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  1. 17 years in gaming, online gaming. This is FIRST time I see CEO of the company that owns a game, posting a "thank you" topic to a community. I feel.... weird... and happy.
  2. I'm so hyped for FE future with these guys. They came out of fkn nowhere and... the way they are working now, they'll definitely get SOMEWHERE! LO, you got a goldmine with FE, don't burn it down.
  3. hahaha It's something I use all the time even in RL I see my work colleague and I'm like: "Ey babe, <insert something on my native>" From now on I'll open with : "Hello everyone, it's ya boi.... " Jus' kiddin'... I wont
  4. They should just make a post with appeals for unban and everyone who is banned can post account name and one character that he wants back. Thats most fair option imo. Would make it easier for them and community. Just a thought EDIT: ofc, if that person gets banned again - bye bye babe. You are filthy scum and don't deserve the air you breathe.
  5. Ey babes! It's me again, trying to get some fresh youtube air for FE and get some positive vibes rollin' Cheers!
  6. good point. one account back babe... work for the rest. You are unBANNED anyway should be thankful for second chance.
  7. Can we get official discord for a game and if there already is one, why I can't find it on forum. Suggestion being: make it, if there already isn't one, and pin it somewhere pls.
  8. I always say: "everyone deserves a chance to change." If unbanned person gets banned again - well fk it mate... I'd permaban you from life.
  9. Not sure how many of you guys are aware of Player.me social network. Check it out as it's amazing gaming tool. There is FE profile there too - https://player.me/g/fallen-earth We can use this page to get some free exposure to gaming audience just by posting that you are actually playing this game. I usually do it before I log in. It puts FE name in front of thousands of gamer eyes, and if it grabs one player in month - i'm happy. Just thought I'd share this with you folks.
  10. ok we fkn get it, you are beta tester But look babe... even beta testers NEED TO SAY WHAT A FKN ERROR MESSAGE THEY GET. How the hell you expect help if only info staff has is: - you spent 120 dollars - you are beta tester - you play since 2009 (yet somehow you are on forum since july 2017 and got less posts than random newb, you'd assume beta testers have access to forum and they provide constructive feedback with actual FORUM POSTS) so... yea... get your shit sorted out and provide staff some usefull info to help you instead of bitching around... beta tester or not you are not immune to errors babe.
  11. btw its not MY video And I think dude made perfect video on this game in current state. I agree with literally everything stated there.
  12. lol.... standing ovation to you sir
  13. Lets do it this way: MARKET It's thirsty for a game like this. It really is. I won't go into what this game offers feature-wise, we all know it's more advanced and in-depth than some newer mmo releases. "FE is free, and still low populated and you claim market is thirsty for such game?!" Well you got a point, but... MARKETing... ehh ? I've been following mmos for 17 years already. Starting back from Everquest up to most recent release of Bless Online. I've seen more publisher mistakes than anything else in gaming. One of biggest mistakes is lack of proper marketing business. Lots of low-end publishers rely on word of mouth to do the job for them. Word of mouth indeed does the job, but in reverse. FE got shoved underground by people, not by mmo sites. That's why I tried my best to provide some positive vibe on youtube by posting some fresh video footage with optimistic commentary, focusing on positives etc etc... I can tell that it kinda worked because people replied on the same way in the comments section. WE are the MARKETING. WE are the ones that will decide the future of the game regardless of Little Orbit's effort. How? For once, lets stop spreading negative bullshoot around and work towards building more positive environment for people to join. More people will bring more money, more money will bring faster fixes and content updates. What Little Orbit has to do is to follow already proven path of Trion, a garbage company that milks playerbase by opening fresh start servers every half year. In this case, however, it isn't milking of the community's money, it's for the good sake of the game. Paired with some facebook advertising and couple of giveaways via few of mmo sites it would lift this game up a lot in terms of population. Trion did the same earlier this year... I watched streamers get stuck in 2 hours long queues. It works. I'm not saying FE would get the same amount of hype but it would get bigger playerbase than it has now - im certain of it. CURRENT COMMUNITY & GAME ITSELF On a first glance, at least here on forum, it seems we are friendly, but in reality this forum is one toxic garbage waste. Even here, on a topic that clearly says "FE Potential" I see pointless offtopic fights about where previous owners went wrong. Does it fkn matter? It's over ffs. Get over it... move on. Luckily when you get in game, it gets better and community is more helpful. So, I'd still say FE has potential to embrace lots of new players with good retention rate. We need more proactive people. We need content creators, we need promoters, we need streamers, we need support of a company to get the game out in the public. Little Orbit needs to start working their asses of too... Like, why not visiting this link and posting a comment like : "Hello, thanks for visiting our game. We are Little Orbit and we just purchased rights on this game. Expect much improvement in time to come." or something like that. EXPOSE yourself. Start using social media as you would use a tool to make your game. You can fix everything, polish the hell out of this game... for who? Get your PR team out there and start working your asses off. Don't tell me it won't work... I have a video on FE that has 60 fkn views... just 60, and has 2 comments. Let me quote those comments down for you: merten0083 1 month ago Dammit, now I want to come back and play, I was a Tech guy or whatever that faction was The Illuminati 1 month ago Bro im getting back into the game just cause of u There is quite a fine chunk of similar comments on my FE vids. It's just me alone... 41 subscriber and videos that are barely getting 200 views per half a year. And trust me, I'm not even trying super hard to become some famous youtube guy. I do it all of love of a game and not for some sort of "fame". FE potential lies in it's ability to provide a feeling that community can't seem to forget. It's card that we all can play on and expect a win. No other game provides similar feeling of immersion as FE. Little Orbit should make use of it. CONCLUSION: I don't see this game in much better state anytime soon. At least not this year. It takes a lot of work and a lot of positive vibe to fix what's broken. I'm happy to hear that we got new guys handling the game but I feel that they don't have the capacity yet to engage in such a big task. (it's been a while since they took over, stack splitting isn't back yet. not to mention anything else) We gotta do our fair share and help them out, I know I'll be doing my part for sure. If somehow my words offended someone, I apologize. It wasn't intended. Thanks for reading.
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