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  1. Matt has confirmed that BE won't ban if you use the Advanced Launcher. Check the post I linked, he states it there.
  2. G1 was purchased before May 25.
  3. It's was removed from ARMAS some time after Little Orbit obtained the game. It was a flawed system and needs to be reworked before it can be launched again.
  4. Q1 2014 I think. But honestly why would you want to give them any money until they prove themselves?
  5. Most likely after the Engine Upgrade and ARMAS overhaul.
  6. Too much processing power is required, clearly.
  7. First off, it's fine you play in a bronze server when you're silver. Us golds are forced to play in silver servers because of the lack of populated gold servers. Dethreating is a huge issue. It's been an issue since they integrated segregation based on threat level. I believe if a player is found purposely dethreating then they can get banned. I'd double check with a GM when you see one in game and act accordingly. Most people I come across are dethreating so they can play with their friends but others do it just to fight easier opposition. Both are not good reasons to invade bronze districts. The system needs to be revised desperately. On another note, in regards to your low frames, have you tried using the Advanced Launcher? Tweaking some settings through that could help you with your frame rate issues. Don't worry, it's completely safe to use according to Matt.
  8. What kind of iPhone? Also, scraping stuff out is the best method. I have so much lint in mine at times and it's not even funny.
  9. Personally, I believe the post rating system works wonders.
  10. I thought spamming low-quality posts is against the rules.
  11. What threat are the districts you experience this kind of behavior in? I play in Silver - Gold districts and never really experience any kind of team killing unless its by accident. Your best bet, as of right now, is to report the players abusing the system to support.
  12. Lixil and IT are aware of the situation.
  13. Stick with the RFP or FBW. Both are pretty good.
  14. Hopefully you can find a retailer that will suit your needs there.
  15. I'm a huge fan of Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 so I'm excited to play this game.
  16. Why not just find the same mouse that broke and buy another one?
  17. I hope that the engine upgrade will bring possibilities like this into the game. It'll definitely give creators more flexibility when it comes to designs.
  18. A couple things come to mind when you bring up that issue. Firstly, I'd open Task Manager while playing and see if anything is running causing the game to lose FPS dramatically. It's definitely possible something is clogging up your CPU usage and could affect APB due to it being a very CPU intensive game. Secondly I'd use a different program to monitor your CPU temperatures. Not because the one you're using is unreliable but it's always good to get a different sample from multiple sources. I've had this issue before and it ended up being my CPU cooler that was failing; causing it to throttle so it didn't melt. Considering you said you formatted your PC to try and fix this issue I'd say it could definitely be a hardware failure. Additionally, you could run your PC through some CPU tests with CineBench or other stressing software to see if it is a hardware issue. Hope this helps.
  19. They appear on your map so blow them up when you see one. It's really not that difficult.
  20. Flag juggling in the early days of Halo is identical to this situation. I say you fix this bug but give the carrier the ability to use a secondary with their free hand.
  21. Citing the post above, they're still very backed up but are working through every ticket they receive.
  22. Contact support here and they'll help you with your issue.
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