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  1. I mean, to them, it might not be excrement. Maybe to them its fuel! (or other stuffs?) At the same time, our space debris is out of control. Frankly, in a space ship, I'd imagine getting smacked by frozen excrement would be better than, say a satellite.
  2. T0asty

    game crash

    Sounds like you have to reinstall or something. I had an issue where the game wouldn't even launch, but uninstalling, restarting, reinstalling worked for me.
  3. What leftovers? I deleted the steamapp/common left over folder was there any others? Just that. Had to restart to even do that, then reinstall the whole game, and then it worked. It's a pain in the butt, but that's what solved my issue.
  4. Fixed the issue. Had to uninstall the game, restart my pc, delete the leftovers, and reinstall. Pain in the patootie that I had to do that, but that fixed it. Pls close/delete this thread devs/mods. ^_^
  5. Title says it all. Worked fine for months, and today, it literally just doesn't. No launcher, no crash message, nothing. Just says I'm playing for a few seconds, and then stops. Any fix? Is this a known issue? Really want to use my 15 days of prem, that I earned from spending money, and activated the other day. Edit: I reinstalled the game, thought that'd fix the issue, but no. The launcher just stopped working, and now doesn't even pop up when I try to launch. I always run Steam in admin mode, even tried in non admin mode, same problem.
  6. There was a bug with it a while ago, I'm surprised it still happening. What I did to fix was delete the "DirectX"(or whatever the install folder is called) in "Binaries", if I remember correctly. Its been a few months since I fixed it, if I'm wrong, I do apologize.
  7. Game runs fine for me, has for 5+ years. Sounds like you need a new gpu/cpu/more ram/etc. If your PC is in fact a "potato" as you say, that's why it won't run correctly. Why you can run games "on highest settings" while using a service like GeforceNOW, is literally because it only depends on your internet connection, not your PC. You can run GeforceNOW in admin mode by right clicking its shortcut, and click "Run as administrator", like everything else.
  8. Hoppin back in tonight! Happy to see the game actually being updated a few times a month, rather than maybe once a year. Good on ya Matt!
  9. You guys at Little Orbit are too awesome. I hope this all goes smoothly!
  10. First things first, get a new anti cheat in, and fix the lag. THEN they can tackle things like the marketplace, content, etc. Easy way to solve it right now, don't buy anything on Armas and wait for them to fix it. I just want a playable game at the moment.
  11. T0asty

    Disconnect Constantly

    Oh no, everything was fine til the server shut off. It happened for a half hour/hour earlier, I also saw some others post about it, and some in-game said the same. I just hope this server restart gets rid of that lag.
  12. I saw that too, I hope this reset, or whatever it is, is to fix the lag.
  13. T0asty

    Disconnect Constantly

    What the title says. I can't play for more than 5 minutes at the moment on Jericho without it disconnecting me. The game was fine(sort of) for the past few days, minus DDoS and major lag.
  14. There were also LOADS of people banned for no reason by devs/the game itself. That's why SOME(not all, as stated in a dev post), will be unbanned. Though with battleye, I'm sure they'll be quickly dealt with.
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