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  1. CR762 outside of AR category, FAR, Ursus, thinking the Frenzy might see some play (doubtful) The fire interval is all sorts of odd, spamming clicks actually "jams" your weapon by forcing you to wait longer than usual - I suggest starting slow and then increasing your click frequency until the gun starts missing inputs also, due to networking magic other people will always appear to fire slightly faster than they really do
  2. That particular fight club becomes a coverless clusterfuck at maximum player capacity. I've enjoyed the best matches on it around the 12v12 mark, since the district stays chaotic enough without getting to the point where there's no safe angles - perhaps limiting players to that could help? What do you guys
  3. how will this affect day to day APB as it stands? will we be seeing DCs, maintenance etc...
  4. FAR have tradeoffs. STAR decent but easier to use. Starter gun FBW not weak. You [censored].
  5. it's a 7-shot NTEC without any of the overdamage to actually compete at range. Fun to use but not the best option
  6. The recovery nerf was on purpose to try and make CJ have a downside
  7. A number so small does make for a slightly tangible difference already, considering it'd be like giving it CJ3 with none of the downsides.
  8. STAR is fairly easy to use in that it has a relatively low bloom cap, as well as decent hipfire accuracy - the TTK increase is there to prevent it from being too good in CQC By comparison, the NTEC's bloom cap is pretty meh, becomes even worse with IR / CJ (although anyone worth their salt will never hit bloom cap with IR) and has HORRIBLE hipfire accuracy even without mods
  9. It's enough to make it unable to dispatch Kevlar 1 laden opponents at min TTK, as well as further reducing the damage it deals at range, which is the whole point of my complaint. Bravo! Every other short range weapon has many advantages over the NTEC, and the reduction in bloom recovery speed is more than enough to increase the effective TTK at range. With that last sentence in mind, there is literally no reason to add a TTK nerf on top of bloom recovery and range reduction. Can we please stop with this balancing trend where LO has to destroy weapons to please you all, and instead try to tune them to a still viable spot?
  10. Recovery nerf is enough to increase NTEC's TTK at range which is where it is most troublesome. Why add : HP Damage Drop Off reduction (a bit more acceptable) RoF reduction on top of all that?
  11. What is the point? The gun is going to be horribly inaccurate in CQC with none of the damage & drop off leniency it needs to poke people at a distance I think the RFP has been overnerfed, and I'm not sure Hunting Sight fits the Fang at all. If anything, why not try Reflex Sight instead? For a CQC gun with such a nasty movement modifier, forgoing its somewhat decent MM for better hipfire would be a tradeoff that is both functional and interesting .
  12. so there's two things they could do to help with this 1) actually animate the weapon model itself - they removed some model animations a few years ago. The bolt on HVR used to move, the pump on shotguns would get racked, the RSA had a spinning cylinder. No idea why those were axed. Weapons are also set up to have their magazines be detached but that was never seen in live APB ever - alpha RTW had sprites to mimic magazines being dropped 2) new character animations, but no idea why they won't bother with those. Although the Showstopper's should be enough of a warning...
  13. It also has worse max bloom, so it's not as spammable as the STAR
  14. The Test-A N-TEC has received a couple of nerfs which, in my opinion, may not really change much in the way of its power The Test-B NTEC however has some more interesting changes to bloom... and the dreadful RoF changes. I'd like to see the RoF reduction patched out, with all other changes mantained. Would be interesting to see how the NTEC fits in the meta then.
  15. The Test-B NTEC is absolutely not .75 TTK. Even by ear alone it fires slower than the STAR. I simply don't understand how you guys can think B is fine as-is considering the gun is now bad at all ranges.
  16. Partially agreed. I don't think it needs a base accuracy reduction, would rather see them play with bloom-per-shot , bloom recovery, or recovery delay instead
  17. The NTEC's Test B changes are nothing short of asinine. The gun is now useless in close to mid range due to TTK and it won't have the RoF to bring something extra to the table when it comes to harassing at longer ranges. There's no reason to pick it over, say, the AR-97 Misery or the Obeya CR-762
  18. awesome. Thanks for making the game a bit fairer for F2Ps. They might be ' freeloaders ' but they populate your matchmaking pools, people...
  19. Nevermind the fact that those kids are destroying families with their addiction. Just because you can doesn't mean you should, or even make it right.
  20. I have engaged plenty in this practice and have yet to receive the title. Is there something I am missing?
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