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  1. They're just overwhelmed, take a breather & they'll follow-up.
  2. This is a good idea. Stream/youtube would be wise.
  3. The one w/ the Vegas & the dead body and then no dead body is funny af.
  4. The requirements are quite straight forward. 10% luck 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 50% pain and that's 100% how you become a GM in this game.
  5. Patience, just a little more patience. It's only been a few years, you can hold on buddy
  6. I do miss the days when I'd login and have dozens of friends to play with. These days I haven't been in a group for like 2 years... It's nice to see people coming back and I do hope we see more return as LO improves the game. Looking forward to our conversation in the discussion of that revival article! hah
  7. Really enjoyed your post! Took me awhile to get around to reading it, but I am glad I did. I did some edits if anyone wants to read a slightly condensed version, but for the full experience I'd recommend the full post! At the end of the day, you're right. APB is fun and that's why we play APB.
  8. I wasn't aware FF was still going to be playing the long-game & collecting data. That's awesome to hear. I don't think FF was updated because you have to keep paying for updates (like a subscription) so they implemented it initially, but then didn't opt for the managed service (G1/RP self-managed it) and didn't subscribe to updates. Or at least I believe that's how the story was told.
  9. I've always wanted to have one of these, but IGN was previously under G1 considered not appropriate for the forums, which are PG-13 last they told me, but okay in-game. So color me jealous!
  10. Thanks Matt! Glad we were able to give you a look into our connection with APB. And I am also glad we're having a non-toxic discussion, I think it's probably because even toxic players love APB and want to see it succeed. We're all counting on LO!
  11. Didn't they say these posts were no longer allowed? Oh dear.
  12. It's alright, I get to sit in bed so there's that
  13. You're a funny guy, but I am serious.
  14. I play APB on a mac and feel ashamed.
  15. So you're saying the admins are going to spectate snipe us? That's even worse than stream sniping, let's report them.
  16. As a criminal I appreciate enforcers who allow us to beat down on you daily. Thank you.
  17. 4/10 but I have bad taste in music.
  18. I am the proud owner of the last post on the original topic. Looks like a security engineer/10
  19. I don't think the off-topic section was the right place for this, but valid feedback. The servers should really autoscale even if it's a little expensive.
  20. Fair point, but it doesn't really count as the # of people who will actually get to participate will be slim. It's a good signal though!
  21. I didn't realize these forums/threads were massive enough for such a thing to be helpful.
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