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  1. I have set a timer on my microwave, when it beeps Jericho will begin running on said microwave. I expect about a 76% performance increase and it has built in DDoS mitigation known as the ‘defrost’ feature.
  2. I’ve edited an .ini file and changed the variable ‘threat’ to equal ‘gold’ may I please keep this fix?
  3. Facts. Though I do support a rebranding ing of G1. It certainly did not put gamers first and can’t possibly have a positive brand for any game it supported. But it’s pricey and they have much better things to spend money on right now, perhaps once the game is truly ready for an infusion of new players we’ll see a facelift.
  4. I’ll give it a shot this weekend. Pray for me
  5. I am genuinely jealous! But glad it’s good for you.
  6. Some of us play both! FE can be a lot of fun, albeit it is dated. Closest i think anyone got to a Fallout MMO.
  7. Thanks for the quick response, Matt. And +1 to rage for abusing the 'gifting' system.
  8. I legit thought I was alone. I even use the advanced launcher and razer cortex to try and somehow make it better w/ no success. I guess it's the optimization, makes sense as it impacts various people. I actually pulled out my old PC that I first played APB on a couple of weeks ago (pre-LO) and I had not so great fps (40-75), but I didn't seem to have the stutter issue as much. t's not unplayable, but definitely impacts my performance in-game.
  9. it requires a blacklight. hacks/10
  10. it's requires a blacklight. hacks/10
  11. Are there people that run this game w/o issue? I can run max settings or minimal settings it doesn't matter I'll still get random stutter/shocking lag even with <20 latency. Or is that running the game 'perfectly' and everyone deals with this nuisance?
  12. I only just now realized it changes/10
  13. This is my favorite thus far. I like the use of the magazines.
  14. I am with Winston on this one. Thank you RTW and more specifically thank you David Jones for GTA, APB, and Crackdown.
  15. It is, I cropped it from the old forums & re-uploaded it here instead of getting a fresh shot in-game. pika/mouse - killerskull flcl/10 - bxnnxd
  16. It’s just the pomade fumes keeping him going!
  17. I don’t think we have worry about to that. It’s pretty clear the author didn’t really care for the game from the outset and hand no intention of giving it a fair shake. It’s clickbait on a topical subject that’s probably the only reason the article was even written. And anyone who has played the game for better or worse seems to agree this guy has no idea what he’s talking about. I feel like LO is going to take the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it method and just focus on the obvious problems like engine upgrade, platform stability, customer support, population growth, etc. Still I am happy I saw the article because I am enjoying everyone’s appreciation for APB
  18. I think everyone in FC had good fun for awhile. They moved on to open conflict so they could do missions.They’re new players and they want to have some fun too! FC can be frustrating even for a gold. I think poor Andro was a green. I did enjoy shooting them though so thanks for playing with us!
  19. I am an dolt and completely missed the ‘3.5’ I thought we were talking about the changes made in the current build of APB
  20. It may be rose tinted glasses but I liked RTW better. However, G1 also made a lot of changes in an attempt to improve performance so it’s a double-edged sword. Personally, for me the game used to run better and used to look better.
  21. All drama aside, I am glad this question was asked. As we can expect it’s a matter of cost, so as LO becomes more successful with APB we can expect to see it maintain other languages again. In the meantime, since you’re organizing Spanish speakers perhaps you might get a few people to volunteer creating guides in Spanish? Maybe if LO permits you can even create a community-sourced language pack that either LO can implement or at the very least permit the necessary files to be edited. Best of luck, I hope to see APB in all languages because APB is for all people.
  22. Fightclub was a lot of fun. Open conflict I tried, but got a 1v1 It was still fun though! Thanks for taking the time to play with us.
  23. Some of my favorite matches have been either with highly competitive comp in big matches like 12 v 12 or in 1 v 4 vs a bunch of silvers. It's always a good time.
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