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  1. No mail boxes and no clan vaults. I think we can work with that. Just need to hope the developers can see this and are willing to spend the time to disable them.
  2. Hey mate, One suggestion, can you please disable clan vaults? I think the game breaking dupe is based primarily off the use of clan vaults and stacking. I know stacking is a bit game breaking to disable but clan vaults are completely unnecessary and are the cause of the dupe. I just know if the dupe IS possible then it WILL be abused. Its just the way it is sadly. Classic will be extremely awesome if we don't have duping because it will be the real experience. Otherwise, the game will just become meaningless like it was in the past before it was closed down. Best regards, Reno
  3. Wipe!!!!! and disable clan vaults. WIPE WIPE WIPE WIPE WIPE WIPE I suggest relaunch the current game for us with all accounts wiped and clan vaults disabled. This is all the game needs to become more popular than it was. I think it would build quite a bit of hype for your 2.0 version of the game which otherwise would go unnoticed unless you release it on steam.
  4. Hello, there is two issues with PVP which are in dire need of attention. First of all, bullets are hit scan in this game which is fine however when changing to lower resolutions the game world / characters become smaller and the UI doesn't change size at all, this results in the area of "hit scan" becoming larger. To put it simple lower resolutions can increase the hit area by approximately five times which results in 100% accuracy since in this game we do a "zig zag" dance and the hit area is larger than the enemies strafe. Secondly, we need to fix the warp what I have identified is that the server either has a low tick rate or the warp is a client side issue, I know in all games a low framerate will cause warp even if the game is not known to have this kind of movement issues *CSGO for example*. /timesync fixes the warp for other players against the user but does not help the user with his target, so when someone asks you to /timesync and does not do it themselves they have pretty much asked you to make the game easier for them which makes no sense. What do I suggest? Enforce /timesync as a automatic function every minute or five as well as automatically when logging in as a relog removes the negative effects of /timesync. As the warp may be a hard issue to crack I feel like forcing /timesync on all players automatically is a great start/band-aid to the issue. A few other problems: Currently people are tabbing out of combat mode and holding right click as combat mode has a bit of a drag when turning the camera, the player model doesn't follow instantly like holding right click. This results in the user to run off into the distance and quickly warp back and repeat the same thing in another direction. When playing first person if you spam WASD you will also notice that the character only goes in one horizontal angle, bottom left to top right, he does not complete the square as input. Furthermore, S is a dominant input as well as D, so players will hold D and tap A because it is instantaneous compared to pressing A or D individually, there is a physic or something behind the player switching direction or initiating a movement which is possibly also related to warp. NPC's and tents which can not be damaged cause players guns to lock up for a considerably large amount of time, this has lead to group PVP being a who can abuse tents/NPC's the most, guns need to fire regardless of whether or not they can damage the target. Now a less pressing issue but nevertheless should simply not be a part of the game, telekenisis or Nano-manipulation skill lines have a skill which allows you to right click to do a mutation, this is very cool but dual wield pistols can not efficiently use these skill lines as the game does not remember which gun fired last so you either end up reloading with half a empty clip in one gun or you need to spam and greatly reduce your accuracy due to fumbling and whatnot. There are a ton more issues, feel free to put more in this post and hopefully we can see some changes. Bugs/exploits only please, if you want the dev's to make some other changes then make your own post. Regards, Reno
  5. Holy freak out.... You must be heavily invested.... You realize we are just speculating right?
  6. Stack splitting should obviously be reintroduced, duping is the issue. The matter of the fact is the old company did not give a damn about the players or the game, the dupe was out in the open over 5 years and not fixed. This is not a permanent thing, they applied a band aid and gave the game away as a part of the APB sale. Many games have had this exact dupe and fixed it overnight when it was found, it is literally the most common dupe. I duped of course as did many players, the dupe is actually as old as the game *I assume* so imagine how long this was being used quietly before 2013 and the developers were aware. To sum it up, you will have your stack splitting soon enough and no more duping. I personally think we need a server wipe and all webstore coins refunded as "store credit". Maybe some other loyalty rewards to the old players who did not spend anything. As the game currently stands there is always gonna be someone with 10,000 gingerbread, 10,000 DT serum, etc. The game will never be balanced again without a server wipe or item wipe.
  7. Yes Mashed, I had so much money that gambling at the bench to upgrade my armor became the only option... And lets just say I never got that upgrade.
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