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  1. Hello! These are some guides to help you find a good way to start helping you in the new event! hope this helps you out! &
  2. Matt!!! You kidding me? I had just made a guide on this, I go back... And so dit you! Edit: Do not misunderstand me, I'm just joking, Find it funny it's litterly done at the same moment.
  3. Hello and welcome to my guide! This was was initialy going to be for our clan, OverSight only. But seeing there are a lot of people who get the image wrong and do not understand. Here it goes public! getting started: The event is 3 team based. There is 3 teamsof Players of both Criminals & Enforcer. Going further: When you enter the Event District. You will be spawned in one of the 2 player teams. Both teams have a starting Base. At this starting base you will find BARRELS. Take one barrel in your vechicle if it has the space. (If it does not, Concider removing the ammo box modification, You'll need the spaces.) Now, about the barrels: There's multiple types of barrels. To be exact, I believe there are 3 types of barrels. Enemey Barrels, Friendly barrels & neutral barrels. Enemey Barrels: They can NOT be picked up and used for your own. You have to DESTROY them! If you do not destroy them you will give the enemey the advantage of getting points. Making you have lesser chance at winning. Friendly barrels: This time they CAN be picked up to use for your teams advantage. PROTECT them at all cost! If the enemey destroys a barrel in a Neutral zone. They capturing will stop unless there is a second barrel as backup in the zone! Neutral Barrels: They CAN be pickuped by BOTH TEAMS. This means that you can also DESTROY them. Touching upon Neutral, Enemey and Friendly zones. at the start of the game, All zones will be NEUTRAL. It is than your job to get a barrel of toxic poison into the zone and capture that zone. However, Whilst your doing that, The enemey team is doing the same. Which means you'll have to stop them. How to stop them? For that you will have to destroy the pack of barrels in the area. NOTE that it takes quite a lot of bullets or grenade's to destroy them. And finaly Friendly Zones: You will have to defend the friendly zone at all cost and make sure the enemey can't destroy the pack of barrels in the zone. Incase the pack of barrels dit take heavy damage, or just any damage, Make sure to get a blowtorch for joker tickets or buying the modification from the marketplace to REPAIR them. Simply use the blowtorch on the barrels and check the % go up. One more note about the zones. Staying too long in an enemey zone will mean you will take Poison damage. So try to stay out of the border lines whilst attempting to get the barrels down. Lastly: When you or the enemey team reaches 100% in the objective on capturing the points. They will be able to go to the center of the map, The Park in Financial. And will have to bring atleast one barrel with you to capture the zone, It takes 1.30 +- Minutes to capture it with atleast one barrel surviving. Keep in mind: You can have multiple barrels continue to capture incase a barrel does get destroyed. A couple of notes: BLOW TORCH is a MUST for repairing barrels! CAR SURFER is DISABLED in the event. Be careful with your vechicle/car as you can run over barrels and damage them, Meaning you can alsol destroy them. Even friendly barrels. Thanks for reading APB's Community. I know this guide rn is simply text based, but I'm currently getting images to upgrade the guide. Also, If any details I missed, or things I should highlight, Please let me know! Thanks, Criseya - OverSight
  4. Our Overlord, Our Savior, Our OverSight & UnderSight Leader! Keep being awesome! #OverSight4Life #UnderSight4Life
  5. you are always welcome to join OverSight or UnderSight mate! We are very active and can surely help you and offer you a fun envoirment! If you need more info. Please contact me or one of our officers! Alternativly you can also check out our recruitment post on this forum: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/32-oversightundersight-is-recruiting-enforcer-criminal/
  6. Hello! Today we are showing off our (Almost) Final State of the Website we have being working towards for a extended period of time and that we are open to Bond with other Clans! You can Visit the Website Here: http://www.oversight.tk/ And you Can also Visit our Recruitment Page Here: Do you have a Clan? Or your an Officer of a clan and willing to extend on the Communication, Teamwork and Fun? Contact me and we can be partners! Thanks for Reading our small Post and Hope to see you soon!
  7. Criseya

    LF Clan

    Thank you for pointing that out Jeff! Currently Working with DiBBz on this. Will brief Staff Consultation on Discord in a few minutes. Thanks, Criseya
  8. Criseya

    LF Clan

    Please sent me a private message on the Forums or on Discord WITH the names of these players and I will surely check in with them. I hope this aint a Joke your telling right now. As we take this very serieus. We have Rules. These Rules were set there for a Reason. And are NOT to be broken. Doing so will result in a Warning and Kick when needed. This is even a screenshot from the 24th of the 5th month. About 2 Weeks ago when we updated the channel & Rules Message. So please @dibbz Please provide me the InGame Names of the people who dit that. As I said if this is a Lame Joke or Lie from your side than I would also like to know. Thank you! Criseya
  9. Criseya

    LF Clan

    Hello! Your always welcome to join us! We are an Active Clan And being here since 2014! We offer a lot. From Groups togeter to even Events / Giveaways! Please Check our Forum Thread for more information! See you soon!
  10. Have you checked things like your Firewall. Antivirus and mayby connections? Best advice I can give you is to try those out.
  11. Hey! Sorry if there already is a thread about this subject havent being able to find it. I know that wensday is regular maintenace day but on the post by our Community Manager: I thought There would be no maintenace at all today? Just posting this INCASE This is actualy a mistake or such. Thank you!
  12. There is a 4hour mainteance that started (13min) 3min ago.
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