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  1. The sound in this game is so weird. The RTW era guns and some exceptions (N-SSW) are pretty nice, most others are passable, the late G1 sounds are pretty bad (e.g. AMG 556, Curse) Some weapons also sound completely different when someone else is shooting them (compared to shooting them yourself) such as the OCA
  2. self advertisement is not exactly nice but I appreciate you having even some of the obscure guns in the video
  3. Something I've mentioned before : Small items required you to sit through an animation in ye olde days of RTW (did it even make it to RTW live?) Why not add the same animation as a spawn delay of sorts for the shield? Force it to be used in preparation of a push, requiring players to think about the moment of its placement, rather than just tapping 4 whenever you start taking fire or you need to block a ladder EDIT : I suggest this vs just increasing the spawn delay in order to add some vulnerability to deploying the shield. I don't think the player should be able to engage and maneuver in a firefight while the shield is in the process of winding up - else you end up with the same situation where a shield suddenly covers someone in a firefight, just with a delay.
  4. Mr. Scott totally needs to speak to the CEO of cyrillic after this.
  5. tap firing is just as viable, but you can't do it at nearly maximum RoF like one used to Also I personally prefer two round bursts
  6. APB's bloom is fairly different from Overwatch's and Battlefield, in that it's actually tied to bullets being fired and not for how long you hold your mouse down. Plus it takes a while for it to reset on most weapons, to the point where doing the same fire delay " trick" with APB guns would not result in your bloom never increasing
  7. I guess this is why orbit didn't hand out stats I did some research for you. The new drop-off seems to be around 30m I was wondering. The RFP has been roughly the same thing for years. Completely changing it up into a different weapon is not a smart choice imo, especially when you've had plenty of ARMAS variants sold over time. LO could easily make a new secondary out of all those experiments. Keep the RFP as the CQC burst powerhouse it's always been, make a new burst sidearm for 40-45m combat. Best of both worlds, and CONTENT! What do you guys think?
  8. Gave it a test run in 1v1 since no one else is around... Test-B The RFP doesn't really feel worth using in face of alternatives like the FBW or .45AP The extra ammo in the magazine (and thus the added uptime) IMO don't make up for the added hipfire penalty , increased bloom per shot and 4-burst-kill The marksmanship accuracy feels nice but the reduced base damage and (finally fixed!) drop-off (which seems rather sharp, adds two bursts to kill at 40m) result in really weak damage at range, to the point where it might not reliably finish wounded opponents off The nerfed hipfire and bloom are a step in the right direction - but I'd like to see the accuracy be overall better so at least the gun stays reliable in CQC outside of marksmanship mode. The nerfed damage really hurts the gun for its CQC purpose. I think it really needs to stay a 3 burst kill (even with less overdamage if you'd like) to be competitive with the two aforementioned sidearms. I'm done I swear
  9. I literally just logged in and played 15 minutes.
  10. did you miss the part where his *launcher* errors out?
  11. Given the average life-span of the testing districts, this is quite the predicament at times - and I am not sure temporarily omitting exact numbers will aid much Is the OCA adjustment still part of the testing district?
  12. I really hope this is personal opinion and not LO's stance.
  13. did you forget the whole part where Unreal 3.5 and then Unreal 4 are moving things forward to embrace newer hardware?
  14. Looks like everyone now knows
  15. 144hz is a great quality of life upgrade for everything, even day to day usage. And it does allow the game to run at higher than 60fps
  16. se fossi un poliziotto credo arrestare i criminali in flagranza di reato sarebbe il minimo sindacale......
  17. Last time they enforced that, we lost half our playerbase. No thanks.
  18. Average TTK goes down since you hit your shots more often. So ideally they'd also nerf drop off / min damage range (which are two things I've been suggesting get done to SMG for a while)
  19. My issue with the OCA nerf is its accuracy. Due to its nature, the TTK will always fluctuate upwards a bit - which is why I think a full revert to .7 is a bad idea (and would much prefer the .686 of the other dist) RFP was finally in a decent spot at 30m drop off range. I have no idea why they simply didn't shave off max/min range from it. Although the Fang would still be a problem with IR3, it's an even bigger problem right now !
  20. Boy have I got good news for you!
  21. If that's the conclusion LO will reach then we have much bigger problems
  22. oh no they found me out ononohohohononon
  23. Why? Yeah. ACT and RSA are still not going to be viable picks - in fact I'd argue LO has made it so that the RFP steps on their turf even more blatantly I'm not 100% sure on the math but hopefully the recovery rate shouldn't mess with CJ
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