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  1. They stated they're going through the bans. I'd say just be patient over the course of the day.
  2. Just join the rest of us in being happy that we're no longer under the iron fist of G1's old team. The team that didn't care about us and banned people that spoke out. Welcome back.
  3. While on the way to the lethal injection they found out you were innocent. You get to see your family again but your reputation is tarnished. You have to rebuild what was lost. Otherwise you can be happy in the next life and start with nothing. (To use your analogy, of course)
  4. You literally got off of death row. I swear some people will never be happy.
  5. Ditto. Works perfect for me, too.
  6. I'd wait for LO to give us the okay to log in.
  7. I'd just play the game with no modifications for now to play on the safe side.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Matt stated that all banned accounts will be unbanned when BE is out.
  9. Mothman is cool, though Great colors and art in general 10/10
  10. Honestly it won't drop at all. There will still be guys running around with Play-Doh graphics, carbines, and Japanese characters scrawled over their clothing. Maybe one or two matches a session you'll see less blatant people but that's about it.
  11. The new Ant Man movie looks weird
  12. Usually police pilot them to locate AWOL replicants.
  13. What he said. Movement is key in APB and when you don't have it as much on console then you can expect a huge gap between the platforms skill-wise.
  14. Can't cheat if you can't play the game due to lag
  15. I thought I posted some Lorn earlier Also Brut is so good and that new album is on point 10/10
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