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  1. I cant even get in the game I feel as if I have been removed. I was kinda scared but this I think has happened to me once before and a gm had to fix it
  2. it teleported me but nothing was around me and I was outside and then it kicked me now I cant even use my toon can anyone please help me
  3. Please help I have the same problem I cant get back in with one of my main toons after I tired to quick travel and it kicked me
  4. our accounts have gone away to the other side take me there with them please
  5. youtube can be used to prove that as well "googling matrix online" Dead 4 years later
  6. well u can have the tape but no glue. the glue reserves=no status
  7. so everyone get out your old patootie boardgames and glue a map of s1 to it and go at it don't forget the dice
  8. the engine is flawed because it was an indy project and that was since the beginning and all the old patootie hardware has been slowing everything down basically.
  9. idk if u guys know but this sorta thing has been going on for years now and the main problem was when the subs just started to tank. and the problems just always out weight the turn around until here we are 10 years later just asking why this game from 2008 runs like a game from 2008
  10. I am deacon question I have to the server "hey server..your patootie your face, whats the difference."
  11. maybe can use cryengine so everything looks all shiny and new and I think u can still use unity.
  12. and if u have any thoughts on Deeds? building and more crafting ? more hunting more salvaging
  13. the DNA was 50 blue each I already liked how fallen earth did all the pvp stuff so no need to change it anyway. I know almost nothing about crafting srry and I guess I was just thinking about more junk u can sell... and I remember other MMO games like wow removing nodes all the time and blackjack must of gave out a lot of money? or was it because of counterfeit chips
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