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  1. I know that your camera gets rocked all over when you are near an explosion and when bracing after a fall. That's the only instances I can think of. By "camera" I mean the actual view - your crosshair doesn't move at all.
  2. If you're using the gun to abuse what amounts to an exploit I have some bad news for you Starting a CQC fight at half health with no real counterplay is the antithesis of fun. This is a perfectly fine way to balance.
  3. We shouldn't be calling out people for being silver or even bronze, but threads like these are why it started
  4. From my understanding APB Reloaded is unchanged - but LO got a nice check out of it that they'll hopefully invest in APB
  5. I'm no Matt Scott but from what I recall it's basically engine upgrade v2. There is a reason the mention was only brief.
  6. The UE4 rebuild spearheaded by the Australian team that was mentioned some time ago, early during LO's acquisition
  7. So : APB Reloaded is quite literally unchanged (as you claimed) but LO can't come out with , say, APB Vendetta, or APB Salami, or APB SKay's Birthday without Unit's approval?
  8. My reading comprehension is failing me Did you guys sell the APB Brand and IP to Unit Game Or are you allowing Unit Game to sell APB Brand and APB IP related products or neither
  9. Nitronik

    Kevlar 3 NVHR Bug

    Not a bug. Kevlar being useless is another matter entirely.
  10. This cannot change. There's simply not enough people to put them up against right now.
  11. Pretty sure it's the same sound as the SHAW Unpopular opinion : I dislike the sound of the DMR-AV The bass/boom at the start sounds like an overpowered NL-9 (it very much does sound like an overpressurized LTL weapon at a distance) , and the mechanical sounds don't really help it much
  12. I want a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a six-four impala
  13. RTW had a whole team of SFX engineers on it G1 had Farfletched who had both highs and lows I don't know what the fuck happened after the edinburgh team was dismantled
  14. I'm surprised the TTK was nerfed in Test-B actually. I'd like to see it returned to a 3 burst kill, albeit with less overdamage The reduced overall damage greatly affects its effectiveness both close up and at range
  15. And higher travel speed And a flatter travel arc And faster cooking speed
  16. APB's seems to be pitched up just a bit with some extra echo. If you get wounded badly (HVR tag) you'll notice the pitch stats matching better Also, unrelated to this specific sound, but the conversion to WWise has actually caused many sounds to change a slight bit (FBW wasn't as clicky in marksman as it is now, the Tommygun sounds a bit more washed out, etc...)
  17. Oh - I totally misinterpreted your post lol. They definitely have a bit of a stock library mix in there - for instance the STAR 556's sound is found in other games and media, such as Team 17's Army Men : Major Malfunction
  18. OSCAR due to IR3 + mobility OBIR due to QS and lean flick capabilities Feeling half tempted to include .45 due to range + TTK too
  19. IIRC they will replace your nickname with something compatible, after which you will get a free namechange to decide your new nickname
  20. Hopefully this will be the best of both worlds type solution Although I can't help but take this merger as a sign the times are dire
  21. Which N-TEC's ? The SR-15 used to have the same sounds as the CR762
  22. a lot of new sounds can p much be described that way.
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