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  1. There has been plenty of people attempting to use this spot to survive the nutcracker event. It's pretty easy to kill anyone who hides in here, but it's still quite obviously an unintended place for the player to reach. In the video I did not really try to jump over the debris blocking further entrance, but you can get through. The pillar is not solid and there is no way to exit beyond killing yourself or getting killed.
  2. theres an achievement for a title that requires you to do 20 dailies, so 10 days if you want that.
  3. cerv

    WASP Inc [Enforcer]

    Hi. Long story short, recruitment is reopened. Feel free to put an app in on our website listed in the OP.
  4. i like bacon it's probably the only fightclub i get some enjoyment out of
  5. cerv


    and make sure your caps isnt on
  6. Try it yourself for 500 joker tickets? I've done that and I'm enjoying coupling it with a COBR-A atm.
  7. Ne pense pas qu'il y a une mise à jour. Le serveur est probablement juste écrasé. unless gm's are non-existent atm somebody is probably aware that the login server is down. would like some info on the forums though pls
  8. cerv

    WASP Inc [Enforcer]

    yes the real wasp is on NA. despite sharing the same website we're posers.
  9. At 80 metres the ntec takes 18 shots to kill even with IR3 if you aren't already hurt / taking damage from anything else. It's surprising that you've been experiencing this for 8 years. I'm glad I'm not experiencing what you are.
  10. Personally I find quickswitching more annoying than the damage but either or would be a decent change in my eyes. I don't believe that nerf would do much to change the ntec meta as the STAR and other similar AR's would still be a straight downgrade in the more "competitve" matches and its just boring to have one gun be the best in class. It would probably cause more variety in random matchups though. I used to be a carbine ballerina back when it was popular in NA circa ~2013 and while I don't think it needs to go back to that it definitely needs a change so it'd see more use. I agree that it's a good weapon but in most cases where i'd use a carbine I'd simply just take out a oscar instead. Atac isn't fine, it's currently a laser beam and requires absolutely no effort to use right now. Previous to its buff in (i'd like to say 2015?) it was still easy to use, but not as easy as it is now. I mainly see it on silvers and awful golds though so it doesn't tend to bother me that much.
  11. I believe that the HVR needs its ability to quickswitch removed and potentially a damage nerf to around 750-800. Reduce the N-tecs mag size to 26 and bring up an assault rifle that can compete with it in the meta but not replace it or be the exact same. (Whether new or already existing) Standardise the range on the OCA Whisper & Moddable PDW Kris to be the same as the regular oca. Slight carbine accuracy buff. It doesn't see enough use compared to the OSCAR in gold matches. JG needs some sort of change to make it less RNG on whether it decides to 2 shot in its intended range or not. ATAC needs its buff reversed as it was completely fine where it was previously. Low yields need to be reduced to 2 grenades. There is no reason to use frag grenades at the moment even if low yields currently do less damage. Their speed, the timer, and the fact you have 3 of them is just too good. There's probably more I could come up with but I cba atm.
  12. cerv

    WASP Inc [Enforcer]

    +1 get on game so i can jump on your head some more
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