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  1. I'm down to be in the picture but I've been working a lot lately so we would have to figure something out
  2. I always wondered why they made this so complicated. Just change: Bindings=(Name="MouseX",Command="Count bXAxis | Axis aMouseX") Bindings=(Name="MouseY",Command="Count bYAxis | Axis aMouseY") to: Bindings=(Name="MouseX",Command="Axis aMouseX") Bindings=(Name="MouseY",Command="Axis aMouseY") Removing the count removes the smoothing and makes it 1:1 I could be mistaken though it has been a few years since I looked into it lol.
  3. I can answer this. If a character on the server you merged to had the same name first yours got a random string added to it. Happened to one of my merged characters.
  4. I can totally see this being taken out of context.... How about "corrected the chargeback".
  5. If you don't mind losing! I'm horrible at this game :P
  6. Be sure to apologize for me to anyone that looks at code, sorry for the sloppiness.
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