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  1. the 35% discount was pretty cool, unless that gets applied via joker store as well?
  2. this is honestly probably the greatest idea anyone has ever had for apb
  3. you can just restart apb, always fixes it for me iirc you can trigger this by tapping A and D (or whatever your left and right movement keys are) too frequently within x time
  4. can confirm - picked ntec because i had dreams of being a big owner, 5 years later still no sign of apb skills
  5. i have no comment on who may or may not have been cheating, but i think you're looking at this the wrong way you threw out half a dozen names that are "obvious" to you because you've been a part of the community for a decade, there's 10 years of experience and who knows how many hours of ingame interaction behind that all little orbit knew was that they bought apb, found out the anticheat was broken, found out the anticheat was misused, and found out that no one bothered to make any notes for half the bans - they don't have 10 years of history to fall back on, and they can't rely on yours or mine or anyone else's because what if you or me or anyone else is wrong? what if you or me or anyone else is a cheater or has otherwise negative intentions?
  6. at the very least people banned with fairfight for things like rmt or chargebacks remained banned, so everyone was not unbanned
  7. what are you going to change everyone's name too?
  8. the spawn system breaks down when there's not enough map space to have an equal area 360 degrees around the objective(s) - the worse the imbalance the more the system breaks, up until you're right at the edge of the map and opposing teams can end up spawning essentially on top of each other the spawn system also doesn't take the actual map into account (buildings, waterways, bridges, etc), which can lead to some pretty subpar spawn options these are my two biggest issues, and i don't think there's an easy fix for either one tbh
  9. don't want to take away from the outreach and transparency, but i think it would be a good idea for little orbit to look into some kind of stream team or pr team or something - a very small group of player volunteers that are dedicated to making streams/showcases/broadcasts look a little more polished and flow better i think it would do a lot to prevent little issues and (hopefully) free up mattscott, or whoever is featured, a bit more
  10. i'm not sure you understand how chargebacks work but that would mean holding items for months after the initial purchase, i don't think that's really an effective solution
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