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  1. ^This. Why not PIN the actual post to the top rather than it being "a little burried"? Seems rather redundant.
  2. Exactly. I did EXACTLY what that said, that's how I ended up here, and low and behold RCooper was the first to answer, or give any knowledge about it, thanks again. Lets hope all of these text issues etc are fixed with the upgrade. I REALLY, really, really, hope that its coming soon, rather than SOON™
  3. They generally used to announce regular maintenance, but idk anymore. Most of the forum posts here are months, if not years old on my end, minus the few like this that drip through sometimes. Not sure if its a bug, or if somehow my acct decided to sort forum lists itself...
  4. ^ With the amount of people always whining about server problems (I haven't had many myself, aside from DDOS attacks), among the plethora of changes going through the game compared to G1 ownership, it makes sense not to have estimated downtimes. Gotta keep in mind, G1 made some crazy spaghetti code that LO has to sort through to fix everything.
  5. Thanks! Thought you meant the forum posts, figured those would be there under "patch notes". Went and favorited that link.
  6. Got a link? Last "Patch notes" post for me was Sep. 13..
  7. ^ This. Been subbed to Shini since forever, and his "How to APB" video had me, and friends who don't even play, laughing our asses off.
  8. Agreed 100%. At least LO is trying to fix the game, while G1 didn't give a s***.
  9. wut? People on PC are as toxic as ever in APB. Have you not played for... well, since ever?
  10. On that end, would you mind throwing my character model in it? Granted, I'm unsure how to obtain the models, but would gladly give it. If no, its cool, but after the work you posted, I'll gladly send, or do whatever, to get my character model in some fancy editing. ^_^
  11. Shit you're fine Lixil. Community is just generally toxic as you know. haha
  12. Agreed. I've been hankering for some APB the past weekend, but its been down since Friday. I got the itch.
  13. I mean, that's exactly how it is now, to be fair.
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