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  1. if someone else is interested then make a thread after you have an answer it didn't occur to you that there's no eta for a reason? orbit has probably stated half a dozen times by now that they don't like giving concrete estimates because things are always subject to change, and the community always turns into a pack of raving chimps when the eta turns out to be wrong
  2. the devs apparently, since they ruined the game trying to keep na playable
  3. just dm him then, not everything needs a forum thread
  4. "This event is run in special Halloween districts" separate district or not, any event is going to destroy normal playability on na
  5. hitboxes interfere with projectiles, likely as a built in feature so you don't blow yourself up
  6. of course personal skill plays a role, if you dont understand the limits of gameplay skill youre also almost definitely unable to understand who is ever so slightly exceeding those limits i rest my case
  7. i thought this already happened, isnt everyone free to play in bronze districts now???
  8. typically wouldnt "im so bad at this game" and "everyone must be hackers" be mutually exclusive? feels like most hackusators vastly overestimate their own skill level
  9. there's a character mod that helps prevent being run over, valzipram tablets
  10. https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us
  11. i'd imagine orbit is responsible for both charge and chargeback processing fees and too many chargebacks might have certain banks declining further business with orbit
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