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    APB:Restocked? APB:Lazarus They still have marketing material for APB:Vendetta
  2. I mean I clearly just pulled that out of thin air. Same concept can be done for any district. Add contact, add low effort but attractive rewards (joker boxes) and call it day. There’s contacts that were removed from the game if I recall... i’m sure there are models available. I just want to avoid the NERF XYZ & BUFF ZYX threads. Any other discussion is probably more prosperous
  3. Let’s talk about content. Put contacts in Aslyum & make it a 20 v 20 district. Add in our typical break in & item missions & we’ve got a month of content for little effort. Each contact level can be a joker box + mix in clothing slots, etc. Whatever is low effort.
  4. Please. Jesus Christ. Please stop. Little Orbit is just beginning to familiarize themselves with everything. Now is not the time to discuss the complexities of balance. Your priorities as a citizen of San Paro at this very moment should be to look for improvements in infrastructure, content, population growth, customer support, any alterations monetization, bug fixes, community/seasonal events, etc. 99.9% of the time something ever had “balancing” changes it completely removed the gun from play. I understand, the current “meta” might be stale. It’s mostly due to past balancing requests. Historically, most of the people that make these threads aren’t at all versatile with multiple varied weapons & that is why you struggle. There very interesting discussions to be had at the stat based level, but those conversations are rarely the subjects of these threads. Should there be balancing changes in the future? Yes, but most of it will be to resurrect the vast amount of guns that are no longer as practical due to past “balancing”. Or at least it should start with that. This game really doesn’t need to have a meta. There’s no skills, no classes, no insane # of item combinations/synergies. All the guns shoot, all the guns can kill you. Please for the sake of APB’s 3rd shot at life, please pump the brakes on these insignificant issues. Accept this desperate plea from an RTW player, the illustrious Rumple____skin. I am not a great player, but I’ve always been here & always cared. And tried to maintain a level good sportsmanship and respect, aside from the occasional PG-13 rated fun I conduct. Please focus you attention where it matters in this time of transition. At this time, I extend goodwill & I choose to believe LO will be a good shepherd to APB. That makes this 3rd chance ours to lose San Paro.
  5. Please stop, LO is not yet familiar with the game. This not the time for such balancing disucssion, especially for the HVR.
  6. Are there any negatives to the reputation system? Like I can't post anymore or just I'll have a stigma of being a troll? I can see the pros & cons, but generally being a civil human being and not getting caught up on such a rating system should play out well I think.
  7. Thanks for the clarification, it's a welcomed change in the management of this game.
  8. For a game that has had many balancing issues, getting people not yet familiar with the game to make balancing decision is unwise.
  9. Forcing name changes is a slippery slope fellas. I understand some of you want better names, but if I don't play the game for 1yr, 2yr, etc. I don't deserve to lose my name from an RTW character. Especially not after spending a lot of $$$ on this game. Maybe you can make an argument for banned players, etc. but that can have a lot of issue of stigma. XYZ gets banned, someone unrelated makes a new character called XYZ, and now it makes the system look ineffective or shady at best. I've also had to fight to keep my in-game name so I'm a bit sensitive on this subject.
  10. While I don't care personally about the nudity, I am glad that those who do enjoy it can continue to enjoy it.
  11. I thought the codes in the retail copies would've expired by now.
  12. Well it's already been milked dry, it can't really be milked any further w/o infusion. I am happy to see there's an attempt, but I don't think it's unreasonable to have limited good will especially for APB that has burned it's community at least twice. For the questions that were answered I feel as though much more interesting and important questions were glossed over.
  13. Never heard that, and definitely was actively used by many even when Tiggs was around. I guess they didn't/couldn't enforce it if she really said that.
  14. Thanks for the transcript. Doesn't seem like a lot was answered imo.
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