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  1. Apparently Battleye blocked you from joining, it might have blocked a file on your PC. Is there a window popping out saying Battleye has blocked a file ?
  2. RubyGee

    @LittleOrbit Wide Screen advantage

    Maybe we need Mud Squid 20 back
  3. RubyGee

    My account

    Well, you're welcome ^^' (even though I couldn't do much...)
  4. RubyGee

    My account

    Definitely get in touch with support, all this seems really weird..
  5. RubyGee

    My account

    Well, this is weird, are you sure you are logged into the correct account ? In that case, contact support, they'll likely find a way to recover your stuff. Being banned by FairFight should only block the access to your account, but shouldn't wipe everything.
  6. RubyGee

    My account

    Can you actually log into your account on APB ?
  7. RubyGee

    My account

    No, your character(s) and everything you own (except APB$ and Joker Tickets) will remain intact. Only the access to your account is blocked.
  8. RubyGee

    My account

    Matt Scott mentioned there would be a second unbanning wave, just be patient and you will get your account back.
  9. RubyGee

    Chat bug while multiple tabs are open

    I know I shouldn't do 2 things at the same time but still. 1. Get into the 'Advanced tab' in order to choose a district. 2. Try joining a full district, you will be prompted to this tab : 3. Press your quick chat key (notice the chat pop up in the bottom left corner) : 4. Click 'Enter Anyway' and you will be prompted to the error message saying the district you are trying to join is full. 5. Click 'OK' 6. Notice the chat is still here but you can't interact with it : for example, pressing the letter 'O' will open the Options tab (the only way to get rid of this bugged tab is to hit escape). Now, I'm not really sure how this should be handeled ... Making it so that we cannot open the chat while having one of these tabs open ? Or was it supposed to work anyway ? EDIT : I just realized I just had to click on the chat in order to interact with it... My bad, this isn't a bug >< (if any mod comes around, feel free to delete/lock this thread)
  10. What turns out to be the best solution most of the time is : leaving the graphics core at stock speeds, undervolt it, so that you keep more power for overclocking the CPU cores. And if you want a bit more performance, APUs love high RAM frequencies. I wouldn't say Vega 8 is trash though, given the relatively close performance to a 7850 while only having half the cores.
  11. Let's say it's much more CPU than GPU demanding (it's an MMO afterall ^^ )
  12. Not quite, since your 7850 is already bottlenecked by your A8. I used to have an FX 6300 (4.7 GHz), and a 7870, the game ran around 70-90 fps almost constantly, and given the 50% higher IPC of the 2200G, he can only at worst get pretty much the same framerate.
  13. I strongly recommend anyone not to get a dual core .... We're in 2018, quadcores are a standard. Also the E8400 is really really bad. Wrong. AMD's Ryzen 3 2200G's integrated graphics chip, aka Vega 8 matches and sometimes outperforms a discrete RX 550. So @loldeath, if you're looking for a system with an APU, just pick a Ryzen 3 2200G (or Ryzen 5 2400G if you want SMT), 8 gigs of 2666 DDR4, a B350 motherboard that will support your APU (most of them do by now), and I'll let you pick the other components. Edit : You shouldn't even need a discrete GPU in order to run APB on max settings, but if you really want a discrete GPU, I'd advise you to wait a bit till prices stabilize.
  14. RubyGee

    It was a Bug or What? RANK T

    I know you can achieve this just by ram raiding, but also probably by only playing in Open Conflict instances, since you won't be generating any threat (please correct me if I'm wrong).
  15. RubyGee

    Suggestion: Server side limit to fire-rate

    I really don't get how this is supposed to help against trigger bots... Aren't you talking about macros instead ? In this case, macros are pretty useless because clicking fast won't help you fire faster with a carbine.