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  1. Couldn't the same thing be said about nerfing? First it's going to be lets nerf this one gun that is completely fine. Then lets nerf this gun because now that the other one got nerfed, this one is now too strong. Then since nerfing things is so common, lets just make everything so weak that the games average ttk drops from 0.7 average to something like 1.5 seconds. Now you have a game where players can't make plays because since the ttk is so long, groups always stick together and all shoot one player at a time to wipe the enemy team. This is a slippery slope argument but it can happen. A low ttk helps players to be vigilant , be smart in how they approach objectives and areas and a player can actually do a nice clutch to save the round/match. A high ttk is much more forgiving, it would push players to use explosives much more often than they already do because it can either one shot or cut their ttk time by half and a player would have trouble by clutching because everyone is a bullet sponge.
  2. Which means there are two potential problems. Either they do what they do too effectively or the others in their respective class just perform too badly its more the latter, thus why im for buffing guns that aren't used very often and giving them a place in the meta. Same thing with cars, the only ones are viable are the pioneer and espacio because they literally a gigantic block of unstoppable bullet sponge that covers you from head to shin, you don't need to crouch and limit your mobility if someone starts to shoot you over the car. The packer Ceresco (candy van) provides just as much cover but it takes very little to blow it up and the ramming strength is very minimal. If it was as strong as a pioneer in terms of its ability to ram cars out of the way, top speed and hp, you would most certainly see it more often.
  3. Just so you know, all the guns you just listed did receive changes recently. Have you tried them out yet? Yes i did and the changes were definitely beneficial to the kit but does it make it viable to a point where players are comfortable in using it against a good team? no, it does not. Players are still more comfortable using OCA/PMG/NTEC/HVR/OBEYA/SHOTGUNS because they are good at what they do in most situations. Just like the cars and the mods in this game, there is a very strong meta that cannot be challenged by these subpar guns that went through a few tweaks here and there to make the gun feel a bit better. In most situations, its not just two players out in the open standing still and shooting at eachother and seeing who kills who first. There is cover, there are other players who flank/tag you, there is car gameplay, there are a million nades thrown at you relentlessly *cough low yields cough*.
  4. You say buff other guns, could you give an example of what guns you mean Sure, buff the LCR, AR-97, ARTEMIS ISSR, SCOPED NTEC maybe the Cobra?
  5. I agree that the star is fine as is but the other guns definitely need to be tuned up. You don't seem them used very often for a good reason. The Ursus is definitely strong but in most cases, they get absolutely shredded in CQC and the FAR? well i never got to play with it because i can't afford it https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/mobile/000/025/382/Screen_Shot_2018-02-06_at_3.37.14_PM.jpg And when there was a very large discussion about the shredder when it was obviously broken. There were alot of veteran players who were saying without being satire that the gun is completely fine and should be left as is. That and other situations in the past is why im so damn skeptical about most forum warriors opinions on gun balance and changes. And i used the word most, if you feel like you were being included in that list, maybe you subconsciously agree
  6. Why not just buff the other ARs in the game to compensate and to widen the choice of playable ARs ? Ntec currently has its proper place in the game a good mid range gun that can also be use in CQC IF the player knows what the hell they are doing. I really don't wan't more Ntec nerfs because its just gonna kill the weapon altogether and you will barely ever see anyone play with it because you can just use a gun like the obeya. Also because a change with a gun in APB reloaded takes fucking forever to revert or to fix. I'm really skeptical about nerfs and buffs because most of the time, they make no fucking sense whatsoever, most of the voiced opinions on the forums are from really bad players with alot of gameplay time. And since we're on the subject of nerfs, can we talk about the Joker RFP and its ARMAS version the RFP FANG?
  7. i tried doing a mission with Mr.Mattscott but he couldn't play because his character is bugged/weird. my hopes and dreams are dead.
  8. As a fellow gamer and APB connoisseur, i wholeheartedly agree with this statement. We need to stand together as one since we are the most oppressed group of all : Gamers. So brothers and sisters, rise up and help us bring back the beacon fight club as it is the most skill based fight clubs of the 3. Fight for Beacon. -Arrowtotheknee, MBAH clan member, RAOV clan member, former wasp division officer from the Jericho Server, One of the founders of Viper Corps, fight club enthusiast, Second place winner of the killathon event (20k g1c), proud owner of a 4x4 vegas before it was cool, symbol creator, over 100k confirmed kills over 2 characters and max rank on both enforcer and criminal characters.
  9. Well there it is. That was literally what was causing my fps to tank for no reason. Its a USB port issue (at least for me). I had a WiFi stick connected to it and that was what was causing the issue. Before when i played and didn't have any fps issues, i was using a Ethernet cable so i never got the experience it. But when i finally came back to playing APB, i was using the WiFi stick in a new USB port which lead to the problem. It was just recently that i'm back to using my Ethernet cable, so i took the WiFi stick off which resolved the fps disturbance. TLDR: If you suddenly get the same type of fps issue. Its probably one of your USB ports that is fucked. As dogfish said, unplug each device connected to your PC via USB one at a time to see whether the fps suddenly goes back to normal or not and then just change that devices USB port to another. The fps issue could most definitely be from another source, but i would highly recommend at least trying this first since it is the easiest to verify. Thank you all so very much for the help, wouldn't be able to play APB without you.
  10. what in the flying fuck. I guess ill try that too. Thanks a bunch
  11. Unfortunately not. I ordered a new cooler (same model) and tested it out. Issue still persists. I noticed my motherboard (Asus Z-170A) default cpu voltage is fucked and had it .100 higher than what its normally supposed to be. I changed it to the recommended voltage for my cpu (found the correct voltage online) and set it manually. My CPU runs much cooler now (about 8-9 degrees) but issue still persists. Also tried to change the priority thing, one of the first things i did in matter of fact, but the problem still occurs. At this point, i've given up and set it aside until i figure something else out in the future since im tired of dealing with it. Please keep me posted with things you've tried, i would very much appreciate it.
  12. please make my title to this : watch?v=h3uBr0CCm58
  13. Thanks for the suggestion/help. I'll run some tests with CineBench and see if theres anything that pops out and see what other cpu temp programs i can use to compare with the MSI afterburner results. Will update once i have the results.
  14. yes, my main gaming monitor is set at 120hz and no. I do not experience this issue with any other game.
  15. Hello, i'll try to be as descriptive as possible and tell you what I've already tried to do. Specs: Windows 10 Pro 64bit AMD R9 390x Intel i7-6700k 16G Ram (2x8g 3000mhz) Asus Z-170A Game is installed on an samsung 850 evo with plenty of room left The issue is when i launch apb, the game sits perfectly fine at 120 fps for the first 10 minutes. After that, the game drops to 80-90 fps and stays there. The district can be very quiet or very active, but the fps still stays around 80. I've never had this issue in the past , but now that i came back to apb, the issue exists. Changing districts or characters does not fix the issue, the only way the fps goes back to a solid 120 is when i restart the game, but then the issue comes back after about 10 minutes. I've noticed that when i have the game on windowed mode and i click outside of the window, the fps shown by /fps jacks back up to 120fps even with a bunch of gunshots and explosions around me, but when i click back onto the window, the fps drops back to 80-90. Heres a list of things i've tried: I've tried formatting my computer but nothing changed I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both G1 version and steam version but nothing changed. I've tried disabling my cpus speedstep option in bios but nothing came out of it. I've tried running the game with high graphic settings, low graphic settings and minimal advanced launcher settings but the issue still persists. I've tried running Radeon performance mode through radeon settings. I've tried running windows performance mode through power plan settings. I've looked at my Cpu speed/ temp and voltage through CPUID CPU-Z before the issue and after the issue and nothing was different. I've look at Radeon Global Wattman before and after the issue occurs and i haven't noticed any major difference expect the GPUs mhz speed that goes from 1000mhz before to about 850-950mhz after. I've downloaded all the latest drivers for my computer (Bios, Intel chipset, Radeon, Motherboard LAN/audio/ .NET framework/ Direct X. I've tried running the game with a year old Radeon driver but the issue still exists. I've Tried changing resolutions to a lower one but the issue still persists. I've tried enabling all the extra graphic settings (bloom,low quality hud, etc) and it didn't do anything. I've tried changing the garbagecollectionmemory/timebetweenpurge in BaseEngine.Ini I've tried doing a bunch of other stuff but i can't really remember. Here's what it looks like through MSI afterburner before and after the drop https://i.imgur.com/kQTN5C0.png Also, every other game i've played on this system works completely fine. Thank you for taking the time to read. Any thoughts?
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