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  1. Pass the video to support through their ticket system. They'll handle it accordingly.
  2. How genuine of you. To that, I'll extend the same offer. To any new or lower-ranking players who would like to play with higher golds and learn some new methods to getting better then add me as a friend in-game. I play on Jericho as a criminal under the name Goophead. Feel free to add me and whisper me whenever I'm online. I tend to play around 6-11PM EST on weekdays and more on Saturday and Sunday nights.
  3. Bornstellar

    Ballistic [Enforcer]

    Would be rad to join but my Enforcer isn't high enough. Perhaps when I get around to working on that character, then. Looking forward to facing your clan on missions. Best of luck with recruiting!
  4. Paste the direct link to your image. Go to the Imgur page with your picure on it and right click it then hit "copy image link" or something along those lines. Then paste it into your post and it should show up as a photo. There's no need for [ IMG ] tags.
  5. Honestly just find a weapon or setup you enjoy playing and stick with it. You may also want to look into your movement as I've noticed a lot of lower-level golds and silvers tend to stop moving at random intervals and become a sitting duck. The idea, atleast for me, is to not stop moving while in an open area. It's a very common mistake I see nowadays and tends to cost players the match. While moving you always want to sprint (shift+movement key) rather than jog (movement key only). Jogging isn't viable as your movement is slower which allows the enemy to hit you more if their aim is on-point. That's probably my most potent tip for "getting better".
  6. That's a shame. Gifting caused no issues.
  7. I liked it more when it was transparent 7/10
  8. i7 6700k @ 4GHz GTX 1080 ROG STRIX 8GB 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM 500GB SSD M.2 Samsung EVO 2TB SSD 4TB HDD Alienware 25" 240hz Monitor x2 Razer Blackwidow Chroma Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Razer Firefly Arctis Pro Wireless Bonus poster wall picture:
  9. I second Belle. They're very helpful and super kind.
  10. Usually when that happens it says "clear editor" after the old text shows up in the field. Anyways.. is that one piece /10
  11. I love clan organization, wish it wasn't as bright though 8/10
  12. Ohhhh now I get your name. weed xd
  13. If I were you'd finish off leveling my Crim then head over to my Enforcer and level him up.
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