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  1. wil maintance fix gaem ?oterwise i dont like server down
  2. no fog has been specifically okayed even tho it's a config edit not sure about no explosions, but i doubt it
  3. the gun just naturally fires fast, it has a min ttk of less than a second (.84s)
  4. source: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/11052-second-apb-reloaded-qa-videos/?tab=comments#comment-144943 source: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/13720-highlight-video-of-the-apb-21-beta-with-qa/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-174180
  5. csg/pig still works just like pre nerf, and i think everyone can land a perc within 3m of someone in pig range
  6. i have serious doubts that you've ever actually used this gun
  7. these are both still possible now, so was this really the best nerf option?
  8. its not "33% chance to hit" or "66% chance to miss" a player unless you're just randomly selecting a distance to throw the perc, which i would assume any competent player is not doing the aoe percs have means a player can move up to 3m from the time the perc is thrown at them to impact (or you can miss the perc by up to 3m), given that the engagement range is 9m that's a 33% margin for error as far as i can tell - my math could be wrong but the fact remains that its still incredibly easy to land that grenade on a side note, DMing me just to add an insult to your post in an attempt to bypass the forum rules is pretty low my dude
  9. percs still have a max damage radius of 3m where they deal full stun damage, i find it highly doubtful that its suddenly "difficult" to hit someone under 10m when you have a 33% margin of error
  10. as an aside i find it strange that a lot of the defense of the pig stamina damage nerf points to invalidating pig-to-lethal weapon quickswitching but that was never even mentioned in the actual balance post, even though every other weapon with the same quickswitching issue had it specifically mentioned
  11. the point is not the amount of stamina damage, every weapon deals enough stamina damage to stun before killing after a pre-nerf pig shot and yet every weapon is not capable of stunning someone, because not every weapon has the stun flag
  12. he's right tho, most weapons can't stun no matter how much you skew your stamina damage if you want the easiest example, you can't hit someone with a pig and then stun them with a jg
  13. under the 9m range of the pig the shaw, euryale, nfas, and notoriously bad c2 'entente' can all achieve fairly consistent sub .6s ttks the jg/snub switch you mention also maintains a sub .6s ttk even after the nerf, as has already been mentioned several times in this thread just throwing that info out there
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