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  1. Hello zootie, No it is not restricted, this code is usable by any Fallen Earth player. Do you still experience this issue? Also make sure you have no mistake in it as well, FallenNot4gotten . If you do, let us know. Regards, Rax
  2. Hello, I'm not experiencing this at the moment. Do you still experience this issue (It's been 4 hours)? I will report the issue. Regards, Rax
  3. Hello, Can you post a screenshot? The account already logged in screen requires your login and password you used to log in with this account, not another mail. Its the same crendentials. Regards, Rax
  4. Hello, The screen you get with 'This account is already logged in' happens when you somehow disconnect abruptly like for instance Alt-F4'ing or others. What you have to do is to re-enter your password, the same as when you connect. Once done, you will be able to re-enter login + password to join back the game. Regards, Rax
  5. Hello imrerom, Are you still experiencing this issue? If so can you be more specific : Do characters ever load in and if they do, how long does it take? When it does, can you load in world? I will report the issue. Thank you. Regards, Rax
  6. Hello, As a player, i saw this happening in rare times yes. Glad it did not affect you more than once. Thank you for your answer . Let us know if you experience this again. Regards, Rax
  7. Hello vincnet, I PM'd you to see what we can do about it. Regards, Rax
  8. Hello Grelko, Are you still experiencing this issue? In the meantime it will be reported to the team. Let us know. Regards, Rax
  9. Hello, Sorry for the delay. I PM'd you, CommanderDeadcon, in case you still experience this issue or if it is regularly happening. Let me know. Regards, Rax.
  10. Hello, Thank you for posting about this issue and sorry to hear it still affects players. I will pass on the info right now. Regards, Rax.
  11. Hello, We confirm the game servers are back online and we are sorry again for this downtime. For all the reasons explicited by Matt above, we are working hard to make sure the game runs smoothly. We are still investigating the long delays while loading in character selection previously reported. For players asking for the commander start date, while no date has been disclosed yet, it will be once the game runs smoothly so you can fully take advantage of the commander features with no time wasted due to any technical issue. We will keep you informed as soon as we have more informations. Thank you, Rax
  12. Hello, We're sorry for the inconvenience. Several players reported the issue while loading/switching characters and we are currently investigating. We know how frustrating it can be especially after the downtime and the team is working hard to resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience, Rax
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