free reminder that riot was a hunk of trash invaluable really
  12. my intent was to force shotguns to lose some easy 2 shot capability without removing corner popping as a viable defensive tactic when pushed, i think shotguns need to remain very dangerous at uber cqc range a low max damage shotgun would also force shotguns to be a more skill based weapon (no more ez kills from 3 grazes) and have increased vulnerability to ca3 and kevlar im not sure where you were pre-rayscaling (perhaps not even playing at all?) but apb has gone through several different iterations of shotgun meta at this point, to say no one used them before rayscaling is a red flag you don’t understand apb imo
  13. i congratulate you on waiting until it was certain the items were up before announcing lol
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