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  1. innova had several guns with stats unique to that build of the game (off the top of my head, the duck and csg did higher damage per shot), considering innova would have had to specifically ask for this i think its fair to blame them for it but yes g1 also had issues with predatory balancing, going all the way back to the initial addition of armas iirc
  2. everyone asks "where is matt?" but no one ever asks "how is matt?"
  3. a bit ironic considering which one of us is actually writing walls of text i've been here since the beginning, a majority of that "new content" was just stuff that rtw never managed to get around to adding because the company went under g1 hiring some rtw devs just means it was even easier to work with said content, nothing more nothing less apb had "dramatically better" population under g1, and that's only because g1 didn't have to deal with the prior company doing its very best to exploit that population for the better part of 8 years how long did g1 promise the engine upgrade while occasionally adding another predatory lootbox gun for the hopeful population to buy? a whole lot longer than orbit has even owned apb you can just look at steam stats to see the truth, g1 took a game that was nearing 6k peak players and by the time they sold it to orbit that same peak was barely over 1k, that's why we have virtually no population g1 did come up against the same problem but instead of trying to fix it, they decided to just go after the quick bucks and slammed as much profit oriented code on top until the game could barely handle any more, and then they sold it g1 dumped punkbuster, but of course they waited until it got to the point (iirc it was around the time punkbuster started banning everyone that attempted to log in) that even they couldn't deny it was worthless i have no idea where you pulled 4k from but steam charts says apb pop was in a long decline to nearly 1k at the time of sale - that's something like 80% population loss under g1 these are both servers that little orbit didnt even have, colby died and was merged with joker long before little orbit showed up i'll agree that frost seemed a decent anticheat, but with straight up p2w armas items and massive player GM scandals i don't think innova is really worthy as a role model that was g1 innova pulled the plug in early 2017 iirc and g1 waited so long to migrate accounts that most innova players just rerolled fresh to citadel, so when g1 finally got around to migration they basically just created a russian version of han because not many people cared about their innova accounts by then pretty sure innova decided apb wasn't profitable enough and that's why they didnt renew their licensing, probably not interested in buying the entire game
  4. yeah the fbw and frags will help new players until long after they're no longer new players
  5. i would rather every pc player but me start blatantly cheating than put up with console players for any extended length of time
  6. yes and yes, but eventually you'll have to complete every contact anyway so it doesnt really matter unless youre trying to unlock a specific item asap
  7. of course tiggs wasnt afraid to ban anyone, she could just use fairfight to pretend they were cheating and half the population would cheer her on i'm not sure i would trust the people who were in charge when the questionable bans were happening on anything, let alone the questionable bans themselves fairfight (assuming its properly paid for) is a nice complement to a decent client side anticheat, but on its own its junk - it doesn't matter how good it is at analyzing stats if it doesn't actually prevent people from launching the game with cheats enabled
  8. g1 recycled rtw content until they ran out, and then gave a half-hearted attempt at their own original content before completely giving up and selling the ip g1, the company that "valiantly" decided to keep punkbuster - an anticheat universally renowned for being worse than useless - around for 4 years? g1 unbanned everyone banned by punkbuster g1 kept punkbuster for years, then switched to fairfight, then stopped paying for and updating fairfight g1 is ultimately responsible for basically all the horrible balance over the years, it all stems from their initial sweeping ttk change g1 created and enforced the 'name and shame' policy g1 created the dethreating problem via threat locks and substandard anticheats you've got rose tinted lenses so thick you can't even see that g1 has done everything you're accusing little orbit of riot was trash, BR doesnt fit with apb gameplay fun fact: riot was partially completed leftover content from g1 standardized and lowered armas prices (that were set by g1) lifted false bans (from g1) switched to a working anticheat (because g1 stopped paying for and updating ff) added a bunch of f2p stuff to the joker store (that g1 abandoned) communication all throughout (unlike g1's radio silence) off the top of my head we didn't have a client side anticheat until orbit purchased battleye services, because g1 decided we didnt need one sounds more like g1 keeping punkbuster for years and then failing to pay for fairfight updates engine upgrade isnt about graphical improvements, yadda yadda yadda a big reason its taking so long is because g1 mucked it up in the first place, and also signed contracts that require the consoles to be worked on at the same time because you're seeing the aftermath of g1 milking apb dry and then selling the corpse before moving on lmao i think you've got your companies mixed up one had a nebulous spct team who were never completely named, confirmed cheaters in official player groups (spcm, moderators, etc), numerous suspicious private ban/unban situations, and a CM who lied straight to the community's face the other one is little orbit ffbans was created and maintained by a player, it had nothing to do with g1 ffbans was a toxic cesspool at the best of times its been confirmed that fairfight was used incorrectly, so all that toxic "verbalizing" definitely happened to legit/innocent players as well ffbans was so popular that it encouraged cheaters to cheat more for the e-fame of being on the site, because they enjoyed the "flame forum" im not sure how you can put these sentences together and not realize that g1 is the reason this game is dead tl;dr - g1 was 100% trash and i'll fight anyone who says otherwise
  9. if gold is too easy to get then that means that the threat distribution of the current 40 levels is off, adding extra levels on top of that isn't going to help with anything on top of that its not only going to 'force' cheaters into that threat, it would also catch up the higher skilled legit players, so its largely worthless as any kind of cheating evidence
  10. this post was a xnightmarex to read game's already been sold btw, idk why people keep suggesting that
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