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  1. Are bullet traces going to be fixed? lul
  2. Fam, it's been a long time but it's finally time for your first anniversary on this forum
  3. I actually archived a few good old threads - both locally and rechecked archive.org Px
  4. did everyone here already put their avatar in or did it transfer over for you?
  5. Hi, hi, hello - Really like the new look! Icons/font takes quite some time to load and forums look weird on mobile - weirdly enogh just occasionally. (like formatting is totally broken idk, will take a screenshot if it happens again, all perfect right now) (Plus: Atleast on mobile most themes look very similar - if not the same? edit: no, it just doesn't let me switch. using stock chrome on android 8/oreo) Gosh those reaction emojis lmao - really like the idea!
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