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  1. Don't forget the shitty spawns that don't factor in water or bridges
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    id like to apply for american diplomat to the europe
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    Crim V Crim & Enforcer V Enforcer?

    From a gameplay standpoint you can't include Crim v. Crim without including Enforcer vs. Enforcer. The old RTW had matchmaking problems for Enforcers since there was hardly any opposition. Like I said in the other thread I'd like to see certain district distinctions, with competetive districts allowing Enforcer v Enforcer and Crim v Crim. From a lore stand-point it could be easily described as the CSA groups not getting along. They're basically gangs with badges at this point, so it'd make sense that they themselves would get into a scuffle. On one hand you've got a private military running errands for a major corporation and on the other is a bunch of wealthy college kids that get a kick out of gunfights. I could see them getting into some fights. Plus this could help the matchmaking get more opposition. But I'd really only like to see it in certain districts as it kinda takes away the feeling of the game.
  4. It isn't worth little orbit's time and it is near impossible to fix without a stupid amount of coding to prevent a mechanic that doesn't even matter
  5. Most cheats just use macros to max out the fire rate anyways removing scroll wheel wouldn't change their ability to achieve a perfect fire rate
  6. Using the Pioneer + aimbot is cheating remove it. Using the OCA with aimbot is cheating too. Youre argument doesnt make any any logical sense. LO should focus on more important things than trying to fix a problem that doesn't really cause problems in the first place
  7. I seem to be having the same issue with my weapons as well
  8. That could be possible I was suggesting pre-mades because I think it would be more fair from a competetive standpoint. It'd be easier if everyone in the district was in pre-mades to match with other pre-mades. Solos would work it might just be at a significant disadvantage to them.
  9. That seems a little unfair and biased but okay
  10. Clans with 1-15 members would compete for their own rewards with no affect from any other tier. 15-40 member clans would compete for their own rewards in their tier. They would not be able to take rewards from the 1-15 member bracket, it is separate. 40-70 members would compete in their own bracket as well, and could not take rewards from other players in the lower brackets or higher brackets. 70-120 member clans would have to compete in their own bracket as well. See where I am going with this? If you choose not to participate in Fight Club you also are severely hindered in receiving items that need joker tickets. If you refuse to use LTL you do not get custom clothing. Overwatch restricts golden weapon skins to Competitive, and in a lot of MMOs, guild housing is restricted to guilds. If you choose not to participate in certain aspects of the game (like Fight club, or LTL, or Valentines day events or literally any other holiday events) you choose to give up the rewards that come with it. Clans shouldn't be super competitive with one Clans were a central part of APB's marketing when it was successful and now they serve zero purpose. If you just are willing to write off a whole aspect of the game that was already introduced through RTW, by saying "Clan shit is stupid" then I don't really see the point in continuing to try to argue this with you in a thread about matchmaking. That's actually a good idea. The only reason I say to tier the member count is because during RTW there were none, and zerg clans would be gain most of the rewards, save for the rewards coming from mission win/loss ratio and kill/death ratio. Also, by including clan leaderboards more people will be looking to be apart of clans and joining up with bigger clans or smaller clans to reap the rewards. You'll have less people running around with one off clan names that serve as a alternative to their title and more actual clans running around. I remember in RTW certain clans were having trouble with the clan member limit and 90% were active just because every week they'd make sure they had the members to keep their clan rewards coming in.
  11. Did you miss the part where I said the clans would be tiered based on member count? Clans with 20 members wouldn't be competeing with those of 100 members.
  12. 40 would be way too much, especially for our current population and how our districts are setup. Games like CSGO have only 18 and they have millions of players. To many ranks would mean it would be a lot easier to change rank and thus it wouldn't really change much than what we have now. Most of the population should lie in the median and with 40 ranks it would just be overkill. If APB had tens of thousands of players and a better matchmaking system to base off of (not a district with only 40 possible opponents) then it could work but APB needs to cut back on all the ranks.
  13. hotbot

    Anarchy Event For Summer

    There's more important stuff that needs doing first
  14. hotbot

    Optimize APB Reloaded

    Thanks for making this thread. I'm sure LO hadn't even thought of optimization until you posted this thread.
  15. How do players from Europe face NA players?