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  1. I have to go to sleep because I am unfortunately an adult with a career now, unlike when APB was originally released. I hope to see some genuine responses to why people still play APB. Don't be shy, I'm legit curious my friends. I suspect at least one person will mention the possibility/promise of the racing district. hah
  2. We need some non-segregated districts. It's more important when pop is low, but also for friends of different threat levels to play together.
  3. That was a lot of fun... let's do a Christmas in July event.
  4. I love the car physics in this game, please don't patch.
  5. I agree with you, it's lazy to try and compare GTO w/ APB. And I also agree w/ you on the tone of the article, it just seems this person loathed the game or loathed the task to report on any news regarding it. It's very easy to write a hit piece w/ the premise of "Tell me why this game is worth my time?" and then shoot down every possible reason why said game is indeed worth some time. Comes off very snobby and I honestly haven't found many people that enjoy GTO so I really don't understand why it is even a bar to be measured by any means. The author even says GTO wasn't memorable, but he sure as hell knew it must be better than APB! Just silly. Good point on the ownership/connection. I do feel that bond and I bet a lot of folks do, especially since you can easily spend hundreds of hours inside the creative creator.
  6. Yeah, pretty low effort article. I feel like he wrote up his opinion before jumping in game to grab a few screenshots and conduct some interviews. I guess that really does make him a journalist.
  7. I can imagine things like hair packs, clothing packs, etc. will be nice marketable items for ARMAS. It's not like they weren't already great sellers.
  8. Found this Rock Paper Shotgun article a few moments ago & would be interested in what y'all gotta say. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/05/28/why-are-people-still-playing-apb-reloaded/ I think it's a fair question to ask, even if I felt the article was pretty low effort. Anyways, I think there's a pretty unique coalescence happening with APB. It's basically the foundation of what people always wanted from GTA:O (long before it was a thing) and so much more. Respect to David Jones for birthing both GTA & APB. I still wish the world could've seen RTW support APB. RIP. However, the fact is the core basics imo are just right. The customization options are still pretty insane by 2018 standards, especially when you consider this is a game from 2010. Just so many extremely high potential features were implemented with APB and that explains it's longevity. Finally, the most important thing is APB's PvP. I am glad there was never any PvE implemented, this game is fun because it let's you hunt the most dangerous game, humans! Truly, it is the players that keep this game from being boring. Always coming up with new tactics, sneaky tricks, etc. It will always be the human opposition, the brain behind the screen. APB is probably one of the best PvP experiences ever crafted because it's the most human. It's heavily dependent on the player's imagination & creativity. Even with these battle royale games now starting to gain in popularity, they're years behind APB. Also the opposition in Fortnite & PUBG is mostly brain dead. You know Epic almost purchased APB before G1. I doubt there would've been a Fortnite had that happened. That would've been interesting to see too! Anyway, APB is a great game that's been operating while being bound & gagged by it's operators. I hope LO can pull this one out as this game always deserved better and now even nearing a decade old can still pull out a clutch victory. It'll take time & commitment, but the upgrades for the Unreal Engine will open up a lot of doors for our little game here. That's why I still play APB, it's because APB deserves to be played.
  9. Honestly, a system where community members assist rearing the community can be nice, but maybe don't give them the "GM" title. Just give the a new thing like "Community Support" or whatever. The main focus should be answering questions & growing the community not mediating it.
  10. Thank you for the communication & transparency.
  11. Okay, but the real GM's still can't become pocket GM's.
  12. Considering the time before Fairfight when Punkbuster was the main form of anti-cheat I am sure we can survive of the wait.
  13. I think it’s called a Nomad I haven to checked. Anyway I got it with free g1c in a bundle & that car saved my patootie more times than I can count. A true tank.
  14. I miss beacon I haven’t seen it in ages. Honestly, just contacts anywhere with joker boxes or g1c as rewards as short term low effort content and it’s a win-win.
  15. My only concern is NERF XYZ/BUFF ZYX threads. I actually enjoy the detailed discussion, it’s interesting & many people come up with creative balancing solutions. Without intelligent discussion it’s always a mistake to entertain & perpetuates a lot of issues.
  16. You’re not wrong, but that wasn’t so bad in the beginning. It became more of an issue when the content slowed and guns=content. Then they’d just flavor of the month ARMAS for the big bucks.
  17. I am not familiar with Battleeye how does it play with Cloud Gaming? That’s my concern. And yes the advance launcher should be allowed. Maybe LO can work to integrate it into APB’s launcher if needed.
  18. I appreciate them for Reloaded. Once upon a time G1 did pretty regular updates and such. Reloaded was a lot of fun in the first 1-2 years. Their blunder was poor communication and over promising.
  19. I’m glad you’re having a good time & keep bringing your friends! There’s Ian something special about APB and it may be harder to catch the bug these days but if you peel back a few layers anyone would be hooked. And you’re too kind, I’ve only contributed a couple thousand hours of my life and mere few hundred dollars. Shoutout to the folks that have spent a few grand. They’re the real MVP!
  20. Yes! Glad it’s just not me. Balance is very far from a front line issue for today’s APB
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