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  1. wasn't there a password breach that had g1 requiring everyone to change their passwords? i seem to remember a whole lot of people complaining that they couldnt access the password reset email because they dont have access to their email address
  2. yes it runs from a separate launcher and you have to download a separate client in order to connect to the 2.1 beta tests edit: the servers are only open to all during specific times for the beta tests, they're really more stress tests than anything imo
  3. the build version of apb with the upgraded engine (unreal 3.5) is 2.1, or at least it was at some point, so people have started calling it 2.1 to signify they aren't talking about current apb there have been ~3 stress/beta tests for 2.1 at this point and there'll probably be at least 1-2 more in the future, they get announced here on the forums and in the news section of the gamersfirst website
  4. this forum thing is so much easier when other people write all the stuff i want to say
  5. the misery has been decent for ages, albeit with significant drawbacks recoil was not one of those drawbacks lol
  6. its obviously the misery, it had so little recoil to begin with that the 40% reduction actually causes it to aim at enemies for you when firing massively useful buff little orbit, please continue
  7. half the people i know want the ntec nerfs reverted, should we balance based on that? seen plenty of people top frag scout without "maining pistol", as if a weapon having good synergy with your secondary is a sign of poor balance anyway people jumping off the easy meta bandwagon after the scout was balanced doesnt really prove anything - people did the same thing with the troublemaker, and even the heavy hvr after its initial nerf scout didnt need a buff at all imo, a sniper designed around being aggressively versatile and landing precise shots should have drawbacks for not doing so and while the effect is fairly small (only an extra second to land the second shot vs ca3) its part of a worrying trend of orbit mucking about with weapons that are just fine
  8. it was fantastically balanced, the only people who considered the scout garbage because of ca3 are people who cant aim the scout has been less popular because there wasnt any real reason to use it over the unnerfed heavy hvr, but its always been one of the most versatile guns in apb
  9. apbdb gets its stats directly from the devs afaik, dont see anything wrong with the coroner stats either
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