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  1. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/11044-fallen-earth-marketplace-and-subscriptions/
  2. Can confirm Shark, not a problem on Windows 10.
  3. Server is under maintenance right now, try it in a few hours.
  4. I´m tempted to dislike this post....
  5. Wouldn´t fix mass duping mats and selling them to NPC merchants.
  6. Given that you suggest this idea (or very similar ones) almost every third post you make I feel like I should give my 2c on this. I strongly disagree with this, cutting out over 60% of the game content, wiping all progress and calling it a "remaster" is a sure way to kill FE for good and is definitely NOT something LO should do, ever.
  7. A cosmetic item that could be equiped on vehicles, dyeable (trim color, backround color, letter color). Text on the plates would be selected from drop-down menu (as to prevent too offensive texts and make it easy to moderate), text itself would be famous licence plates from post-apo games and movies ( MFP from mad max and so on) as well as general pop-culture references. There could also be options for faction names on licence plates (V1STA, T3CH, CH0T4 etc.) Examples:
  8. When you travel between towns in game you will immediatly notice one thing - with the exception of few static hostile mobs, the roads are empty. You can see Frankin riders posts in towns and by the road, but you never see their couriers delivering mail or packages. There are bankers and merchants talking about, even giving you quest related to trade routes, but you never actualy see anyone traveling them. All towns in game are connected, rely on, or profit from trade, as stated in lore (fluff), but at the same time completely cut off from each other. So I suggest the following, have NPC caravans, merchants and Frankin rider couriers travel the roads between towns. These caravans would function like town events: traveling between town centers or garages (if they are close to towns), stoping at each town for certain amount of time (10-20 min) before moving on. While on the move, these caravans and couriers could be randomly attacked by groups of hostile mobs, either wild mutants or bandits. Once the caravan reaches town the NPCs will give quests to players, hiring them as caravan guards or collecting items. Revards for these quests could be faction rep (Franklin riders, Bankers or townsfolk - depending on the type of cavan), chips of course and maybe even some cosmetics and AP for high level sectors like Alpha country. Some of the NPCs could act as rare component merchants as well, giving players more incentive to protect these caravans. There could also be caravans traveling from factions towns (main factions Tech, CHOTA etc.) to PVP zone faction camps. These would be attaced by members of opposing factions who could be rewarded in either faction rep, chips, rare mats or DT once the caravan is destroyed. Of course players belonging to the same (or allied) faction as the caravan will be rewarded for protecting it. Also players of the faction that currently holds the PVP zone keeps would get better reward.
  9. There is plenty of concept art images of Fallen Earth, vehicles, locations, weapons and so on. Or atleast there used to be before the LO redesigned the main page, so why not bring it back as steam cards? There could be 6 or so cards of each category: iconic vehicles, faction towns, iconic weapons, bunker bar movie posters and mutants. Examples of concept art:
  10. Community creations subforum still has default GamersFirst backround image as well as GamersFirst logo instead of Fallen Earth one. Merged. Sometimes editing posts makes the FE backround disappear and be replaced by the default GamersFirst one. Also bump.
  11. Trinkets could use world models, they could either be attached to characters belt or worn as a necklace (depending on the trinket). It would make the trinket wardrobe slot usefull, and a "invisible trinket" item could be added to the store as well.
  12. As it is, you can only equip either shirt + duster/ jacket or shirt + armor. My suggestion is adding a "vest" or "body armor" so you can have shirt +sleeveless armor/ vest + duster/ jacket, by sleevless armor I mean items like: Riot Vest or Reinforced Vest ,full body armor like Hexweave/mesoprene plate or Laminate armor would still take up both "back" slot AND the new "vest/ armor" slot. The revised "back" slot (could also be renamed to "coat/ jacket") could then only be used for non-closed coats/ clothing like coats (Isnt there a word for this?) , such as Greaser Jacket or Duster , to prevent stacking armor on top of each other. Of course the armor stacking problem can also be solved by making this whole system wardrobe only.
  13. This is Fallen Earth forum, for APB related issues go here: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/10-bugs-and-tech-issues/
  14. Car door animation gets stuck in endless loop if you tab out of the game.
  15. Wait, who goes to jail, Jo or the gal? And who was standing naked outside the house?
  16. This is Fallen Earth forum, for APB related issues go here: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/10-bugs-and-tech-issues/
  17. Videos of both Flagstaff and FootHills convoys:
  18. Well, with changes like that i think a rework PvP zone debuff is in order, instead of flat skill, hp and gamma regen reduction (or in the case of extreme debuf complete disabling) it should be changed in such way that would merely balance the high level player stats to the low level ones. As in, giving players in level 15 PvP zone a fighting chance against lvl 55, while still enabling the high level player to use mutations and gear (not reducing all stats to 0). That way people would not be forced into PvP zones they dont like (or ones that are flat out broken or bugged out *erhm*AlphaCoutry*erhm*) and they wouldn´t need to have alt-chars/ accounts for low(er) level zones. Though I have no idea what kind of system could do this, while keeping everything balanced and without giving programmers a headache.
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