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  1. CJ now affects Burst Interval too I wonder how broken CJ oscar is
  2. Good stuff - should've been like this from the start I guess it's one of those things that's a result of not having much experience with the game - this is LO's first OTW test and I reckon the issues with rank locked items didn't cross their minds
  3. if you can surefire trigger a ban without cheating or using other external software - isn't that just proving the point that fairfight might've been a bit too harsh?
  4. The USD to G1C ratio change is AWESOME! My main concern remains however. Some items would still end up costing a bunch of dollars, especially when you factor in the account bound price hike
  5. can I have BANNED as a title, please?
  6. I don't see why you'd disagree with the ISSR-A. Keep in mind that's the assault rifle version, largely inferior to the Dog Ear The carbine shouldn't get such a big boost imo (it's still a cqc weapon, I'd like to see it focused on hipfiring) and neither should the STAR - although the latter could still use a tiny little push
  7. You'd still be unable to equip them due to the rank requirement. That's literally the point of this thread.
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