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  1. opinions are dangerous, also I feel like that's missing some legendaries and yet somehow it feels like that's more legendaries then I was aware of... Usually when they release nearly identical ones most are useless so I am not really surprised.
  2. I feel like fightclub would be more appropriate instead of missions. Maybe a mix of both? Or you can turn on one of those free for all servers...
  3. Jericho server runs on steam power? I think we've finally identified the issue.
  4. It was a joke, guys. Take it easy. Console fam is separate but equal in all eyes.
  5. It'd be harder to find a game where you don't get banned for it.
  6. LTL should be unique to enforcers. It's actually the only reason why I play my enforcer (aside from no opp situations when there was too many crims). LTL is the most rewarding and a fun challenge at low rating.
  7. How is this going to play out threat-wise if using new accounts? Can you manipulate threat or will you stay in the neutral zone of silver districts?
  8. I agree a low effort event like kill event or whatever for some free g1c would be a smart move from LO.
  9. I can't honestly say I've purchased anything off ARMAS in quite sometime (unless it was with free g1c) so I am not too invested, but I am not surprised for changes to happen to ARMAS. It's too early for me to form an opinion, but if you're not happy & you're a paying customer I am glad you're raising your voice. Interested to see how this pans out.
  10. It took years to get FairFight, we can survive a few weeks. Where did all that patience go?
  11. To be fair the actual character customization is alright, but the most limited. The rest of the system allowed for people to get creative. I would love to see that piece updated when we're in a new engine. I like the idea of just shaving/cutting my character's beard to my own design, that sounds fun.
  12. That's completely valid. One thing about APB is even though you can clearly draw a line between people who only care about the customization and the people who only care about the 3PS, these people happily coexist in one community w/o issue and blend together perfectly. I am garbage at customization, I always try my hand when I am bored, but mostly I just buy designs from better people and go off to shoot people to fund more purchases which fuels more creatives.
  13. Everyone will, monetizing games via cosmetics has been huge for years now. APB has always been the best chance to kill at that, just needs the support of a good team/company, which hopefully is LO.
  14. Fair enough, that would suffice too. Whatever is the path with least resistance I say.
  15. It's a great response, thanks for sharing it & making it readable.
  16. Very sad, but that's all journalism these days apparently. Game journalists were some of the first & worst though.
  17. The amount of sheer time invested is plenty of reason alone to not wipe. Also wiping wouldn't do anything to solve the problems with APB. You can spin up of a fresh character stomp golds immediately.
  18. Funny af, saving this. Yeah he didn't even mention how cool we are.
  19. First off, I want to say I appreciate you and your polar ways. I really do appreciate APB as a 3PS, especially back when APB was one of the only if not only 3PS on the market. It was extremely unpopular compared to FPS and I hated the constant stream of F2P FPS. So I will say the contributed heavily to my interest & investment in APB. Naturally, I am agreement with pretty much everything else, but also wanted to emphasize the open voice chat! Jeez. so many games today just completely not launching w/ voice support expecting people to use Discord or something. And then when they do have it it's exclusive to your team. I understand people can complain about harassment, but you can do that anyway. I love the open voice chat. I love walking around San Paro and hearing random chat haha
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