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Originally posted 24. November 2013 – 11:32 AM
Written and managed by @Esther // Proof-reader, editing, support by @freq

1.  What is the Clan Progression thread about?
The Clan Progression thread moved from a single suggestion and idea regarding clan functionality, improvement and progression thread of mine, to a community driven thread with a lot of great suggestions coming from forum members across the whole world. Together, we achieved a huge list with important suggestions to revive and bring back the importance and necessity of clans for All Points Bulletin: Reloaded.

2.  What’ve we achieved the past couple of years?
This specific thread received more than 190 likes, more than 230 votes (remains to have all of 5 stars filled out), more than 80.000 views and more than 570 replies. This isn’t everything though.
The Clan Progression thread raised up to the most liked, voted and replied (without counting one pinned post) content in the Suggestions & Ideas – Section. Also, the thread achieved to be the third most liked content on the GamersFirst Forum overall.

3.  What’s the plan regarding clans with Little Orbit?
The most important step is to show Little Orbit that the clan progression has been left out for a decade after they removed the leaderboards for clans and players which kept the clans relevant during RTW. GamersFirst pretty much ignored this thread even though I tried several times to get in touch with a red name. However – we didn’t give up and kept being active.

4.  Gratitude Statement:
I’m going to take the possibility and try to explain my emotions and gratitude here. I want to thank everyone who supported me, the team behind the thread, the clan progression thread, and the efforts to keep the thread alive, fresh with ideas and relevant. I highly and greatly appreciate all the welfare and commitment to help me out over those couple of years. I just can say it a thousand of times again, thank you very much everyone and I hope – together we’ll get clans back on track. I am optimistic that together we’ll prove Little Orbit that something must happen with Clans.


  1. Clan Management + Usability Improvement to Clans
  2. Clan Progression
  3. Leaderboard (Leagues)
  4. Clan Warfare Event ("Hit Squad")
  5. Clan Wars
  6. Games Of Chance (Gambling)
  7. GamersFirst / Reloaded Production's plan for 2014
  8. Closing Remarks
  9. Special Thanks


1.  Clan Management + Usability Improvement to Clans:


There’re important information, statistics and user-friendliness (usability) are missing for Clans in the Clan Management in game. Following we’ve some certain important points which should have been added to the Clan Management interface on the first day of release already. This is necessary and important to Clans which should be reworked and done as soon as possible.

  • Ability to set the maximum time of inactivity allowed in the clan, after which the member would be either automatically removed, or added to a specific list for the leader and the officers. You can choose between both options.
  • Automation regarding clan symbol, clothing and vehicles. An ability for members to automatically claim these items (perhaps for a price- for younger clans) after set requirements are met. Like a Clan Store later coming with the clan levels.
  • We want the clan-title to be unlocked without having to buy premium. Premium is supposed to give you certain advantages like more rewards and less cooldown. I don't see how a clan title is an advantage, other than just wanting to represent your clan.

1.1  History Journal:
Date of clan creation, all the dates and reasons of clan invites, rank changes, removals, when did the person join date, et cetera. Literally everything what Clans should have.

1.2  Statistic Tab in the Clan Management:
Create a new tab in the clan management for literally all interesting statistics to look at:


  • Kills the clan has made in total
  • Total Action District Time
  • Total Fight-Club District time
  • Players killed by car collisions
  • Players killed with main/secondary weaponry
  • Players killed by grenades
  • Kills by each clan member
  • Missions the clan has successfully completed
  • Missions each member has completed
  • Objectives completed in total
  • Medals earned in total
  • Total completed clan wars missions
  • The last 5 clan missions against whom they played (win/lose)
  • Et. cetera

To make those statistic more usefully than just to leave it to be a number, there could be Clan Roles added to the Clan Management tab, like the same progression as characters already have. Clan roles again like Pointman, Marksman, Clan Wars, et cetera.


1.3  Inspect others Clans:
Make it possible to examine the clan of the player next to you with the inspecting mode. You’re able to see the progression of his character but you can’t inspect his current clan. You should be able to see their clan level, clan symbol, clan statistics, clan members and a lot of other things.


When you’re inspecting the clan then there should also appear a button somewhere at the interface to give the inspector the possibility to write an application for the clan you’re currently viewing. This makes it a lot easier for newcomers to join or at least try to join a clan. This could also be added to the Clan Contact giving the possibility to write applications to all available participating clans with a filter for Enforcers / Criminals, members and so on.

1.4  Clan symbole visible:
Make the Clan - Symbole visibile next to or under the clan name, following pictures:

tn5zZ7H.png -> rB9UGHb.png

1.5  Scoreboard:
Scoreboard should finally show the clan symbol of your clan and the clan symbol of the opposition on the scoreboard. This has been bugged since release. Losing the opportunity of seeing awesome clan symbols and representing.


1.6  Information Pinboard / Hub for Updates:
Place somewhere in Social - District (preferable next to the Clan Contact) a Pinboard which could have the Clan Symbole on the board of the Clan who won a gambling event or a Clan Event (explained later).
Players should be able to interact with this board (simply by pressing a button) to read the newest updates and some important information but also the current on-going or upcoming APB: R Events like Armas sales, clan events, community events like designing, racing, et cetera.

There're always new players comint to APB: R or coming back to APB: R and would like to now the latest updates, those players mostly won't browse the GamersFirst Forum. Simply try to make it more conformable and beginner friendly and work in their interest.

2.  Clan Progression:


2.1  Why clans are important to APB: R?
Clans are keeping the player base together, in touch and engaged to the game. Clans are very helpfully for new players, they can ask in the clan chat if there’s an issue with something or if they would like to know anything about APB. New players will stick to the game by far faster and more easily if they’re able to find friend to play and enjoy the game with. There’s currently a very big gap and issue with finding players to play with, a clan won’t fix this problem, but it can help to solve the problem a little at least. Clans are helping the matchmaking to a certain point too.

They also own a very important aspect in APB: R which is that they’re having a high status to proudly show off in which clan you are in with your clan tag.  Being in a clan like WASP, Rezistance, 8bit, Essence, MVP, BitFenix and a thousand of more clans (please no hate neither do I advertise those clans – they just got in my head for this subject quickly) used to be a high prerogative but sadly this feeling and capability decreased continuously to a point where clans aren’t even relevant anymore.

There’re tons of example where Clans/Guilds are almost the most necessary aspect in games doesn’t matter if it’ll be for PvE, PvP or PvPvE.

2.2  What is the Clan Progression we're talking about?
There should be “Clan Levels” which you can continuously level up through completing designated different activities and from simply playing APB with your clan group. What I still would like to try to avoid is that you’re punishing yourself when you’re playing with your friends. This shouldn’t be happening neither. As an example, clans can complete one to three clan activities per week, but those activities are more difficult than the standard activities you can accept from the contacts. After successfully reaching a clan level it could probably mean that the next clan level requires more completed clan activities for your clan to gain another clan level.

The leader or/and officer of the specific clan could go to a certain “Clan Contact” in Social – District (there’s enough space a new NPC) who offers certain different activities for your clan to complete. The activities should be choosable and without a stressfully deadline. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of creating a lot of stress in video games. There’re enough stressfully moments in APB and in real life already. Besides that, there could be a limit to the same activity a clan can complete within a certain time frame, to mix things a little bit up.

Earning experience to gain a clan level could happen with: playing with your clan members; kills; finishing a mission objective; winning a mission; clan war missions; clan activities and a lot more.
Playing as clan group could give you an experience boost of a certain amount like 25% more experience from completing those named tasks above.

2.3  Clan Activities:
APB: R uses a few different activities in mission districts, a few of those are already in the game and some activities got postponed a long time ago. They’re being used by Fight Club or Contact activities currently. So those are easily recyclable and rewritten for the clan progression. There can also be different tasks within one activity. The perfect case would be if those necessary tasks to complete an activity depends on your clan size to equalize small, medium and big clans.

  • Money activity: Earn as clan a specific amount of cash this week (you receive cash from kills, objectives, et cetera)
  • Kill activity: Kill this week a specific number of players to show the clan contact how great your clan is.
  • Object activity: Complete a specific number of objectives (burning doors, defusing bombs, et cetera.)
  • Win missions activity: Win a specific number of missions
  • Run over activity: Drive over a specific number of players with your lovely car
  • Secondary activity: Kill a specific number of players with your secondary
  • Burn and grenade activity: Burn down a specific number of doors and do a specific number of successfully grenade kills.
  • Run over and win streak of missions: Drive over a specific number of players and reach a certain number of missions win streak.

There shouldn’t be only PvP activities, there should also be PvE activities like designing an icon, creating a theme, designing a car, designing outfits and more. APB: R has a lot of great opportunities to include every aspect of APB to the clan progression. APB has such a great customization, so why shouldn’t we use it?

2.4  Rewards for achieving Clan Levels?
To receive your clan level, you need to place a specific amount of money into your clan locker (bank). This secures the economic of APB and it might try to bring it into a better state. This doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will be poor if he’s joining a guild but most likely you’ll earn more money for completing certain tasks in APB (like killing players) after you earn the necessary guild level. Following are a few ideas:

  • Level 1: Clan "locker" for easy sharing of mods, cars, weapons, clothes and all that stuff (bank).
  • Level 2: You will earn 25% more APB$ for killing players
  • Level 3: You will earn 25% more APB$ for completing objectives
  • Level 4: Discount for spawning your car
  • Level 5: Your clan members will earn more experience for contacts (like premium does)
  • Level 6: The possibility to complete daily activities of mission district contacts raise up to 10
  • Level 7: Sending Armas Marketplace cars and clothes between clan mates will be possible. (For designing, etc.)
  • Level 8: Sending money between clan members will be possible
  • Level 9: Sending legendary weapons between clan members will be possible
  • Level 10: Buying weapons, modifications and upgrades from the contact is 25% cheaper than as before
  • Level 11: More clothing inventory space, outfit capacity increases, garage space, theme/song space
  • Level 12: Earning 30% more $ in total for every tasks in APB
  • Level 13: You can choose a different colour for your clan tag
  • Level 14: Your clan tag will show up on the screen if you join a mission district as a clan group of 3/4.  
  • Level 15: Your clan get his own skin weapon skin with your current used clan icon

2.5  Clan Store/Locker/Bank:
Clan locker for custom items (clothes, cars, symbols, …) to claim from members. Those items can be updated from members of the clan if they own the necessary permissions to do so. They can simply upload their items with their unique clan design to the clan locker and those members who would love to get those items can buy it for the original price. Possibility to store other stuff like upgrades, equipment, modifications too.
The clan locker will be able to hold money. The money can be withdrawn by the leader, officer and all members with the right permission. Useable for buying billboards, money for certain clan events, leader / officer purpose, clothes et cetera.

Don’t forget to add a track list to the clan locker so everyone can keep track of withdraws and deposit of items and such.

2.6  Contribution to your clan:
A Clan could get some special purchase offers from the Clan Contact. To buy those special items the clan member must do gather a certain amount of APB $ and Joker Tickets to unlock those special items. As example:

  • AAEPD “Volcano” – necessary contributions: 0 / 200.000 APB $ + 0 / 500 Joker Tickets
  • STAC 10 Tactical R&D III: 0 / 400.000 APB $ + 0 / 1.000 Joker Tickets

This could give every clan the opportunity to unlock special clothing, cars and kits to create an own unique clan design.

2.7  Clan ranks + permissions:
APB needs more variety in terms of clan ranks besides leader, officer and members for the future clan progression. You could create a clan rank “Main Designer” for the guy who designs most of the clan uniforms, cars and all that stuff so he’ll receive his own permissions to support his job. It makes it easier to keep track of members who are doing different tasks in APB.

When you invite someone to the clan then he’ll receive the clan rank Member by default. If there’ll come a clan locker in the future, then we need different ranks and permissions to prevent people from scamming and stealing items.


There's enough space for a clan rank / permission button to be added in the clan management tab.

2.8  Pledge to your clan:
To prevent people from any kind of exploitation, scamming and stealing there should be a trial time for a certain amount of time. Could be up from one day to one week depends on the clan leader / officer which time frame they choose. After successfully passing the trail time of the clan the member must accept a type of pledge to the clan which makes it more difficult to leave. If he wants to leave, then he needs to pay a fee or whatever. The free will move into the pot for the gambling event part, explained at the end of this thread.

2.9  Clans can join an organization:
After your clan reaches the max level, your clan can pledge and fight for a huge organization. The Clan Contact will offer you a special mission for your clan which allows you to choose between 2 groups for each faction in the end. This means Enforcers can choose between Prentiss Tigers and Praetorian. For Criminal it will be G-Kings and Blood Roses or maybe there'll appear new unexplored organizations.

The clan management will change his interface design depending of the chosen organization. You might also receive a special clan – organization weapon skin.


To keep the clan levels going and players engaged then there might be also clan organization levels where you must level up the organization for special rewards and perks. I’ll add a few examples:

  • Clan experience boost: Receive a specific number of increased experience for completing objectives/kills for 1 week.
  • Money boost: Increase the money you earn for each task for a specific number and time
  • Joker Ticket boost: Receive a specific number of increased joker tickets from daily, weekly and fight club rewards
  • Contact experience boost: Increase the experience you gain for your current chosen contact
  • Random Armas weapon: Your clan will receive a random Armas weapon/legendary weapon for a certain amount of time

3. Leaderboard (Leagues):


BRING BACK LEADERBOARDS! APB RTW offered leaderboards (leagues) to clans and individuals to play for glory and for your own ego boost. Besides that, you received awesome rewards for participating in those leagues. As far as I remember you used to get special cars and weapons (which are currently available to buy at contacts). This would obviously make clans a lot more interesting and addicting. You should be able to see their best acheived leaderboard ranking in the clan management statistic tab.


Leaderboards could offer different rewards for being in the top 10 (3). APB: R had monthly rewards a very long time ago where you received special weapon skins from playing Fight Club when they used to have the leaderboards located there. Please, do not recycle those special old Fight Club rewards, people earned it while there were still rewards for winning the leaderboard.

4. Clan Warfare Event ("Hit Squad"):



I’m sure a lot of people remember the Hit Squad Clan Event, the one where you had to play missions in the mission district in a group size of 3/4 to receive points for your clan. The idea behind the Hit Squad Event was pretty good. It preferred bigger clans or clans who recruited quickly players for their clan. But in the end, those players needed to play in a group to earn those clan points.


Complete any opposed mission in a full group (of 4 from the same clan) to earn:
  • 1 Point for you
  • 1 Point for your clan
It would be awesome to see Events like those happening more often, like every 6 months or so.

After winning this event the top three clans should get special rewards like a flag in social district, 1% marketplace tax income for like a month (1% of 20% is 0,2% which is literally nothing, but the money could transfer straight to the clan bank). The marketplace interface could change its appearance depending on the winning clan, having their flag on the interface, different colour, a massage that it’s in control by a specific clan and more. Special Cars / Kits your clan will receive until the next clan event will begin.

OLD: GamersFirst offered those rewards, which were also pretty good and should stay:

Top 3 Clans per World that earn the most points by the end of the event will win:

Server Wide Clan “Shout Out”
Have your Clan Name with Clan ‘Motto’ or ‘Tagline’ announced across your server for an entire month! Clan Leader will submit on behalf of their Clan.
  • 1st Place Clan – 2-hour interval (12 announcements/day)
  • 2nd Place Clan – 3-hour interval (8 announcements/day)
  • 3rd Place Clan – 4-hour interval (6 announcements/day)
There’re endless possibilities to make this event more appealing to players playing for their clan. Also, this could always be an huge event announcement to attract players over the whole world to bring them back to APB: R again.

5. Clan Wars:



5.1  Bigger Wars:
Add an 8vs8, 12vs12 and 16vs16 clan warfare for much bigger wars, probably in an own clan fight club district or in an own mission district for clan fights only. Add a system in the district select page where your group leader can pick an option for your group to join a clan warfare district. Offer an invitation possibility to invite your desired opponent to match against you, sure they can decline it.

Example Video:
16vs16 Fight Club - Match
uploaded by EvocatiCommunity, published at 10.01.2014

5.2  Asylum as Clan War District:
Asylum would be the perfect district for clan wars. It's just a "small" district but it has a lot of potential for clan fights. Prevent the possibility to join the Clan War Asylum - District alone, just possible as group with your clan friends or just with friends so you'll match against other pre-made groups. APB: R lost a lot of different missions in the past couple of years, but it would be an outstanding moment to offer new, enjoyable missions for the Asylum District. 10 different missions would be enough already to offer a new experience, different locations for objectives and environment for players in APB.

I would love to see the old matchmaking being used for the asylum clan district which we had during APB: RTW times. It works quite simple as your group leader can choose between different opponents when the notificiation pops up. This means two different clans can aim to play against each other - if they want to or even lower threa level groups can choose to play also against lower threat level groups, without being forced to play against gold TL.

As you can see, the group leader (but if I remember right the whole group could even see the matchmaking pop up) can choose between opponents and see their current threat level of the players they might match. An improvement would be to add the clan name on the notification name (probably next to the threat level) or instead of the threat level use the clan name. However, adding the clan name could prevent people from matching you which would be a step backwards.


To reward the playing clan group for playing in Asylum District (besides clan experience, et cetera.) they could show the clan tag of the group leader on the map after winning a certain amount of missions in a row as it used to be with Gold 10 back in the days. This could be one incentive for clans and friends to play on this district and have fun.




6. Games Of Chance (Gambling):



The clan contact has an own tab after unlocking it which offers you random games of chance / events where your clan has the ability to bet with a specific number of APB $ to win or lose. Those events should stay rare but offer special and rare rewards. Every member in APB will receive a letter in game that a special gambling event has started for their clan. Everyone can read the rules and explanation at the clan contact about the current active event. There’ll be a deadline set by the clan contact after the deadline the possibility to join the event will be closed.

Special Rewards could be like:


  • Receiving the whole money which were in the pot
  • Next to the clan contact will be a wall, shield or flag of your clan symbol (There’s a shield in social district which keeps changing its picture, this one could easily work for the clan advertisement)
  • A special boost for your clan for a certain amount of time
  • Pick an Armas weapon of your choice for a certain amount of time
  • Special car kits / clothes / themes / songs
  • A figure of your clan symbol or a doll with your clan outfit next to the clan contact
  • An event could be like your clan has to guess a number between one to fifty. Obviously, no one knows the answer before the gambling event is done. Entry fee for this gambling could be a certain amount of APB $, Joker Tickets or even completing different activities from the clan contact.
  • Clan contact wants to know a specific name, word, sentence from the Lore of APB. Question: Who has been called “Sal Murino” before he changed his name? Answer: Michael Simeone
  • Question: What’s MattScott’s favourite colour, food? Answer: Wiener Schnitzel of course.

7. GamersFirst / Reloaded Production's plan for 2014 were:

  • Clan Leaderboards
  • Turf Wars

Source: https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2014/05

8. Closing Remarks:



There’s endless potential for Clans in APB: R to increase the overall interest and enjoyment for new, veteran, casual and hardcore (competitive) players. I’m absolutely looking forward to receiving feedback, suggestions but also criticism comments.

A perfect start for the whole free to play community regarding clan improvement would be the following sentenceand I hope Little Orbit will make this small but important change soon:


  • The Clan-Title (choosing the clan tag as title below your name) should be unlocked to everyone after joining a clan without having to buy premium. There’s no reason to hide the Clan Tag as Title behind a paywall and should be removed as soon as possible.

A post with constructive feedback, criticism and/or love, + like is the best way to support this thread and keep the stone rolling. Please keep in mind and accept that this thread doesn’t represent any accurate numbers neither percentage.

9. Special Thanks (added your ideas, suggestions, improvements and more):


@freq (proof-reader and helped me with editing this huge thread for several days)

Insane (created the awesome looking banner)
@Dopefish (being super supportive and active)
@Seadee (being super active on this thread for several years, helping me out with every issue I experience)
@Itazura (helped me with my huge formatting issues and gave me a workaround)
The Milk Man
Queen of Love



I do greatly appreciate every small talk, gif, picture, feedback, suggestion, criticism and a +1 like. I want to be clear here, that I've spent several hours (yes hours) on editing and formatting this thread to get it ready and published for this forum. I really - really hope the APB: R community will enjoy and appreciate it as much as a few did on the old forum. Thank you.

"As stated in number "8. Closing Remarks", I would love to see a small little change/update but an important improvement to the whole free to play community which makes it possible to choose and use the Clan-Title without having to buy and own premium in the near future. Clan Tag should be usable as free to play player."

27. 06. 2018: Rewrote and overhauled the complete thread.
27. 06. 2018: Proof-read and supported by freq.



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As stated in number "8. Closing Remarks", I would love to see a small little change/update but an important improvement to the whole free to play community which makes it possible to choose and use the Clan-Title without having to buy and own premium in the near future. Clan Tag should be usable as free to play player.

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+1 nothing else to add.


Good to see this Post being back up. Hopefully it's getting the attention it deserves this time around unlike with the old Staff.


Thanks for taking the time to bring this together @Esther 👍

Edited by Itazura
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Awesome work man, glad to see the thread back again. Hope LO will consider some of our suggestions in the near future 🙂

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Would love to see all these stuff implemented as there's no incentive to be a part of a clan as long as you have people to play with.

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+1 +1 +1



This needs to be implemented already!!

Edited by preo
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That’s awesome, I’m glad to see this thread published again!


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To bad the clans already died so.... rip   \(-`_´-)/

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+1 indeed, cant agree more with what @freq said. Well written @Esther, i really know, how much it means to you and obviously alot of others who were putting in their time and effort and love for APB.




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Now that is what you call a proper extensive post. Could be quite nice to see more things being done with clans than just an extended friendslist

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Clans are a huge thing that could give APB a unique edge in this type of game

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I had a quick skin through the list and idk if I skimmed over it or not, but we could probably have a clan level system with bonus rewards/boosts for each level for example:

Clan level 5 - Reduction item prices from the contact shops by 1%


Clan level 45 - +5 more symbol layers for customization



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8 hours ago, MoeEveryWeek said:

I had a quick skin through the list and idk if I skimmed over it or not, but we could probably have a clan level system with bonus rewards/boosts for each level for example:

Clan level 5 - Reduction item prices from the contact shops by 1%


Clan level 45 - +5 more symbol layers for customization



I like the Idea tbh. It has something of an MMO Guild Progression where for example leveling the Guild/Clan up would allow you to do more with the Guild Blacksmith.
I could imagine like a Clan specific "Contact" for example that allows Members to lease Weapons for certain credits they can collect within the clan. The Weapon lease times or Weapon Types could be dependent on the Clan level for example

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Thanks everyone for all those kind comments, likes and thanks - I appreciate it so much!!! :classic_love:


15 hours ago, MoeEveryWeek said:

I had a quick skin through the list and idk if I skimmed over it or not, but we could probably have a clan level system with bonus rewards/boosts for each level for example:

Clan level 5 - Reduction item prices from the contact shops by 1%


Clan level 45 - +5 more symbol layers for customization



Yes, the Clan Progression thread contains Clan Levels. As example I wrote 15 clan levels with ideas down just did some quick brainstorming long time ago. You can find those at 2.4 Rewards for achieving Clan Levels? 🙂

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+1 💕


Well said although, id like to add something related to mm system while playing with clan members.




I think the clan ui should be more complex 

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