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  1. unit games purchased the rights to the apb brand, while little orbit retains developmental and creative control over apb reloaded specifically there are no engine-related plans beyond 3.5 at this point afaik, and “apb 2.1” is just is just an internal build number not literally “apb 2” iirc the emp grenade was always slated to come with the new contacts
  2. i'll repeat that many weapons make locations borderline untakeable and that isn't an issue to be solved via weapon balance - if an objective is too open so as to be impossible to take you add more cover, you don't nerf snipers assuming you're just suggesting opgl changes, since any nerfs to the already underpowered eol weapons would be silly: a 60% soft damage nerf feels very overboard (without even taking into account flak jacket), percussion grenades have low damage because they are essentially instant-use whereas the opgl has a 5s fuse timer the opgl only does 500 stamina damage so any "undue edge" for enforcers would be fairly minimal, not to mention enforcers have their own ltl version of the opgl anyway a hard damage nerf goes against pushing explosives into a support and/or av role these stat changes seem contrary to your desire to make the opgl less offensive, as reduced damage resulting in an impossibly long ttk will force users to push more than ever and quickswitch for almost every kill - a higher radius allowing users to ping enemies for that initial damage burst more reliably only doubles down lack of damage will also hamper the opgl as an area denial support weapon - enemies are much less likely to be afraid of sustaining 400 damage, especially if they already have an environmental advantage over the other approaching members of your team the hard damage nerf probably wouldn't affect much in the end since the opgl already requires at least 10s (2 shots) to destroy most, if not all, vehicles but at that point it seems rather pointless ultimately i think your proposed opgl would end up worse than all of the eol series, which are not known for being particularly well balanced themselves - why waste a primary weapon slot for a gun that is outperformed by the grenades that every player already carries?
  3. SPCT doesn’t ban people, and i’d wager they still get harassed ingame because there are numbnuts who don’t understand they just test stuff
  4. probably to avoid the ingame or irl harassment that i think we both know is all too common amongst the apb community
  5. explosives are already a niche weapon class, even more so now that they can't resupply via ammo box new players not being good with the tools they have available is one thing, but actively removing those tools from a majority of the game will only broaden the experience/contribution gap between players who already understand these weapons after owning them for years and players who have to figure it out one use per every five missions there are certain locations that many weapons make borderline untakeable, that's a map balance issue not a weapon balance issue rocket launchers excelling at single point area denial seems pretty support to me, they're already much more of a deterrent than a directly offensive weapon
  6. seems like it would be a little too niche to the point where they aren't worth picking up aside from opp potentially delivering vehicles while your team is off chasing down an osmaw pickup, unlimited delivery vehicle respawns and limited osmaw uses mean you'll likely need to fall back to other av weapons even with a team of four it sounds nice in theory to allow new players to contribute with explosives, but in practice i feel all this mechanic will lead to is inexperienced players wasting mission time picking up single-use consumables and then proceeding to waste those pick ups anyway because they don't have the necessary skills to effectively use them explosives are already slightly underpowered so i disagree that nerfs are necessary, aside from the volcano being reworked to only fire one rocket at a time
  7. why not simply bring the 0slot version unlocks closer to the same rank as a majority of the other f2p weapons?
  8. im not really trying to defend either one tbh, imo the only acceptable "wallhack" mechanic is tagger and any others should be reworked to be in line with that my only issue is that these items are balanced around tags showing through walls, and with that removed they'll likely join the large pile of stuff that no one bothers to ever use again - tagger is useful more because it indicates a damaged enemy than for any actual locational information, and neither spotter nor flare gun are really intended to have a damage component
  9. flare gun has limited ammo, limited range, enemies know they are tagged, it replaces your secondary, and using it also reveals your own location even if only temporarily spotter might require slightly more brainpower since you actually need LoS to tag people, but aside from a 45s cooldown (which imo is irrelevant when spotter is used correctly and causes enemy teams to wipe, respawn, and return) it has almost no tradeoffs
  10. considering apb has proven how unsuccessful it is over the years, are drastic changes really the enemy?
  11. i don’t think the shaw is terrible, or even underpowered tbh it only seems like it because g1 got greedy and released a $700 shaw 2.0
  12. it has trouble actually marking people on radar sometimes, but if you happen to spawn within its radius you’re marked on radar until you respawn
  13. i find its usually slightly slower, altho that's probably just because whenever i do it im also abusing cover to corner pop
  14. no way to get rid of them without redeeming them saddle up, cowboy
  15. yeah us veterans with ten thousand hours obviously know better but i don't this is a good "excuse" when it comes to new players just completing the initial tutorial - if they aren't still mislead by the flat out incorrect ingame stat bars, i'd wager most end up either picking a weapon they recognize from being killed a lot by or just snagging the permanent version of whatever weapon they've enjoyed renting the most
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